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Prince of tears Episode 8

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Meenah writes ✍️


🔥🔥Robert Denzel’s pov🔥🔥

I understand what Jude is saying, it’s a pity that I can’t reply, Zena and Margaux are pure devils and I know that, he went out after kissing my cheeks and tears fell from my eyes cos I know he’s going to the street again.

Zena came down with Margaux as innocently as angels, as if nothing happened.

“Dad, where’s Jude?” Margaux asked.

“Leave him Margaux, he can’t talk, so why are you bothering yourself, and for your information, your so called son is gonna die tonight” Zena said flatly.

“Yes dad, he’s gonna die and tommorow will be his funeral” Margaux said and laughed wickedly….

💈💈 Zena’s pov💈💈
At 7pm, Jude is not at home yet and I’m worried, where is he? Cos he must die tonight.

“He’s not here, what shall we do now mum?” Margaux asked.

“I have no idea” I answered wearily.

10pm, he’s not home yet, that’s when I know he’s really not coming home tonight, how did he know?” I thought loudly.

I went downstairs angrily to meet Denzel.

“You, can you talk?, How can Jude not come home today of all days?, Hun?” I questioned nonchalantly but he just kept staring at me defiantly.

I pulled him up from his wheelchair and threw him down.

“Where’s Jude?” I questioned again.

Margaux came down running.

“Mum, why are you shouting?, And why is dad sitting on the floor?” She questioned and carried Denzel up before putting him back on his wheelchair, I just ran upstairs confusedly.

🍷🍷 Jude’s pov🍷🍷
The cab I boarded, immediately I got inside, I started feeling sleepy, I thought it’s just because of today’s stress so I slept off.

The next thing I know is that I woke up in an uncompleted building in the bush, stranded.

I couldn’t find my bag nor anything with me, I’ve been robbed, I think it’s actually a sleeping spray I perceived in the car that made me slept, I’m doomed…I don’t even have a penny on me and I forgot my ATM card at home.

Going back to that house will spell doom for me cos I’ll die, I just pray that daddy will be okay.

Suddenly, a guy ran into the uncompleted building, breathing heavily with a bag.

“This place has been surrounded with cops, if you and your gang Know what’s good for you, better come out now” I heard a voice say outside, I can tell without wondering that it’s the police.

“Please, go out and meet them, don’t implicate me” I pleaded with the man but he kept mute.

The cops entered and the guy was handcuffed, they wanted to handcuff me too but I declined.

“I’m not among them, I’m not a thief” I said fearfully, trying to defend myself but they won’t listen.

“Respect yourself and follow us right now” the cop said.

“Why don’t you tell them that I’m not part of you” I said quickly to the guy but he won’t answer.

Hot tears rushed down my eyes as I was handcuffed for an unknown offence.

We were bundled into the police van…. police station, here I come…


“How can there be so many thieves in this part of Las Vegas?, Yesterday I was robbed of a five hundred thousand in my own house, well , thanks to God that I wasn’t killed, I called the cops and they were followed immediately, I pray they are captured cos I can’t loose the money
I’m just coming out of the jacuzzi tub when my phone ranged, I quickly ran to the room to pick it up, it’s an unknown number.

📲 Hello, who’s this
📲 It’s officer Joe on the line
📲Oh, officer Joe, hope it’s not what I’m thinking
📲 Exactly what you’re thinking, your dad has done it again, he beat up a small school kid till he’s bleeding, and also, the robbers that attacked you yesterday has been captured, come quickly and identity them

📲Oh my God, this is terrible, I’ll meet you in the station in a jiffy….I hanged up.

Oh my bad, introduction first, I’m Krystal Manaois, the only daughter of My dad, my dad has dementia since the death of my mum and it’s been a bother since then cos he’s always in one trouble or the other.

I’m a model, I good one at that, in my industry, we’re on the lookout for a guy who has a perfect figure for the upcoming modelling show in Las Vegas cos if the model should come from our industry, it’ll make us the most popular modelling industry in Las Vegas, now my dad has done it again….I slipped into my Palazzo and an off shoulder dress, I got out and hopped into my car before driving to the station.

💦💦Jude’s pov💦💦
I slept in the station yesterday night cos no one is willing to listen to me, I ran out of tears anyways so I can’t seem to be able to cry again.

This morning, a lady of my age ran into the station.

“Office Joe, I’m here, where’s my dad?’ she asked one of the officers and a man was brought out, I saw everything from where I was locked up.

“Dad, you’re driving me crazy, how can you beat up a small school kid, Hun?, This is just too crazy and it sucks” she lamented, I think the man is her dad.

“Krystal, I dunno how I did it, I’ve finished beating him up before I realized I wasn’t doing the right thing” the man said.

“You’re super to be in the hospital, how come you got to the street to the extent of beating up someone, I must call doctor Vic” she said and dialled someone’s number.

“He’s not picking up” she said.

“I’m sorry Krystal, it’s not my fault, you know my condition” the man said.

“Ok, I’ll pay for the kids treatment and his bail too” Krystal said and she signed her dad’s bail.

“Now, where are the culprits?” She asked and my cell was opened, I and the guy from yesterday were brought out.

“Which of them?” Officer Joe asked.

“It’s him” she said pointing at the other guy.

“Re you sure?” Officer Joe asked.

“Yes” she answered and I was released….

❤️❤️Krystal’s pov❤️❤️
My jeez, this guy has the perfect figure for the modelling show but he looked problematic…. anyways, I decided to talk to him.

“Hi, I’m Krystal, a model, from KM modelling industry” I said.

“Oh, I see, I’m Jude Barker” he replied.

“Why are you arrested when you’re innocent?” I asked inquisitively

“It’s a long story” he replied weakly.

“Maybe I have time, tell me I’ll listen” I replied.


Gosh, his story is so touching and he’s in tears at the end.

“I’m like the prince of tears” he said in tears.

“Don’t say that again, I’ll help you, we’re on the lookout for someone that has a figure like you in my industry, now that I’ve met you, you can go for it” I said and gave him my handkerchief to wipe his tears.

“Really?” He asked unbelievably.

“Trust me when I say you’ll be our model, you just need some blending” I said.

“But I don’t have a house” he said wearily.

“Do you mind living with me?, My house is accommodating” I said.




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