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Prince of tears Episode 7

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Meenah writes ✍️



I can’t believe Denzel slapped me, but I know what to do, Jude will see hell in this house even in school.

The next day, I cooked for Denzel but he didn’t touch my food before going out, I guess he’s still angry but I’m more angry, I should be the angry one here, he went out with Jude, he’ll drop him in the school I think.

“Margaux, take this two thousand, slip it into his bag, you’ll later claim that your money is missing and the teacher will punish him if it’s found in his bag, when he gets home, another drama will be waiting for him” I said as I gave Margaux the two thousand.

“I’ll do just like you’ve said mum” she said and gave me a peck before going out, the driver, John will drive her to school.

💦💦 Jude’s pov💦💦

Daddy took me to school this morning and we branched at a restaurant to eat on our way, dad is really suffering emotionally because of me.

He drove me to school and promised to come pick me up after school.

At break time, I’m not hungry so I didn’t go to the cafeteria, though, dad gave me some money but I just kept it, I went to the field to play alone since I have no friends, Margaux kept her distance and I’m glad with that, she’s just as wicked as her mum.

After lunchtime, I went back to class and not long, Margaux started shouting of her missing money, the English teacher entered and ordered everyone to bring out his or her backpack and the searched began.

Surprisingly, the money was seen inside my backpack.

“Jude, you just resumed school yesterday and you’re already involved in theft today” miss Jane asked.

“No miss, I didn’t steal, I swear ma, I didn’t do it” I said, tears are already trickling down my face.

“Then did the money fly inside your bag itself?” Miss Jane asked.

“I don’t know how it got there” I said and I saw Margaux smiling, I knew immediately that she’s the perpetrator.

Miss Jane took her cane and gave me five good strokes, I cried bitterly cos I didn’t do it.

A note was sent to dad that I’m a thief, when dad came to pick me up.

“Dad,….I didn’t do it, I…. He cutted me off by hugging me, tears started falling from my eyes again.

“I know you didn’t do it, I trust my son, I know you can’t do that” he said, trying to pacify me.

We got home and Margaux is at home already, John has dropped her, we met her in the living room with her mum.

“So your bastard of a son is a thief” she said, I think Margaux has told her.

“Zena, if you say another word, you are gonna get a double slap” dad said.

“Well, I’m looking for my golden wristwatch, maybe he also took it” Zena said.

“Your evil plot against my son won’t work out” dad said and we all walked to my room, the watch is lying on my bed.

“You see” Zena said after picking it up.

“I know it’s your work but it won’t work, my son is not a thief ” dad said and wanted to take me out when he talked again.

“You Margaux, I’m not sure if you’re my daughter, Cos you’re a little devil, you behave like your mother, let’s see who will marry you in the future” dad said and we went out, leaving them inside.




fourteen years in that house is not a joke, I went through hell, I and Zena didn’t get along, Margaux grew worse everyday, we’re now nineteen years old each and I’ve just finished my tertiary education, I studied linguistics in school and I’m glad I finally graduated though not without pains.

What my eyes have seen in the hands of Margaux and Zena is a bunch of story to tell.

There’s a day Margaux pushed me to the compound well and if not for John the driver, I would have been dead.

Another day, she hitted me with a liquor bottle, I fainted and dad has to rush me to the hospital.

Another day, Zena sprinkled scratching powder on my bed and I almost scratched my skin out.

If im to be telling what happened in the past fourteen years, I’ll spend a lot of time cos everyday is always a sad and tearful day for me.

Well, I’m nineteen years old now and Margaux is nineteen too, she studied banking and finance in a different University and she’s also a graduate like me.

Well, today is our convocation and it’s a grand celebration, dad stood by me while Zena is all over her daughter, Margaux…

Towards the end of the celebration, a guy approached Margaux for a picture with her but she declined, the guy insisted and Margaux slapped him, the guy grabbed the cake knife and stabbed Margaux.

He ran away before he can be caught, Margaux was rushed to the hospital.

“She’s lost a lot of blood , someone needs to donate for her” doctor said.

“I’ll donate for her” dad said and went inside for the test, he donated the blood for testing and minutes later, the doctor came out.

“Sir, your blood is not a match for her” doctor said.
.”what do you mean, she’s my daughter” dad said, surprised.

“Your blood group is different, I’m afraid she might not be your daughter” doctor said.

❄️❄️Robert Denzel’s pov❄️❄️

I can’t believe my ears, so Margaux is actually the bastard, this shock is too much for me to bear, I’ve lived faithfully with this woman all my life, only for her to cheat on me?, I thought she’s my only child,not knowing she’s not even my child.

“Zena, if you don’t wanna die today, better tell me the father of the child” I said to Zena who’s already shivering.

“Em, em, ehhh, I’m doomed, I’m in trouble” she lamented.

“You’ve not seen trouble, the real trouble will loom when I know the biological father of Margaux” I said..

“It’s Daniel” Zena said.

“Which Daniel?” I asked.

“Your junior brother” Zena answered.

“Daniel, my junior bro….

💈💈 Jude’s pov💈💈

Immediately, dad fainted, I rushed to him, “dad, dad” I screamed and he was rushed into the ward.
I kept crying althrough.
So Margaux is the bastard after all, so dad has been suffering for nothing, so this woman is a devil like I’ve always thought.

The doctor came out and invited us to his office,

“Em, I’m sorry to tell you that….

“Tell us what?” I chipped in.

“He’s developed stroke as a result of shock, I guess he heard a shocking news recently” doctor said.

“Yes doctor” I answered in tears

“As you know, stroke patients won’t be able to walk so you’ll have to get him a wheelchair, but besides not being able to walk, his stroke comes with another deformity, he won’t be able to talk” doctor said.

“Haaaaaa, he won’t be able to walk and talk?” I shouted.

“Yes, but it won’t last forever, I’m sorry for the sad news” doctor said.

I went out of the office quietly and Zena followed.

“You see what you’ve caused you shameless wicked witch!!!” I shouted and she slapped me.

“You’re the root cause of this trauma, if you’ve not come to our house things won’t turn out like this, you badluck” Zena said and walked to Margaux ward while I went to Dad’s ward.

Daddy was just starring at me on his bed, he can’t talk again anyways so it’s not strange.

“Dad, your inability to talk will be too hard for me, even when you are able to talk, Margaux and Zena made life a hell for me, now that you can’t talk again, how will I survive” I lamented and hugged him on his bed, hot tears fell from my eyes and dad cried too.

🔥🔥 Zena’s pov🔥🔥

I went to Margaux ward to check on her, I’ve donated my blood already and the transfusion has started after operating on her wounded stomach.

“Margaux” I called.

“Yes mum” she answered weakly.

“Your dad developed stroke” I said…

“How?” She asked.

“Maybe hold age” I replied.

I’ve decided to keep the secret from her, I don’t want her to find out that Denzel isn’t her dad.

“Will Dad be ok?” She asked.

“Sure my dear” I said.

❤️❤️ Jude’s pov❤️❤️

It’s been three months now since dad developed stroke, Zena and Margaux are still in the house since dad couldn’t talk, there’s nothing he could do.

Margaux and Zena continued to torture me by starving but it’s nothing.

I always feed dad since his hands has been paralyzed and he won’t agree for Margaux nor Zena to feed him.

Today, I’m just coming from the grocery where I got some fruits for dad when I walked past Zena’s room, I overheard her talking so I decided to eavesdrop, she’s actually on the phone.

📲Yes come this night he’s always around, shoot him on the forehead, he can’t escape death if you shoot him there, that bastard Jude can’t take over the house when I’m still alive, please, it must be tonight cos ion want to see his face Tomorrow morning” she said and hanged up.

“What did he say?” I heard Margaux ask.

“He’ll come tonight and kill him” Zena said and they both laughed wickedly.

Heeeee, I’m so dead, so this woman and her daughter has been planning evil for me,then I’m not safe here again” I thought and went to my room, I packed my things and wrote a letter for daddy, I ran downstairs and saw dad in the living room, I dropped the letter in his laps, in it I wrote,

“Dad, Zena and Margaux are planning to kill me, this house is not safe again” I said and planted a kiss on his cheeks, tears are running down my eyes and mine too, he understood my plight.

I ran out of the house and boarded a cab….. into the streets, here I come…


Zena did not even tell her daughter about her biological father

She’ll regret it Sha

Let’s wish Jude good luck.

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