April 17, 2021


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Prince of tears Episode 4

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Meenah writes ✍️


🔥🔥 JUDE’S POV 🔥🔥

After the fire has been put off, momma was carried out of the house and she’s as good as a burnt yam, the fire burnt her badly, it’s a terrific sight.

“Mummy, mummy,mummy” I shouted but they won’t lemme touch her, her corpse was taken away to be buried in the cemetery and I followed, the burial is a sorrowfull one cos she’s buried amidst tears and wails.

After the burial, there’s nowhere to go since the house is burnt already, the landlord even threatened to file a case against a small child like me but people begged him before he could calm down but no one is willing to take me in.

That’s how I became a miserable orphan in the streets of Las Vegas, I beg for alms to eat and at times I eat nothing for a whole day, I sleep in an uncompleted building beside the bush and the mosquitoes there are legends, they can suck life out of someone, as a five year old boy, I tasted pains a bunch, I developed malaria many times but I recover after some days.

Kind people give alms especially on Friday, at the mosque, I and other beggars sit at the entrance of the mosque to beg and there I get little money for my meals.

Today marks my second month in the street and it’s Friday, I went to the mosque entrance as usual to beg for alms and I got a lot of money today, I went to the uncompleted building that serves as my house to count my money but suddenly, a boy much older than me came in and snatched it from me, he ran off and I ran after him, he crossed the road and I didn’t look at the signal before crossing too, I was knocked down by a car…

💈💈Robert Denzel’s pov💈💈

I’m going to work this morning when a boy suddenly got hitted by my car, oh my gosh, this is serious, it’s obviously the boy’s fault for not looking at the signal before crossing but I took him to the hospital, there he was treated and given medications.

He woke up after some minutes and I went to check on him, he must be a street boy cos he looked unkept.

“How are you now?” I asked.

“I’m ok, I’m sorry for causing you trouble” he pleaded.

“It’s ok, what’s your name and what of your parents?” I asked.

“My name is Jude and my parents….They’re dead” he answered.

“I’m sorry for that dear…don’t you have any foster parents?” I asked.

“She passed out last two months” he answered.

“Ur age?” I asked.

“I’m five years old” he answered

“Oh, that’s cool, same age as my daughter, where do you live?” I asked

“In a shabby uncompleted building down the street” he answered.

“Uncompleted building?, That’s too dangerous, will you like to live with me from now on?” I asked.

“Of course uncle” he answered.

“Don’t call me uncle, I’m your new father cos I’m gonna adopt you” I said…


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