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Prince of tears Episode 10

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Meenah writes ✍️


💈💈Margaux pov💈💈
Today is Saturday so I spent the whole day at home.

Oh, it’s time to watch the modelling show, I can’t miss it, I switched on the TV, the show has started already.

I sat back to watch and halfway through the show, guess who came on stage representing kM modelling industry… it’s Jude, I can’t believe this and he’s become so handsome that I’m drooling…

My eyes widened as he’s pronounced as the Winner with a huge amount of money, oh my, I’m done for, what should I do, I quickly rushed upstairs to mummy’s room.

“Mum, you won’t believe this but come with me” I said and pulled her downstairs with a confused look on her face.

“Look at Jude” I said and pointed at the TV, people are even fighting to touch his clothes.

“What the fuck, it’s really him, he went out of this house last week, how come he’s become a celebrity this week” mum said in a confused state.

“I have no idea, I’m confused too” I said as I paced around the living room, then I saw dad, he’s at the dinning watching us since, with a smile on his face…..

🏆🏆Robert Denzel’s pov🏆🏆
My joy knew no bounds when I saw my son on TV as the most sort after and the most richest model in Las Vegas, I watched as Margaux and Zena looked at the TV with the look of disbelief on their faces and I smiled.

🌀 Zena’s pov🌀
My jeez, this shouldn’t happen when I’m trying to take Denzel’s property forcefully…. this would be hard and we need to act fast, I picked my phone and dialled Daniel’s number.

📲Hi dear, I think we should execute our plans today.


📲 Didn’t you watch the show?, Jude is now a rich guy, this will be hard if we delay it any longer, I have all the documents with me, just come here at once and let’s make him sign it forcefully so that we can move outta this country.

I hanged up…

🍭🍭Jude’s pov🍭🍭
On getting to the industry, it became loud cos they’ve planned a big party for me.

“I knew you’ll be successful, that’s why I selected you at first sight” Mr Mac said candidly

“And I didn’t disappoint you” I said cheerfully and we all laughed.

“And thanks for honouring this company, you’re now Jude the multimillionaire” Mr Mac said…

“Despite all what I’ve been through, i….

I was cutting off when I started hearing arguments from the entrance..

“Just lemme in, I need to see Jude now and it’s very urgent” I heard someone say, I went there and saw…….John the driver at father’s house.

“It’s ok, come John” I said and pulled him to a corner.

“How is dad?” I asked with concern.

“I came here because of him, I eard Zena talking to someone on the phone about taking your dad’s property and running away” John said.

“What the hell!!!, This Zena is a devil I knew it but I’m not gonna let that happen”….

I quickly contacted the cops and in no time they arrived, we went to the house…

💦 Zena’s pov💦
Daniel arrived in jiffy and I brought out the documents.

“Now sign this and I’ll get out of your life” I said as I threw the documents at Denzel, his hands are paralyzed so I have to force him to do it, I held his hand forcefully and made him sign with tears in his eyes.

After signing I’m over joyous.

“Daniel, I’ll go upstairs now and bring Margaux” I said and wanted to go upstairs when Daniel brought out a gun and pointed it at me.

“Daniel, you wanna betray me and your daughter, Margaux” I said in shock.

“You’re a gonner cos I’m gonna kill you today, ion care about that bitch you call my daughter” Daniel said and before I know it it, he pulled the trigger and shooted me….

🎈Margaux pov🎈
I suddenly heard a gunshot downstairs and ran there, mum was lying down in the pool of his own blood with a gunshot wound on her chest and uncle Daniel, daddy’s junior brother is pointing a gun at dad, my eyes widened.

💈Daniel’s pov💈
Yes, my plan is working out, I plan to kill Zena, that done, I’ll also kill my stupid brother Denzel so I can have the whole propertie to myself, I’m about to shoot him when Margaux came down.

“Mum, mum” she screamed out and ran to Zena’s body, even if she’s crawling, she should be in heaven by now.

“Uncle Daniel you’re a devil” she said in tears and when she saw me pointing my gun at Denzel she started begging.

“Please don’t kill dad” she pleaded.

“He’s not your dad, I’m your dad” I answered.

“Are you on drugs?, How can you spit that?” She said unbelievably.

“I’m saying the truth, I’ve been dating your mum even before she got married to your dad and it’s all a plan, we plan to dupe him of his properties and run away but I changed the plan and decided to have it all to myself….

⚡Jude’s pov⚡
We got to the house and entered at once

Zena is lying dead on the floor, Margaux is crying by her side and Daniel is pointing a gun at dad.

“Drop your weapon” the cops ordered.

“Oh my, it’s finished but I must kill Denzel before you can take me” he said and before we can say jack Robinson, he pulled the trigger, I ran madly to dad and he shooted….. the bullet hitted me at the arm instead of dad, the cops shooted Daniel too and he fell down heavily

🏆 Krystal’s pov🏆
I covered my mouth in shock at the scene, Jude has been shot in his arm…. tears rushed out of my eyes immediately…

🍭margaux pov🍭
This is the second week after mummy’s death and Jude took daddy away, he’s not even my biological father, so no thinking.. the bastard that called himself my dad has been sentenced to life imprisonment so I have no hope than to stay with my friend Mia….

Mia is a big time prostitute and I have no chance to join her in it, I became a prostitute too and we sell our body to men for money…

🏆 Jude’s pov🏆
This is my second week in the hospital and Krystal stayed with me although, it happened that her dad who is a dementia patient is also in the same hospital…she brings dad to the hospital many times and I’m glad he’s now with me.

Well, today I’ll be discharged and I’m happy that the bullet was removed successfully though it left a scar..

I was discharged and I went home with dad.

“I’ve missed you so much dad” I said when we finally got home.

“I’ve missed you too my son” dad said and I’m shocked,

“Dad, you can talk?”. I asked in awe.

“Yes, since the day I saw you on TV, my voice box opened again but it’s not known to anyone cos I want you to be the first to know and hear it” dad said and I hugged him.

“So you’re left with the walking problem, don’t worry, I’ll guide you through walking exercise every morning and very soon, you’ll walk without wheelchair” I said cheerfully and pecked him…

🍭 Krystal’s pov🍭
When Jude was shot, it felt as if it’s my heart that was shot, when he’s in the hospital not talking to anyone for the first two days, I felt shattered as if it’s something big, when he talks, I feel calm, when he smiles, I feel like hugging him and when he’s around him I feel like not leaving him….any advice on what’s happening to me???

🌀 Margaux pov🌀
We’re just coming back from the club this morning and Im exhausted, so is Mia but she’s a talking machine, I know she’ll still talk and my guess is right.

“Margaux, I think you said you know that handsome model… what’s that his name” Mia said.

“Jude?, Yes I know him” I answered.

“Then seduce him, just dress seductively and go to industry, I’m sure he’ll trip for you unless he’s not a man” Mia said

“Forget it Mia, I’m a prostitute and Jude is not a cassanova” I said wearily.

“No Margaux, forget the fact that you are a prostitute, just try it and you’ll thank me later, this guy is handsome, rich and every woman’s dream, you must get him by giving a what it takes” Mia said bluntly.

“I get your point, that means he must be mine by all means, first thing tomorrow morning, I’m visiting him in the most bitchy apparel”….


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