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Only You Episode 20

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( How can I?)

Episode 20.

🌺 Bryan🌺
” Awn…thank you Bryan” she said and pecked my cheek.

I chuckled.
” It’s nice spending time with only you”I said.

She smiled.
” Shirley” he called staring at her.

” Uhnmm”

” I love you” I said.

She chuckled.
” I know” she said.

” Really?

” Yeah… besties love each other…I know you love me and Brianna and I love you too” she said.

She kissed my cheek trying to walk away.

I grab her hand.
” That’s not what am talking about” I said.

She turned and looked at me.
She arched her brow.

” I know you are my best friend…I love you and I love Brianna…but Shirley my love for you is different from that of bestie’s love” I said.

” What… are…you… trying…to say? She stuttered.

“I have fallen in love with you Shirley…I don’t know how or when..but I know I have fallen in love with you…each and every time I keep thinking about you…I know Everytime we get on each other’s nerves but my love for you keep on increasing..I love to see you smile..I love to spend time with you..I love to get on nerves at times to see your angry face and believe me Shirl..you look cute when you are angry” I said staring at her.

She gasped.
” Br…Bry.. Bryan” she said and removed her hand from mine.

” I love you Shirley…please will you be my girlfriend?

She looked at me surprised.
” Girl…girl… girlfriend?

” Yeah… Shirley” I said.

” Bryan…are you the one saying all of these? She asked staring at me.

I smiled and nodded my head.
” I can’t believe this is you Bryan…you want me to be your girlfriend? She asked.

” Yeah”

She chuckled.
” It’s been a while since I knew you have fallen for me” she said.

” I mean…you can’t resist a beautiful girl like me… can you?

” Am so beautiful… intelligent.. smart… sexy…” She chuckled.


” You know Bryan…I thought you will never ask me out…I have been waiting for so long maybe you will ask me to be your girlfriend.. each time I get on your nerves just to get your attention” she said with a smile.

I smiled.
” Does that means you are in love with me? I asked eagerly.

” When I tried getting closer to Kayden at first when I knew him…I decided to be his friend so you could get jealous and ask me to be your girl but you never did…” She said she chuckled.

I smiled.
” Look at you Bryan…you took forever to ask me to be your girlfriend” she said and hugged me.

I smiled and hugged her tightly.
“It’s true I have fallen for you too Bryan and I love you” she said into my ear.

I smiled.
She broke the hug.
” I really can’t wait to be your girlfriend but am sorry I will have to think about it” she said.

” Really?

” Yeah”

” Okay then..take as much time as you want” I said.

She smiled
” Thanks” she said and kissed my cheek.

I chuckled.
” Let’s go… before Aria chop off my head” I said.

She chuckled.
” Yeah..let’s go”
🌺 Kayden 🌺
” Thank you kayden…it’s nice spending time with you” Brianna said.

I smiled.
” You are welcome…it’s nice spending time with you too” I said.

She smiled.
” Let’s go in” I said.

” You wanna come in? She asked.

” Yeah”

” Okay” she said.

We came out of the car heading into the house.

We got in.
I sat down at the sitting room.
” I will be right back” she said climbing the stairs.

I smiled.
It’s nice spending time with Brianna.
She is fun to be with.
She is friendly and nice.

I smiled remembering how she laughed when I told her about a girl who sent a love letter to me.

She came back and sat down beside me.
” Sorry I have a get water” she said Standing up.

I smiled.
” Okay”

She came back and sat down beside me.
” When do you want to go home? I mean it’s getting late”

” You don’t need to worry much about me..I can take care of myself” I said.

She nodded her head.
” Brianna” I called.

” Let’s play games” I
She said.

” What?

” Yeah.. truth and Dare” she said

” Truth and Dare? I asked

” Yeah…is something wrong? She asked

” Am sorry I can’t play it” I said

” You can’t? She asked

” Yeah”

” Uhn” she hummed and looked at me.

“Are you scared that am gonna dare you? She asked.

” No”

” Okay… let’s make it truth and Truth” she said.

” You will ask me a question and I will say the truth….I will ask you a question and you will also say the Truth” she said.

I smiled.
” Okay”

” Okay…you go first” she said.

I cleared my throat
” Have you ever liked someone before? I asked.

“Uhnm…yeah…I mean I like my dad.. Bryan… Shirley…I like my friends” she shrugged.

” Okay”

” My turn…have you ever had a crush on someone? She asked.

I chuckled.
” No”

” Really?

” Yeah”

” Okay…have you ever fallen in love with someone? I asked.

“The only person I fell in love with is my dad” she said.

” Really? I asked and chuckled

” Yeah”

” Have you ever fallen in love with a girl? She asked.

I stare at her for a while.
“Is something on my face? She asked touching her face.

I shook my head negatively.
” Stop staring at me and answer my question” she said.

” Yeah” I said.

” Really? She asked.

” Who is the girl? She asked.

I chuckled.
” It’s my turn now Brianna” I said.

” Okay…go ahead” she said.

” Have you kissed before? I asked.

Her eyes widened.
I looked at her.

” Is something wrong? I asked.


” So answer me” I said.

” Uhnm..no…I haven’t” she said.

” Really?

” Yeah”

” It’s my turn now…who is the girl you fell in love with? She asked staring at me.

I smiled.
” Am so sorry I can’t tell you” I said.

” Why? It’s part of the game kayden…you have to say the truth…so you will have to tell me” she said

” Well am sorry I can’t tell you” I said.

” Then… you will have to take me out for shopping” she said with a smile.

I arched my brow.
” Why?

” It’s part of the game…if you refused to say the truth” she said.

” But you didn’t mentioned it earlier” I said.

” Oops…am sorry..I forgot” she said.

” Brianna”

” Cute Kayden” she said holding my cheeks.

I laughed.
” Bri….” My phone rang interrupting me.

I checked the caller.
It’s my driver.

I picked it up
” Your dad is here to see you” he said.

” Tell him am not at home and I don’t want to see him” I said.

” He is waiting for you at the sitting room” he said.

” Okay then..I won’t be coming home tonight” I said.

I heard Brianna gasped.
” You won’t come home tonight?

” Yeah” I said and hung up.

Brianna looked at me.
” Who was that? She asked.

” It’s my driver”

” Did something happened? You won’t be going home tonight? She asked staring at me.

” Yeah”

” Why?

” It’s nothing”

She looked at me and nodded at her.
” Brianna” I called

” Uhnmm” she hummed and looked at me.

” Can I spend the night here? I asked.

Her eyes widened.
Coined ✍️✍️ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

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