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Only You Episode 19

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( How can I?)

Episode 19.

🌺 Shirley 🌺
I sat down in Bryan sitting room.
I decided to pay him a visit.

” Hi Shirley” Aria said sitting beside me.

” Hi Aria.. have Missed you” I said and pinched her cheeks.

She chuckled.
” You miss me or you are lying? She asked.

” I missed you for real..I Cross my heart” I said placing my hands on my chest.

She chuckled.
“I missed you too Shirley” she said and hugged me.

I smiled and ruffled her hair.
” Stop this Shirley…you are making me look ugly” she said pouting.

” You look so cute Aria” I said.

She smiled

” Really?

” Yeah” I said nodding my head.

” Awn…I love you” she said and kissed my cheek.

” I love you too” I said and kissed her cheeks.

She chuckled.
” Where is Bryan? I asked.

” Taking his bath” she said.

” Really?

” Yeah…I guess my big brother is trying to look handsome just for you” she said.

” Really?

” Yeah” she said nodding her head.

I smiled.
” Do you like my brother? She asked suddenly.

I looked at her surprised.
” Huh?

She smiled
” Don’t pretend Shirley… it’s written all over your face that you like my brother” she said.

I looked at her

” He is cute right? She asked.

I nodded my head.
She beamed.

” If only am not his sister…I would have fall in love with him” she said.

I gasped.
” Aria”

She covered my mouth.
” Just kidding” she said and force a smile.

I looked at her.

” He is here” she said.

I turned and saw him climbing down the stairs.

I smiled.
He is very handsome.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

🌺 Bryan 🌺
I climbed down the stairs with my hands in my pocket.

Shirley stoop up staring at me.
I smiled walking to her.

I snapped my finger at her face.
She blinked her eyes and looked away.

Aria chuckled and blew me a kiss.

I chuckled.
” Am sure Shirley is lost in your cuteness” she said smiling.

” Aria” Shirley called.

She laughed.
” Am jealous of you brother” she said pouting

“Why? I asked.

” You are very pretty than I am” she said smiling.

I chuckled.
” Is that so?

” Yeah”

” My little sister is the most beautiful girl in the world world” I said

” Really? She asked jumping up.

I chuckled
” Yeah”

” I love you Bryan…you are the best” she said and hugged me.

I laughed.
” I love you. Little Aria”

” Am not little” she said frowning.

” Uhn…can I tell you something? She asked.

I squat to her level.
” Shirley has fallen in love with you” she whispered into my ear.

I looked at her shocked.
” Really?

She nodded her head beaming.

I smiled.
” I will get you Ice cream” I said.

” Yeahhhh” she yelled happily.

I laughed staring at Shirley.
She smiled when our eyes met.

Aria walked to Shirley.
” Can I tell you something? She asked.

She nodded her head.
” Bring your ear” she said

Shirley brought her ears close to her mouth.
She whispered something into her ears.

Shirley gasped.

Aria chuckled.
I looked at them confused.

” Aria” I called.

” Have fun… Shirley and Bryan” she said climbing the stairs

I smiled.

” How do I look? I asked staring at her.

She smiled and stare at me from my head to toe.

I smiled.

” And you are very ugly” she said.

” You can’t deny it Shirley…you were drooling over me” I said smiling.

” No…am not…why will I? She stuttered.

I chuckled.
” Then why are you blushing? I asked.

She covered her cheeks.
” Am not”

” Let’s go” I said.

” Go ahead” she said

I walked out while she walked behind me.
” Where are we going? She asked.

” You told us to go and have some fun” I said.

” Okay…let’s go to the cinema” she said

I smiled
” Yeah” I said and drove off.
🌺 Kayden 🌺
I sighed.

Am feeling bored.

I don’t feel like drawing anything.

I tried drawing but I dropped my pencil and walked out of the room.

I walked to the kitchen and took a glass of cup.

My phone rang
I checked the caller.

It’s dad.
I sighed angrily.
” Why is he calling me? I thought.

I ignored it.

There is nothing to do in this house

What should I do?

I don’t feel like going out either.

” Brianna” her name came to my mind.

I guess I will just visit her at home.
Today is Saturday so am sure she will be at home.

I walked to my room and took my jacket.
I walked out of my room and took my car keys.

I got into my car and drove off to her place.

I got there and parked my car.

I walked to her door and pressed the door bell.

I stood there staring at the door.

I clicked on the door bell again waiting patiently.

She opened the door and gasped when she saw me.
” Kayden? She called looking at me surprised.

I smiled.
” Yeah… surprise?

” Yeah.. I wasn’t expecting anyone” she said.

I smiled.
“But now…am here”

” What are you doing here? She asked.

” Nothing.. just to say hello to you” I said with a smile.

She stare at me.
” Are you gonna keep drooling over me or let me in? I asked.

She hissed.
” I wasn’t drooling over you” she said.

I chuckled

” Come in” she said opening the door widely.

I smiled and entered.

I walked to the sitting room and sat down.
” Where is your Dad? I asked.

” He travelled” she said.

” Travelled?

” Yeah”

I nodded my head.
” Are you not tired of standing? I asked.

She looked at me and sat down on the couch beside me but not too close

” It’s not like am gonna eat you up” I said.

She chuckled.
” Why are you here? She asked.

” To see you” I said.

” Me?

” Yeah”

” Why? Is something wrong? She asked.

” No.. just feel like spending some time with someone and I think the best person is you” I said

She smiled.
” Okay…but you will bored over here” she said.

I looked at her.
” Are you busy? I asked.

She shook her head negatively.
I smiled.

” Let’s hang out” I said.

” Really? She beamed.

” Yeah” I said.

She smiled.
” Let me change my dress” she said standing up.

I smiled.

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