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Only You Episode 18

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( How can I?)

Episode 18.

🌺 Bryan 🌺
I smiled as I watched Shirley talk at the front of the class.

She will be a good teacher.

” Thank you everyone” she said and walked to her seat.
Everyone clapped for her.

She looked at me.
I winked at her.

She smiled and sat down.

It’s break time.
We walked out of the class together.
” You did a great job” I said to her.

She smiled.
” Thank you”

” You deserve a gift for that” I said.

” Really?

” Yeah”

” Okay… treat me for lunch then” she said.

” I was thinking you are gonna say I should give you a kiss” I said.

She looked at me and Chuckled.
” In your dreams” she said walking away.

I smiled.

We got to Brianna’s class.
She is with Kayden.
” Hey Brianna” Shirley said when she got to her.

” Shirley…” Brianna said with a smile.

” Hi Kayden” Shirley said.

He smiled.

” Guess what Brianna? She asked.

” What? She asked.

” Just guess”

” Okay…let me guess… your presentation came first” Brianna said.

” Yeah… Brianna.. you guess right” she said smiling.

” That’s what besties do” Brianna said and winked at her.

She smiled.
” Take this” Shirley kissed her cheeks.

I chuckled.
” That’s good of you Shirley” she said.

” Thank you Brianna..it’s because of you” she said.

” We are besties” Brianna chuckled.

” And what about me? I asked.

” Besties forever” she said.

I chuckled.
” We are besties” Brianna and Shirley yelled, smiling.

I laughed.
” Crazy besties” I mumbled.

” Did you say something? Shirley asked.

” No..no..no..I didn’t” I said.

” Good boy” she said and pinched my nose.

” Am hungry” Brianna said yawning.

” Brianna is a foodie” Shirley said.

” Shut up…you are the foodie here” she said and pinched her cheek.

She chuckled.
” We are all foodies” Shirley said

” Let’s go” Brianna said holding Shirley’s hand as they walked out of class.

I smiled.
Kayden stood up and put his hand in his pocket.

We walked out of the class together.
” They are so cute” I said as we walked towards the cafeteria.

” Yeah…they are cute” Kayden said.

” Am so in love with the two of them” I said.

” Really?

” Yeah…they mean a lot to me” I said with a smile.

” Do you know Brianna’s mum? He asked.

” Brianna’s mum?

” Yeah”

” Yeah..I know her” I said.

” Is she dead? He asked.

I looked at him surprised.
” Why don’t you ask Brianna? I said.

He looked at me.
” She told me she is dead but am not too sure about that.. several times I ask of a picture of her mum…she refused to show it to me and she hates it when I asked of her….I mean I also lost my mum but am not like this” he said.

” You lost your mum? I asked.

” Yeah…she died some years ago” he said sadly..

I sighed.
” Am really sorry to hear that” I said.

” Thanks” he said.

We got to the cafeteria and sat down.
” Oh I forgot… Bryan you are to treat me for lunch….too bad I forgot” Shirley said pouting.

I chuckled.
” Well Tomorrow then” she said.

” What about me? Brianna asked pouting.

” Okay… everyone” I said.

She chuckled and have Shirley hi five.

I smiled.
She and Shirley ate their lunch… talking and laughing.

I looked at Kayden…he is staring at Brianna with smiles on his face.

Does he like her? I thought.

Well I guess he likes her if not…why did he got upset when Brianna wants to give me peck?

I guess he likes her.
I smiled.

Brianna looked at him…he looked away.

I chuckled and winked at her.
We finished eating and stood up walking out of the cafeteria.

” Come with me Brianna” I said holding her hand.

She looked at me.
” Where?

” I need to tell you something” I said.

“And you won’t include me? Shirley asked.

“Sorry Shirley” I said taking Brianna away.

We got to an empty class.
” Why did you do that? I asked.

She looked at me confused.
” What?

” Why did you tell Kayden your mum is dead?

She sighed.
” Is she not dead? She asked.

” Anna…she is not dead”

” Bryan..she is dead to me…you are aware of what happened” I said.

” I know Anna but you shouldn’t have told him she is dead knowing fully well that she is alive” I said.

” What do expect me to say huh? What do you expect to say? That she left my dad for another man? She asked as tears welled up in her eyes.

” She left me..and told me I could die for all she cares” she said as tears rolled down her cheek.

I sighed and moved close to her.
I hugged her.
” Don’t cry Anna…am sorry I reminded you of your past” I said

She broke the hug and smiled.
I cleaned her tears.
” It’s okay”

” Thank you Bryan”

I smiled.

” You both are here? Shirley asked entering into the class.

Brianna sniffed.
She looked at her awkwardly.

” Did you cry? Shirley asked.

” Did something happened? She asked.

“Nothing happy Shirley..am fine” she said

” You can lie to me Brianna…I know you cried” she said.

” Yeah…I did…but am fine now” Anna said.

Shirley hugged her.
” Please don’t cry again” she said patting get back.

Anna chuckled.
Shirley broke the hug and smiled.

” Where is kayden? I asked.

“In his class”

“See you later besties” Brianna said walking out of the class.

I smiled
” You made her cry? Shirley asked.

” Me? No…why will I do that?

” Then what happened?

” She remembered her mum” I said.

” Ohh..”

” Yeah…let’s go” I said.

We walked out of the empty class heading to our class.

We got in and sat down.
🌺 Brianna 🌺
The school bell rang.
It’s closing.

I packed my books into my bag.

” Let’s go” I said to Kayden .

He nodded his head.

We walked out the class and saw Shirley and Bryan coming towards us.

Shirley smiled.
” Finally today is over” she said as we walked out together.

” Yeah”

” See you tomorrow Brianna…I need to get going…am going out with mum” she said.

I smiled.
” Say hi to your mum” I said.

” Of course I will” she said and pecked my cheeks.

” And you too Bryan” she said and pecked his cheek.

He chuckled.
” I guess am lucky” he said.

Shirley chuckled and looked at him

He winked at her.
” Naughty boy” she muttered.

He laughed.
” Bye Brianna…bye Bryan…bye kayden” she said walking towards her car.

She waved at us and got in.
The driver drove off.

” I guess I will see you both tomorrow..I need to pick Aria from school” Bryan said.

” Little Aria”

” No… troublesome Aria” he said.
I chuckled.

” See you tomorrow bro” he said and gave him a side hug.

” See you tomorrow Anna” he said and hugged me.

” Take care of yourself” he said walking away.

He got into the car and the driver drove off.

I sighed.

” Are you okay? He asked.

I forced a smile.
” Yeah…am fine”

” Really? He asked staring at me.

” yeah…why do you ask? I asked.

” You look so quiet…ever since Bryan talked to you…did something happened?

” No”

” Did he say something bad to you?

“No…he didn’t…am just having a slight headache” I said touching my head.

” Sorry about that” he said.

” Uhnmm…thanks”

” I will drop you off at home” he said.

” Thank you ” I said as we walked towards his car.

We got in and the driver drove off.

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