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Only You Episode 17

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( How can I?)

Episode 17.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
“Wow…I really had lots of fun today all thanks to you” Shirley said and kissed my cheeks.

I laughed.
” What about me? Bryan asked

” And you too” she said and kissed his cheeks.

He chuckled.
” And me ? Kayden asked.

” You too” she said and hugged him.

I smiled.
Drama queen.

” So Kayden did you enjoy yourself? Shirley asked.

” Yes I did…all thanks to Brianna” he said

I gasped.
” Me?

” Yeah… you”

” Awn….see my Anna is blushing” Bryan said.

I spank his head.
He laughed.

” I think we just hang out more often” I said

” Why? Because of Kayden?

” No…just to have some fun together as friends” I said.

Bryan chuckled.
” It’s getting late…I need to start going…so dad won’t get worried” I said.

” Daddy’s Little girl” Bryan teased.

I smiled.
” Thank you”

He chuckled.
” Shirl… Shirl…let go” Bryan said.

She fake a frown.
” Bryan…am Shirley not Shirl” she said.

” Sorry”

” I really wish we can have a sleepover at my place” she said.

” Sleepover? I asked.

” Yes Brianna… please don’t say no” she said.

” I didn’t plan for this Shirley and what about my dad?

” Just call him and tell him you will be having a sleepover at my place” she said.

“No….I can’t do that”

” Should I call him instead? She asked.

” Don’t bother Shirley… maybe some other time” Kayden said.

” But why not tonight? She said pouting.

” Some other time Shirl… Aria is expecting me at home tonight and you know how she can be at times without mum with her” Bryan said.

I chuckled.
Aria is his younger sister…cute, funny but quite troublesome.

” Oh oh oh…okay…I know…some other time” she said.

I smiled.
” Don’t I deserve a thank you? She arched her brow.

” Thank you” I and Bryan said at pecked her cheeks.

She chuckled.
” Awn….I love you both” she said.

I smiled.
” Brianna say hi to dad for me…it’s been a while since I saw him” she said.

” Yeah…” I said.

” Kayden please drop her home safely” Bryan said.

He nodded his head.
” And please drive carefully” Shirley said.

” Am not gonna kill her” he said.

I chuckled.

” Let’s go” he said.

I waved at Bryan and Shirley.
We got into the car and drove off.
We got home.
” Thank you kayden” I said.

He smiled.
” You are welcome” he said.

I smiled and came out of the car.
” Brianna” I heard him call.

I turned and saw him walking towards me.
He stood at my front.
I looked at him.

He hugged me.
” You are very beautiful” he said into my ears.

I stood there surprised.
” Th… thanks” I said.

He broke the hug.
” My regards to your dad and take care of yourself” he said staring at me

” Uhnmmm… yeah and you too” I said.

He smiled and started walking away.
” Kayden” I called.

He stopped and turned to look at me
I smiled.
” Thank you so much” I said.

He smiled and nodded his head.
He got into his car.
I waved at him.

I watched him as he drove off.

I smiled and turned.
I gasped when I saw dad standing behind me.
” scared me” I said.

He laughed.
” Sorry Angel” he said hugging me.

I smiled.
” How was the hangout? He asked as w walked inside..

” It’s was great dad… we had so much much” I said smiling.

” Really?

” Yeah Dad” I said.

” How is Shirley? He asked.

” She is fine dad and she asked of you ” I said.

” Really?

” Yes dad”

” Funny girl”

I chuckled.
” Go up and freshen up” he said.

” Okay dad” I said climbing the stairs.

🌺 Kayden 🌺
I woke up this morning and freshened up.
Today is another day for school..

I smiled remembering Brianna.

I got dressed up for school.

I walked out of the house and got into the car.
He drove off.

We got to the school.
He parked the car.
I came out of the car and started walking to my class.

” Kayden” I heard my name.

I turned and saw Brianna running towards me.

I smiled.
“Hi” she said when she got to me.

” How are you? I asked.

” Am fine and you?

” Same” I said.

She smiled.
” Have you seen Shirley or Bryan? She asked.

” No…I just arrived now” I said.

” Oh okay..let’s go” she said.

We walked into the class.
She walked over to her seat and sat down.
She brought out some books from her bag.

I walked to her seat.
” How is your dad?

” He is fine” she said with a smile.

” Hey Anna” Bryan said entering into the class.

” Hi Bryan” she said with a smile.

“What’s up kayden” he said and we shook hands.

“Am good and you?

” Good bro” he said sitting down on the seat opposite us.

” Where is Shirley? Brianna asked.

” And the queen is here”

I turned and saw her walking majestically into the class.

I chuckled.
” Hey bestie” she smiled and kissed Brianna’s cheek.

“Hey Bryan…hey Kayden” she said.

” And don’t you think we deserve a kiss on the cheek too? Bryan asked.

She chuckled.
” Really? She asked.

” Yeah”

She smiled and move to Bryan.
He closed his eyes expecting a kiss for Shirley.
She pinched his nose.

” Ouch…” He groaned opening his eyes.

I laughed

Brianna chuckled.
” You are so mean Shirley” he said frowning.

” Am sorry” she said pouting.

” You gave Anna a kiss on the cheek and you couldn’t give me” he said.

” Okay… close your eyes…I will kiss you on the cheek” Brianna said.

” Really? He asked.

” Yeah…besties kiss” she said.

I arched my brow

” Why will you kiss him on the cheek? I blurted out.

She looked at me confused.
” Yeah…Bryan she can’t kiss you on the cheek… Shirley will kiss you instead” I said sternly.

” Why? Why can’t I peck my best friend? She asked looking at me.

” You can’t and you won’t ” I said sternly not looking at her.

” Okay Bryan…I will kiss you instead” Shirley said.

Bryan looked at me for a while.
Shirley walked to him and pecked his cheek.

He smiled.
” That’s my girl” he said beaming.

Shirley chuckled.

” See you later Brianna” Shirley said walking out.

She smiled.
” Bye Anna.. see you at lunch” he said walking out.

I looked at Brianna..
She brought out a textbook from her bag and started reading it.

” Brianna” I called.

She looked at me.
” Are you upset? I asked.

” Upset? not…and why will I be?

” I don’t know” I shrugged.

She force a smile.
” I will like to study now” she said turning her gaze back to her book.

I sighed staring at her.
I don’t know.

But I don’t want her to peck Bryan.


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