February 26, 2021


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My Superhandsome Crush Episode 15

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 15

✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️

Simone pov:
I woke up with peoples singing and clapping. I groaned and forced to open my eyes and sat up

“Happy birthday to Simone. Happy birthday to you….”. They sang together.

When they were done singing i saw Alex holding a small birthday cake. Where did they get these things fast because i know yesterday i didn’t saw any cake.

I smiled brightly. Today November 17th is my birthday and i am finally 20 now.

“Make a wish babay”. Amy said smiling at me. I nodded. I wish that everyone is happy in their life and that i can have beautiful future with the one i love.

I blow the candle and they applauded. They went to give me hugs and kisses one by one.

After hugs and kisses we went to the kitchen to cut the cake into pieces and that will be our breakfast.

We ate and sfter we ate. I got gift from my friends. “You didn’t have to guys”. I said with teary eyes.

They gave me a group hug. I looked at the clock and it was 8 in the morning. I still have time till i have to help Andrew. I groaned just thinking about it.

Why does someone always has to ruin my birthday. Let’s waste this time shall.

“So what are we going to do today”. Amy asked us. We shrugged. They looked at each other and it’s like they can read their mind.

They form a circle and wispered leaving me behind. I can’t hear a thing. Rolling my eyes when they were done wispering to each other. They smiled innocently.

“I have to help Andrew later with math at 12 o’clock”. I said looking at everyone one by one.

“Great. So till when are you coming home”. I shrugged. Actually i know something was up with them because they are so eager to sent me away.

“I don’t know actually, but i’ll message you”. She nodded.

We talked about our childhood because it was a long time that we didn’t see each other. It’s been maybe 4 years or something i don’t even know.

The time went like a flash. It was already 12 o’clock. I went to my room to change into something comfortable.

I took everything i needed. I walked out of my room and walk to the front door. “I’m going now guys”.

“I can give you a ride if you want”. Alex said looking at everyone. That look again and they nodded at him.

“No it’s fine really…I can walk”. I shoke my head.

“I insist Simone”. He said. I sighed big time and gave in.

“Okay fine. Let’s go before someone is going to be mad”. He nodded and took the keys of Ace’s car.

We drove at the park. After a couple of minutes we are at the park. You could see a lot of people sitting and talking while their children are playing.

I stepped out of the car and turned to Alex. “Thank you for the ride Alex”.

“No problem Simone. Should i pick you up later”. I shake my head.

“Bye Alex”. I waved at him.

“Bye good luck and have fun”. He smirked. Rolling my eyes i walked away.

I walked to the tree and waited for Andrew. I looked at the clock in my phone and saw it was 12 o’clock. I sighed and looked around.

Hope he won’t stood me up again like the first time. Just thinking that Andrew would not come.

I felt hands on my eyes. “Guess who”. The person wispered in my ear. That husky voice that sent shivers down my spine.

I turned around and saw Andrew looking as handsome as ever even in a plain t-shirt. He saw me checking him out and smirk at me.

I quickly looked away. I felt my cheeks heat up. “Hey babe”. He said in his husky voice. I looked back at him.

“Hey”. I breathed and smiled at him.

“Happy birthday babe”. I frown. How did he know it’s my birthday today.

“Uh thank you Andrew”. Looking down. This is the first time Andrew congratulated me.

He held my chin to look up at him. “Look at me when you’re talking”. I nodded not trusting my voice right now.

“This is for you”. He gave me a box not too big and at the same time not too small. How did i not see that in his hands.

Shaking my thought. I tried not to cry. It’s so sweet of him.

“Thank you so much Andrew this…this means a lot to me”. He was caught of guard when i hugged him. His hand were around my waist hugging me back.

I pulled away looking at him. “No problem Simone. Open it”. He said.

I opened the box with shaky hands. I saw what was inside and i could not believe my eyes.

It was all series The Maze Runner books and they were even signed by the writer. I looked up with wide eyes at Andrew.

I couldn’t believe it. He just made my day.

“Again thank you so much Andrew. You didn’t have to do this. How can i pay you back. It was my dream to have these books but i couldn’t affort it. They are even signed”. I said trembling with tear in my eyes.

He wiped the tears away and held my face in his hands. “I insist besides it was your dream. You don’t have to pay me back. Your help is enough to repay me”.

I nodded looking at the books in the box. I wiped my tears again when they fell. I looked up at Andrew.

“So what can i help you with”. I asked with shaky voice. He shook his head.

“I don’t want you to help me today. Let’s have lunch then we can watch a movie and some activities”. He said. Did he asked me on a date. Nah probably because it’s my birthday.

I nodded. “Just let me text Amy that i’m not coming home now”. He nodded. Pulling out my phone i texted Amy.

I put my phone away. “Let’s go”. Andrew said pulling my arm. He carried the box with one hand and the other held my arm.

We walked to his car and slide inside. We ate lunch and then we went to the theatre. Then we just walked side by side talking about our lives.

When it was already 4 o’clock we decided to go home. He brought me home and walked me to the front door.

“Thank you again Andrew. I had fun today”. I said smiling. He smiled back.

“No problem babe”. He kissed me on the cheek and walked to his car and drove away.

I opened the door and…

“Surprise”. They said in unsion. I looked at them smiling. So this is what they planned.

“Happy birthday Simone”. Evryone said. They invited people from our school and the neigbour in our street.

They hugged and kissed me. It was fun. After some time we were cutting the cake.

I cut a piece and put in my mouth but someone pushed my hand. All the cake and the frosting were smeered at my face.

They laughed with me joining them. It is the best party i ever had in my life. We danced. Took pictures etc.

I looked at everybody. They were dancing, talking, drinking, sitting etc. Best party ever in my whole 20 years.


Happy birthday to you Simone…

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