March 6, 2021


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My Superhandsome Crush Episode 14

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 14

✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️

Simone pov:
I woke up with a headache. I looked around i saw the rest of my friends laying on the couch some on the ground sleeping. The boys were snoring.

Good thing is that today is saturday.

Rubbing my eyes as i stand up. I walked into the kitchen and fill a glass of water. I took an advil and drink it.

I walked back into the livingroom looking at everyone. Some of them had a little drool on the side of their mouth. I chuckled shaking my head.

Looking at the clock and saw it was already noon. I decided to make brunch but before making it.

Let’s do some pranks shall we. I smiled evilly. I took some stuff to put on their faces. For Amy i put some whipcream on her hand.

For Giann i put some makeup on his face. That was fun. For Ariana i decided to put some whipcream in her mouth with some chocolate syrup.

For Ace i did the same as Giann’s and the last one Alex i decided to do both. Putting makeup and whipcream on him.

Then i took two pans and slam it together making everyone wake up.

Some of them cursed. Wait till they see what i did to them. In 3…2…1 and



“You bitch what did you do!”.


“What the fuck!”.

They all said at the same time looking at each other. Making me laugh. They turned to me some looking angry and some narrowing their eyes at me.

I laughed even harder. “This is not funny Simone King”. Amy said narrowing her eyes at me.

“We are going to get back at you”. Ace said. They all nodded. Oh oh five people against one person. That’s not fair.

I just sticked my tongue. I turned around decided to make brunch for them. They decided to clean themself up while i made breakfast.

After some time preparing brunch for thise lazy asses i heard someone yell. “Go!”. I turned around only to see that they were about to attack me.

I didn’t had the run away before someone held me from behind and putting me on the ground.

They sarted to tickle me on my waist, neck, feet. Everywhere that is possible.

“Aaaahhhh……i’m s…sorry i won’t do it again”. I screamed all the while laughing.

“Yeah you better be sorry”. They stopped while looking at me.

Trying to steady my breath. I looked at them smiling. Standing up and continue with preparing brunch.

After brunch we went to the livingroom. Ariana decided to break the silents.

“So what are we going to do today”. She asked looking at us one by one. I shrugged.

“Ooh let’s go shopping”. Alex squeeled. Making the boys groan.

“No”. The boys said at the same time making Alex pout.

“We can do that”. Amy said while looking at us. The girls only. The boys rolled their eyes.

We nodded. “You can stay here with Ace if you want”. Amy said sarcastic to Giann.

He was silent for a second it’s he thought about it. “No way. All the boys are going to look at you”.

“Yeah like they are their meat”. Ace said. Making us roll our eyes.

“Fine but don’t complain later”. Ariana said glaring at Ace.

We went to our room to get ready. I wore a tight fitted jeans that showed my long toned legs and a croptop with a pair of sandals.

Walking out and saw the girls coming out of their room.

“You are not going out like that”. Ace spatted. I looked at Ariana and she was wearing a tight skinny jeans with a tight top that shows her belly buttom and a jacket.

“Yes i am. Beside you’re coming with us right”. She said with puppy eyes that Ace can’t resist.

He sigh and gave in. We decided to go with two cars. I went with Amy and Giann. And Alex went with Ariana and Ace.

I put my ear-bud in my ear not wanting to hear the lovey dovey couples talking. An hour later we arrived in town.

We went store in and store out. After 2 hours the boys were already complaining. But the girl ignored them.

After an hour later we were done shopping so we decided to eat something.

We went to this Italian diner. We ordered some pizza and it smelled like heaven when the waiter came with the pizza.

We ate and talked about random stuff. I looked at the two couples in front of me and wished that i had such a caring boyfriend that would love me no matter what.

Shaking my thought and continue with eating. Alex decided to talk to me because the love birds were in their own worlds.

After eating we asked for the check and paid it. We sat in the car and went straight to our apartment.

We arrived at our apartment with Ace’s car behind us. They are staying here for now.

We went inside and decided to look a movie on netflix. We went cozy on the couch and looked at ‘Twilight’. That’s when i remembered that Andrew was going to give me the books.

Maybe not. Because i said i was joking. Shaking my thought and looked forward.

After looking other movies we decided to go to bed. As i was changing into my Pj’s my phone started ringed.

I looked at the caller and saw it was Andrew. I looked at it as if i should pick it up or not. I decided to pick it up.

“Hello”. I said.

“Hey babe. I wanted to tell you that you have to help me tomorrow”. He ordered. Making my blood boil.

“I can’t. Tomorrow is sunday”. I spatted through the phone.

“I don’t care if tomorrow is sunday. Come tomorrow at the park at 12”. He said then hung up. Who does he think he is to order me around.

I decided to leave it and go to sleep. Oh and tomorrow is my birthday too. Ugh it’s so complicated.

Changing into my Pj’s and went to bed. Without caring what is going to happen tomorrow.


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