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My Superhandsome Crush Episode 13

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 13

✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️

Simone pov:
I woke up with someone shaking me. I snapped my eyes open only to see Amy. “Finally you’re awake”. I heard her said.

I groaned and shove her to get back to sleep. “Okay you asked for it”. I heared again but i ignored it.

Not even 5 minutes later i felt cold water falling on my face. I jolted completely awake.

I narrowed my eyes at her. “You bitch. I had to have my beauty sleep”. Falling back in to bed.

“You asked for it. Beside i tried to wake you up for at least 10 minutes straight and you didn’t even wake up”. She said in a bored tone looking at her nails.

Rolling my eyes i stepped out of bed. I looked at the clock to see i had only a half hour to get ready for school.

My eyes widen. I looked at Amy to see she had a I-told-you-so look. Running into the bathroom. I showered, brushed my teeth, did my hair and putting my clothes on.

I ate my breakfast as fast as i could. Luckly i didn’t choke on my food. Amy was already waiting for me in the car.

After eating breakfast i washed the plate. I locked our apartment and ran to the car.

We drove to our school. I was breathing heavy. Amy looked at me and laughed.

“What is so funny”. I looked at her confused.

“You have…syrup on the…side of your mouth”. She said between laughs. I rolled my eyes and looked at the side mirror of the car.

Indeed there were syrup. I licked it clean.

“So how was the night with Giann yesterday”. I teased her. They weren’t only doing it after school but at night too.

I heared it again. It was so annoying. I mean they can do it but can’t they lower their voice instead of litterly screaming.

I had to sleep with my ear-bud. If i didn’t sleep with that. I would go crazy.

I looked at Amy and she was so red like a tomato. I laughed hard. Making her blush more.

“It’s okay. It’s a secret”. I wispered the last part. Making her roll her eyes.

We were at the entrance of our school. We parked the car and went out of the car. We walked to our locker.

I picked what i needed for the first two periods. Amy did the same. I turn around only to crash at Andrew’s hard chest.

Déja vu was playing in my mind right now. Reminds me of the first day of school. I put my hands on his chest to put some distance between us.

He smirked. I smiled innocently. “Help me later after school same place”. He ordered. Who does he think he is.

He walked away. Then i saw Genevra walking up to Andrew and pulled him to her only to crash her lips to him. They pulled away. She looked at me with a smirk saying ‘Back off he’s mine’.

Rolling my eyes i waited for Amy. We walked till we departed ways. I had chemistry first period and second english.

The periods went by fast. It was lunch time now. We were the first to get our lunch. I popped a french fry in my mouth and look at Amy.

I nodded. “Yeah but i have to help Andrew after school with math. He said he had to pass the test. And i don’t know why”.

“Will you wait for me”. I asked. She nodded her head without hestitating.

“Yeah sure. I’ll wait for you at the parking lot. And after that we can do some shopping”. I looked at her confused. Shopping why. I mean i have clothes and all.

She must have seen my confused face. “Where going to the club tonight. Some of our old friends are in town and they invited us to join them”. I nodded. I gotta losen up a bit right.

After lunch we went back to our next classes. The bell rang to go home but i can’t because i have to help Andrew.

I walked to the library to see Andrew with Genevra flirting. I looked at his face and i’m sure he liked it.

“Oh look who is here”. Genevra said smirking. I looked at her with a bored expression.

I turned to Amdrew. “So i don’t think you need my help. It’s a waste of time walking all the way here”. I turned around and walked out of the library.

I walked out of the school to the parking lot. When the car came into view i stepped inside the car making Amy jump from her seat.

“Let’s do some shopping shall we”. She started the car. I laughed shaking my head.

“We shall”. We drove out of the entrance away from our school. We decided to go to the mall.

After we bought some clothes and shoes and other thing like a victoria secret string for Amy. Lol.

We went home and it was already 4 pm. I was exhausted. My feet were killing me. I decided to take a nap.

“Amy i’m going to take a nap for awhile. Wake me up when it’s time”. I said yawning.

She nodded.

I woke up with someone gently shaking me. “Babay wake up”. I opened my eyes.

I looked at the clock and it was 6 pm. I went to take a shower and get dress. I wore a backless dress. That was just above my knees.

That showed my long toned legs and my curves. It was a black dress. It was too reveling but Amy made me wear it.

I looked at my reflection and saw that i looked good. I picked my small bag with emergency things in it.

I walked out of the room and saw Amy looking hot. “I wondered what Giann is going to think and say when he sees you”. She rolled her eyes.

She wore a tight red dress that is above her knees and a cut on the sides of her waist. And some black 4 inch heels.

She looked hot. “Oh Giann is coming too. He doesn’t want me to go alone without him. He said he is going crazy if another man is looking at me”.

She opened the door and there was Giann looking handsome and all. Amy kissed him on the cheek not wanting to ruin her lipstick.

“Hey babe. You look hot”. He said looking at her up and down.

“Thanks babe”. She smiled giving another peck.

Then he turned to me. Smiling brightly.

“Hey princess. You look beautiful”. Walkimg up to me giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Giann. Thanks brother”. I said smiling.

“So now i think i have to buy a gun to keep my girl from her prey. And my princess from her prince charming”. He said playfully.

Making us roll our eyes. “Oh come on all the boys are going to look at you guys”.

“And all the girl are going to undress you with their eyes”. Amy said sarcastic. Jealous clear in her voice.

“And i have my eyes only on you babe”. He said lovingly making her blush.

“Okay that’s enough with the lovey dovey thing. You can do that tonight. Let’s go”. I said rolling my eyes.

We walked in to the club and we saw our old friends from Italy. They are our bestfriends. There are 3 of them.

You have Ace Rodriguez. He’s a model. It was his dream to be a model and his dream came true. He’s sweet but sometimes he can be a total dick.

He has the lookes. Perfect jawline. Blue eyes. Dark brown hair and ofcourse a 6 pack. Being a model you have to look perfect.

Then there is Ariana Perez. She a model too but a victoria angel. And don’t forget the girlfriend of the dick Ace. She is kind. All in one.

Being a model you have to eat healthy. She has a perfect body, every girl would die to have such a body. She always caught every men’s attention. Gray eyes. Full plump lips. Dark brown hair.

Ace and Ariana met each other trough modeling. They had to model for Calvin Klein accesories. They are my favorite couple aside from Giann and Amy’s.

Then the last one is Alexander Lopez. He is cute but he’s gay. He is sweet but he can too sometimes be an asshole.

We walked up to them and when they saw us they smiled brightly. It was a long time that we didn’t saw them.

We hug each other one by one. “Ooh hello papi”. Alex said looking at Giann from head to toe making him uncomfortable.

Everybody laughed except for Giann. “Giann this is Alex, Ariana and Ace. Everyone this Giann my boyfriend”. She smiled looking at everyone.

After Amy said that Giann was her boyfriend Alex’ face fell. Making everyone laugh. After shaking everyones hand. The party then began.


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