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My Superhandsome Crush Episode 12

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 12

✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️

Simone pov:
“Please don’t beat me i’m sorry for disobeing you. I won’t do it again”. I said while tears are falling from my eyes.

“You little bitch. I told you can’t eat if you say so. You useless bitch. Good for you your parents are dead”. Karen laughed along with her daughter. My supposed aunt.

I sobbed. “Stop crying like a fucking baby”. Bianca said. I wish that my parents were here.

They beated me up till they were satisfied. I was crying when Bianca kick my stomach till i coughed blood.

“Please”. I begged. But that didn’t stop her. I was shaking till everything went blank.

I jolted. I looked around and saw i wasn’t in my aunt’s house but in Amy and I’s apartment. I sighed in relieve.

I saw Amy looking at me. She looked panic. I know i never got these kind of dreams.

“Babay what’s wrong. I heared a scream so i check on you”. She said in a concern. I started crying.

She pulled me in a hug. I cried for maybe 10 minutes.

I sobbed. “You were screaming and crying in your sleep”. She said.

“I had a bad dream”. I sobbed. “Wanna talk about it”. She asked. I shook my head.

“Okay. Just go back to sleep yeah. It’s still early”.

I wiped my tears and looked at the time. It was still 3 in the morning.

“I can’t sleep anymore”. The reason i don’t want to sleep is that i’m afraid that i get nightmare again.

“Do you want me to make you some tea. So that you can sleep”. She asked looking at me with a sad face.

Shaking my head. “No. I’ll just go back to sleep”. She nodded. “Alright”.

“I’m just going to wait till you sleep”. She smiled with her sleepy eyes. I felt bad that i had to wake her up. Stupid nightmare.

“I’m sorry for waking you up”. I said. She shakes her head.

“I’ts okay babay. I understand. I’m always here for you”. She said. I nodded. “Go back to sleep it’s still early”.

Not even 10 minutes later i fell asleep.

Next morning i woke up. I yawned and looked around. Then i remember the nightmare.

I never got those nightmares before. Why so suddenly.

I went to take a shower. I looked at the mirror and saw dark circles under my eyes. My eyes are puffy.

I brushed my teeth and went in the shower.

After shower i picked my outfit for today’s school. I picked a black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. I looked at the mirror. This will do.

I walked out of my room and smell of bacon and toast hit my face.

“Hmm something smells good”. I said making Amy jump. She turned around holding her hand on her chest.

She gave me a tight smile. “Good morning babay. Did you sleep well”.

“Good morning Amy”. Ignoring the second question. When i saw the toast my mouth watered. I held my mouth in case i drool.

She looked at me and saw that i was looking at the toast with my dreamy eyes. She laughed.

I turned to her making her laugh more. I looked at her confused. Why is she laughing. Oh right because you were drooling Simone. My inner self said. No i wasn’t drooling. Shaking my thought.

After breakfast we went to school. Good thing is i don’t have to help Andrew today. Not that i don’t want. He just make me nervous.

Stepping out of the car we went to our usual place. While we were walking.

“Bitches coming this way”. Amy muttered for me only to hear. I looked up and saw Genevra and her gang coming our way. I pitty her friends following like two lost puppies.

I admit i was afraid of her. But not now. I’m tired of her insulting me.

So i held my chin high up. “What did i tell you, to stay away from Andrew right. He is mine”. She said.

“And where does your name stand”. Her face looked embarresed but covered it up.

“I don’t need that to show that he is mine”.

“Okay if you say so. Then why are you still here. Go to your loverboy. Because i know i have nothing with him”. I said walking away pulling Amy with me.

“I don’t know why Andrew asked for your help. You’re such a bitch”. She said out loud. That stopped me in my track.

I turn around and saw she didn’t move from her place. “The only bitch here in this area right now is you”.

“You’re just a slut. Good for you that your parents died in that accident. Because you’re just a spoiled brat”. She said.

I was funning with anger. I decided to ignore the second sentece for now.

“At least i’m not like you. Opening my legs for every male i see. And for your information i’m not a spoiled brat. You are the spoiled rich brat that only uses daddy’s money to get what you want”. I was so angry. She can’t just insult people like that.

She have to learn. I’m not a spoiled brat. If i wanted something i buy or get it with my own sweat money.

Before school started i worked at a coffe and a bakery shop. My part time job so i can earn some money.

Amy’s parents gave us some money but i just put it in my bank account.

Genevra was about to slap me when i held her hand. “That day was the last day you were going to slap me. Today is not going to happen. Not tomorrow. Not the day after tomorrow. Not next month. Not next year. Not ever again”. I shove her filthy hand away.

She screamed and walked away with her lost puppies trailing behind me.

Amy squeeled. I looked at her confused. “That was so cool babay. It was superb”.

I smirk. “Oh know. She has to learn”. She nodded.

The bell rang. We said our bye’s and we departed ways. I had history the first two periods.

It was boring. The day didn’t go fast today.

Finally the bell rang for us to go home. I was the first to get out of class.

I went to the parking lot where Amy had parked her car. I waited for her.

“Hey babay. How was school”.

“It was boring”. I said

We went into her car and drove off. Then there was this old song. Our favorite song.

‘Love is wicked’.

It was our old favorite song. We sang.

‘Tears on my pillow cuz your love is wicked’.

‘Cry me a river cuz your love is wicked’…..

We sang till the end. We laughed.

We pulled into our apartment drive way. And we saw a red ferrari in front of our drive way.

We looked at each other. I shrugged my sholder. We could this be. We stepped out of Amy’s car.

And walked up to the car. The door opened before we could reach it. And Giann stepped out of the car.

Amy squeeled and ran at Giann and flung her arm around his neck and legs around his waist.

They hugged for a while. “What are you doing here babe”.

“What you’re not happy to see me here”. Giann pout sticking out his buttom lip.

She slapped his arm. “Ofcourse i’m happy to see you. Pecking his lips.

“When did you bough the car”. She asked.

“Just now. I wanted to give you a ride later”. He said lovingly. She squeeled before kissing him again.

I cleared my throat. They turned to me both smiling. Finally.

Before walking to the door i went to give Giann a brotherly hug. “Hey princess”. He kissed my cheek.

“Hey Giann”. I smiled. We pulled apart and walked to the door. Opening it i went to my room.

I was in my room reading a book. I could hear some groaning and moaning. Ugh not again.

I think we shouldn’t have thin walls. I kicked the wall but that didn’t stop them. So i put my ear-bud on and listen to some music until i fell asleep.


Bravo for Simone, she has stand up for herself.

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Luv y’all 💋

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