March 5, 2021


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My Personal Maid Prologue

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{A highschool love story}

{When a rich fall for the poor}
Written by Bella writes
“Why won’t you just leave me alone,why do you keep on following me around”I said starring at the prince who was standing in front of me

” its simple Melanie,I really like you a lot”he said walking close to me.

“But your a prince and am nothing more than a maid,there could never be anything between us” I said trying to move away But he had cornered me already

“I dont care if you are a maid all I know is that am falling for you and I dont care anymore,to heck with trying to stay away” he said and suddenly pulled me to him and then he kissed me
Meet Melanie willburg,a poor girl, who works hard just to make a living

Meet prince Alex grand,he is very rich and he is every girl wish,he is known for his kind and noble heart

Fate brought these two together when her dad got a contract to work in the palace

Melanie wanting to support her dad decides to work as a maid,a maid for the prince

She and the prince had met before but she preferred to pretend not knowing him

Meanwhile the prince who had falling deeply on their first meeting met the same girl in his house working for him

He decides then and there to win her heart

But Melanie knowing the kind of background and knowing that a prince and a maid relationship was far to be accepted she decides to stay away

But the prince wouldn’t allow that,he kept on pursuing her even when knowing that their love is an impossible love

Will the prince suçeed in winning Melanie heart?

What will happen when the prince parents knows of their relationship?

Will Melanie ever be happy with her prince

You dont wanna miss this story

Tag along with me as I take you on a journey of prince Alex and his maid Melanie

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