March 3, 2021


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My Personal Maid Episode 6

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{a highschool love story }
{when the rich fall for the poor}
Written by Bella writes

melanie pov
I stood rigid on hearing that voice,God I dont want him to see me,I don’t want him to know that am working under his roof,I just don’t want that
“I just asked a question what’s going on” he said
“Alex that lousy maid over there spilled the food content on my body”lady Sarah said as she walled over to them
” its true your highness and we are sorry,we will quickly get it cleaned”Martha said and pulled along with her
All through the way I had my back towards him not wanting to look back at all
As soon as we got into thw kitchen, Martha sent some maids to go clean while she lashed at me
“On your first day,well am sorry but you won’t be permitted to work in the mansion,infact I dont want to see you working anywhere, only your mom will work” she yelled at me
“Yes madam” I said nodding,feeling a great relief at least I won’t be working In the living room and I won’t have to run into Alex,Martha have no idea how she is really being a lot of help
I walked out of the kitchen back to the room assigned to us
At least I will get to study freely,school will be resuming tomorrow,at least while am at school,I won’t have to see any one of the royal family
Trying to keep myself busy, I walked to the garden,at least its quite peaceful here
“You are really lucky” on hearing a girl voice behind me I stood up
“Am sorry that I scared you” she said coming to sit beside me
“You see I also come to the garden to read at night,apart from working am a partime student” I said
“My name is alicia and you?”
“Melanie but you can call me Mel” I said as I watched her coming to sit beside me
“Your truly lucky that Martha didn’t get more angry at you” she said
“I know,am just lucky that she hadn’t fire me and my mom straight on the spot ” I said
“Your really lucky”she said smiling and I knew right then and there that we would both be best of friends
” tell me who lady Sarah is”I said
“She is the real bitch herself, acting all mighty,she is prince alex bethroed” Alicia said
So she is the one he is engage to,I thought sadly
“To me I dont think their pairing is good because they aren’t matched at all,Prince Alex is different while she is different too” alicia said
“But they are engaged and that is something we can’t change” I said sadly
If only he hadn’t been a prince,if only he had the same background as me then I wouldnt have any problem
We chatted for a while And then we left for our separate rooms
Mom was still not back and I switched on my phone only for it to ring
I picked it up “hello”
“Don’t hang up Melanie” he said into the receiver and I found myself holding unto the phone when I should have hanged up
“Alex?” I said gently
“You dont know how have been trying hard to search for you” he said
If only he knew that I was under his nose
“Why would you be searching for me” i said
“Because we still have something’s to discuss and besides I haven’t payed you the money yet” he said
“I already told you that you dont have to Pay me back” I said
“But I have to and I also want to see you again” he said
“Why would you like to see me again”I said feeling giddy and excited
” because I want to give you the money back”he said
Knowing that he only called me so he could give me back my money only got me feeling sad
Maybe I misinterpreted things,maybe he doesn’t even like me, am such a fool,I thought to myself sadly
“Hello?are you still there”
“Of course I am,you only call to give me back the money well if you insist on giving me the money back,I will gladly accept it,I will send you my account number,goodbye”I said and switched off the phone
He doesn’t like me and I definitely dont like him too
alex pov
” what the……. Did she just hang up on me”I said to myself standing in my room
“Why won’t she,when instead of telling her that you miss her,you tell her that you just called so you can return the money, who does that” my conscience said to me
I should have told her that I wanted to see her to create a date between the two of us but stupid me got nervous and said the wrong thing
Just then the door opened and Sarah walked in
“Have told you to always knock before walking in” I said
“Really? Your still on that,aren’t we engage” she said
“An engagement I would rather not be in”
“Well I didn’t hear you saying that to your parents,you williingly accepted it and now you will see to it” she said
“I was never given a choice and now that am eighteen and can decide for myself, get ready because am calling it off” I said
“You can’t do that”
“Of course I can and I will” I said and she stood starring at me angrily
She walked towards me and took my laptop starring at something
“Isn’t she the one that spilt something on my dress” she said
I stood up and took the laptop from her,she was starring at Melanie picture
“What do you mean by she spilt something on you?”
“She is the one, I know her very well and I can identify,the stupid thing stained my best dress ever” she said
Melanie,in the house,I remembered that the girl was taken off by Martha and I never got to see her face, could she be here,I thought
“Tell me why you have her pictures in your laptop, what do you have with her”
“Nothing okay,now please leave my room” I said walking her to the door and out of the room
I went back inside feeling a bit excited
She is here,Melanie is here but first I had to confirm
I picked up my phone and dialled her number
On the fifth ring she picked the call
“What now?”
“Tell me what you are doing right now” I said
“Why ask that?”
“Just tell me” I said with an authoritative voice
“Well am out in the garden, starring at the stars,it’s not like you would find me” she said and switched off the phone
If Sarah is right then I will find you there,I thought as I went downstairs
On seeing me my escorts and guards tried to follow me but I stopped them
I didn’t want her to notice me coming,I got into the garden and there she was standing there starring at the stars as she said .
I still can’t believe that she is here,have been staying right under my nose
She was laughing at something,she was talking to someone
The name Andrew drifted in to my head
“No am okay here,I will be leaving for school tomorrow,its such a pity that you wont be coming there anymore” she said
At least Andrew changing school would keep him away from Melanie
“And I miss you too” on hearing her say that I got so jealous
“Okay drew goodnight” she said into the phone and switched it off
Should I show her myself now,should????
He has finally seen her
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