March 8, 2021


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My Personal Maid Episode 4&5

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{a highschool love story}
{when a rich fall for the poor}


melanie pov
“A prince who is engaged” I said
“Yes,look I dont want you to get hurt that’s why am telling you this” he said
“Why would I get hurt?its not Like am in love with him or anything” I said
I knew within me that that was a lie, I already felt something for him and learning that he is a prince and he is also engage only made me realise that I was far from being a girl he could set his eyes on and I definitely should try to stay away from him,he is from a different world
“He is coming, remember what I told you” drew said and breathing in a heavy sigh,I turned to face him
“Can I talk to you” he said and I nodded and walked towards him
“Melanie I would like us to meet again,to talk about your sister” he said
“That wouldn’t be necessary,my urrrgh friend over there would help me find her” I said and he gave Andrew a stare which Andrew returned
“But you had said I could help you”he said
” well that was before and have troubled you already,its best I do the rest “I said
” so what about paying you back for the money you used in paying for the hotel”
“Don’t worry,I think I will survive without it” I said wanting to leave already
Not wanting him to know more about me or to ask more
“We borrowed it,allow me to give it back to you” he said
“No Alex, just keep it,think of it as a friend helping you” I said
“Mel,common Lets go” Andrew said
“That friend of yours doesn’t want you talking to me right?” He said
“Its nothing like that, Andrew just needs to get back home quickly,so if you wouldn’t mind, I need to join him too,goodbye Alex” I said waving him off but he held my hand and starred at me
“You dont want us to meet again” he said
“We just met by chance and let’s continue to keep it that way,goodbye Alex” I said and walked off to meet Andrew
alex pov
“I know its that stupid guy fault” I said
“The guy with her, am sure he told her things about me”
“That you are rich and a prince,she is stupid to have let all that go” Sam said
“She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me and I wanna have one with her” I said
“You must be crazy right? Have you forgotten that you have a fiancée waiting for you at home” he said
“We both know that I dont want Sarah,she is just like a younger sis”
“Well have you told that to anyone, they are all waiting for the date to push near so you two can be married”
“Am just eighteen and I won’t let them bully me with Sarah, have met the girl I want and I won’t let her go” I said
“But she is gone”
“Dont worry,I will find her ,I sure would”
melanie pov
“I dont know what to say to mama Andrew” I said standing by the road side with him
“You will just have to tell her the truth” he said
“But she would feel down and sad,finding out that her daughter is involved in drugs would certainly make her more worried” I said
Andrew held both my hands in his”then let’s keep it a secret hiding it for a little while won’t harm her right”he said
“It sure won’t” I said
“So its time you went in”
“Yes,thanks for everything Andrew” I said
“I would like it if you would thank me by not answering calls from that guy”he said
” Alex?”
“Yeah him?”
“I can’t do that,I didn’t give him my number and besides he won’t try to call me,we both have nothing else to say to each other”i said
” thats good to hear then”he said putting his hand on my cheek
“Now go in and talk to your mom” he said
“Thanks for today Andrew” I said and with one last wave,I went back in
I walked in and found my mom starring out of the window
She was dress up and she look pretty,where could she be going to
“Mom am home” I said walking to her
The moment she saw me,she gave me a big smile
“Have finally hit the jackpot my child” she said
“Yes my child,we have finally got a stable job,plus a house and food to eat” she said
“What are you saying mom?”
“I will be working in the royal palace” she said
“Royal what!”
“The Royal palace,I will be serving the Queen” I said
If she would be working in the prince palace then it will only mean that I will be seeing alex or could it not really his own royal family, I thought
“Do they have a son?”
“Yes,prince alex,that’s his name” she said
Oh no, I would be seeing alex again,how can destiny be cruel ,I thought as I stared at my mom
“So what happen to your sister” she asked
And I began to tell her the lie version,making sure I skipped the whole truth.
“We are here my child” she said as we got out of the car
This is it,I said to myself as I walked in with mom
We met some few people who were waiting for someone to show them around
A lady who called herself Martha walked to us,telling us that she would be our guide
We were ten in number and we all followed her about while she showed us around
We were rounding off a the courtyard when suddenly I heard a girl call
“Alex,prince alex wait for me” she said running after him
I stood with the rest watching her run to where he stood alongside Sam and with some escort behind him
The girl pulled him close,hugging him and I found myself wondering who she was
who do you guys think she is
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