February 26, 2021


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My Personal Maid Episode 3

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{a highschool love story}

{ when a rich fall for the poor}
Written by Bella writes
Episode 3
💨melanie pov💨
“Yes drew,am safe here,she took to her heels and left me,if it hadn’t been for the two guys am with,I will still be running about” I said into the phone

“Yes I am sure and have you written down the address, fine I will be waiting for you,I will be ” I said into the receiver and then cut the call

I turned to find him standing there starring at me

“Oh my God” I said moving back

“Am sorry if scare you” he said moving toward me

“I thought you were about to sleep” I said

“Yes I was about to but you were outside for too long”

“Thats because I was talking to my friend” I said

“Does he talk so long”

“When Andrew starts talking,its best you walk off because he will talk for eternity” I said smiling

“Are you both close” he said

“Yes we are” I said

“Ever been in a relationship with him” he said

“No,drew only see me as a friend” I said

“And you?”

“As a friend too,where is all these question coming from?”

“Just wanted to know,now shall we?” He said and I walk into the room with him

“Am taking this part and you this part” he said as he chose his side of the bed

“A gentleman would leave the bed for the lady” I said

“Oh really? Well then am no gentleman and I like to sleep on a nice comfy bed” he said and that made me smile again

“This is the second time you are smiling and you look beautiful whenever you do” he said

“If your saying that to get me to leave the bed for you well you are wrong” I said blushing a bit

“I really mean it” he said

“Then thank you” I said

“Tell me about yourself ,I can hardly sleep without listening to something or someone and your the only one here,help me sleep Melanie” he said laying on his side

“Where do you want me to start then?”

“Like your name” he said

“Melanie,you already know it” I said

“What about your age?”

“Am 18 ”

“Just Like me”he said yawning a bit

“Where do you live”


“So you dont stay in newyork”

“I just came to search for my sister” I said

“Oh that don’t worry I will help you find her” he said


“I will” he said and the next thing I heard was him snoring

I turned to stare at him,even asleep he looks so very handsome

“Why do you have to be so cute”I said touching his face

What’s even wrong with me,have never felt this way around Andrew or other friend of mine,why am I suddenly feeling this way,why,I thought as I slept off

💨alex pov💨
I woke up to some sound coming from outside

I turned to find her sleeping next to me, she looked so beautiful, I couldn’t resist not starring at her

I found myself starring at her lips,full and pink and gorgeous

I could kiss it for a whole day,I thought touching it lightly

She stirred and continue sleeping,feeling a strong urge,I found myself setting my lips on her

I know am kind of being a pervert but I just can’t stop myself Anymore

The knock on the door prevented me from continuing

I got up feeling angry,I opened the door to find samuel there

” what’s wrong ?”

“The guards are outside already and they are waiting for us” samuel said

“I will be there in a while” I said and turned to find her up

“I didn’t want to disturb you” I said moving to her

“I know and dont worry I was already awake” she said

Hope you didn’t notice me kissing you,I thought to myself

“Your ride home is here right?”

“Yes it is but I could give you a lift h…….”

“Mel” a voice said behind me and on seeing that person, she went to him hugging him

“Thank God you’ve finally arrive” she said starring at him

“I was quite busy running some errands for dad” he said

“Its okay,now that you are here,we can leave together” I heard her say

Just looking at them got me feeling jealous,I hated the Andrew guy on sight

“Alex this is Andrew and Andrew this is Alex” she said Introduccing us and unwillingly I found my myself shaking hands with him

“Alex the car is waiting” samuel came back saying

Together we all left the room and i had to suffer watching him put his arms around her,that definitely got me more angry ,I wanted to pull his arm of off her but I stopped myself not wanting to cause a riff between the both of us cause am still intent on seeing her again

💨melanie pov💨
“Why does he keep on starring at us” Andrew said

I turned to see Alex starring at us

“Maybe he wants to say his goodbye” I said

“Or he is so angry seeing the both of together”

“Why would you say such a thing” I said

“Cause I know it but a piece of advice, you both can’t be”

“Why can’t we?” I said wanting to know why

“He is a prince,a prince who is engage already and its best you stay away before you get hurt , its for the best”Andrew said warning me


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