March 3, 2021


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My Personal Maid Episode 2

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{a highschool love story}

{When a rich fall for the poor}
Written by Bella writes
Episode 2
💨alex pov💨
She felt so fragile in my arms,I won’t deny that I liked holding her like this

She felt so soft and was much more feminine and better than the rest

“Where is that boy” I suddenly heard a man call and I felt her stiffen in my arms

I suddenly felt an urge to protect her and I drew her to me

“Its going to be okay” I whispered to her and she nodded her head

I heard those men walk off and I peeped a bit and when I didn’t see anyone,I pulled her up

“They are gone now,are you okay”

She stared at me with that beautiful blue eyes of hers and she nodded her head

“Then its best we leave here, we firsr look for my friend and then we there would leave together” I said

“I can do fine on my own now, you just go ahead” she said

“No I won’t leave you behind,they might comeback” I said holding her hand

“Alex,Alex,Alex are you okay?” Samuel said running towards us

“I am fine but its time we leave” I said

“Yeah let’s get out of here” samuel said and together we left

“We’ve been walking for hours now,if I knew that it would end this way,I wouldn’t have come with you” samuel kept on complaining as we all walked down the road together

“If he had known also he wouldn’t have brought you here” Melanie said keeping quiet for a while

She has been silent ever since we began to walk the long road

“Okay fine this is my fault and am sorry but its time for us to think straight,where can we get somewhere to stay for the night around here” I said

“Like you have the money to pay” samuel said

I then remembered that I had kept everything back at the camp house and it had been ransacked before we got there

“I have some few cash with me here, Its suppose to be used for taking me back home but i should just lend it to you ” she said

“But its for going back home and don’t you stay around here”I said

” I dont, as you can see I only came to give my sister the money she needed and she didn’t need it for something good,I threw it away”she said

“Did you come to search for your sister” I said

“Yes I came to look for her but as you can see,its the same thing as always, she keeps on running away” she said with a sad look on.her face

“Sorry to interrupt you two but I think there is a house right there at the front”Samuel said

” let’s go check it out”I said

We got there only to find that all the room has been booked and that there was hardly any room left

Pitying us a bit,he gave us a tiny room fit for two and asked one of us to sleep in the couch in the living room

“Why don’t I just sleep in the couch” she said

“Of course not?I won’t let you sleep there,Samuel would and then you and I will stay in the other room” I said

“What?me on the couch,it just can’t be”samuel said

” it will,she is a lady and she has to come first”I said and stirred her away before she could protest

I wanted her to stay with me and no one else

I wanted her all to myself even if its just for a night

And I will have her with me,I thought starring at her

💨melanie pov💨
I stood In the small room watching him check the place

I wonder why he had asked me to come stay with him

Just staying close to him is already hard enough and having to stay in the same room made it more difficult

I often wonder why I keep feeling this way around him

Am suppose to feel this way around my best friend too if its a normal thing but no I dont feel the same way

Then what makes this guy different, I thought starring at him

“Its all clear come in” he said

Maybe its his eyes, or his looks or the feeling of being protected by him

“Don’t be scared of me I dont bite” he said when I didn’t go in

“Its not that ,I was just thinking of something” I said walking into the room

I stepped on something slippery and while trying to hold me steady,he fell with me

With me down and him on top

He kept on starring at me and me at him

“Do you know that you have beautiful eyes?” He said starring at me

The knock on the door prevented me from answering

He stood up and went to open the door while I cleaned my shirt

“That was the owner” he said

“What did he want” I.said trying to hide my blush

“He said we are free to make use Of the phone” he said

“Then I better go talk to my friend” I said

“And if I may ask who is this friend of yours,a male or female”

“Its a male” the minute I said that his expression change, seems like he is angry about my friend being a male but why?


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