March 6, 2021


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My Personal Maid Episode 1

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(a highschool love story)

Written by Bella writes
Episode 1
💨alex pov💨
“When are we going to get there” samuel said behind me

“We will get there soon ” i said trailing off with samuel walking behind me

This is the first camping site,I will have just alone

Me alone without any guard or chaperon to follow me around

Clocking eighteen has really given me a lot of freedom

At least I won’t be cooked up in the royal lodge anymore

On my first outing on my own, I decided to take samuel who is my best friend along

I chose to go camping than to some bar or club in town

“I should have insisted that we go to the club,look now all the insects here would use me as their dinner” he said behind me

“Just stop whining and let’s go,we are almost there already” I said as I cleared some bushes along our way

We finally got to the place where I wanted us to get to

It looked so beautiful and peaceful

“Isn’t it beautiful” I said

“Well I won’t deny that it looks really good” Samuel said behind me

“I could bring Sarah here and and sure that she will fall for this place” samuel said

“I knew you would love it here” I said

“Am still a bit mad at you for bringing Me here but I surely would forgive you for it because the view is spectacular” he said

” So then let’s start unpacking”I said

“Did you also invite someone else” samuel said starring ahead

“No I didn’t” I said

“Then who is that girl over there” samuel said and I turned and saw a girl sitting on a rock starring at the view too

She really looked beautiful I thought as I saw the wind blow out her hair

Just then we saw a girl walk up to her,she also looked lovely but not as lovely as the girl sitting on the rock

“Did you bring it” we heard her say

“I didn’t bring it sis,you’ve got to stop all this” the girl sitting on the rock said standing up

“Am not in the mood for your preaching Melanie,just give me the money I asked you for” she said

“Well I won’t,I won’t watch you get yourself ruined with this” the girl called Melanie said and threw the money off the cliff

“Are you crazy?” The other one yelled at Melanie

“I will rather throw that money away than to watch you suffer this way” Melanie said and was rewarded by a slap

“If we don’t do something,those girls are going to kill each other” samuel said said beside me

And just then I saw the other girl push Melanie and she fell right off the cliff

Without thinking further,I ran straight for the hill with samuel running behind me

I got to the cliff and held unto Melanie hand

“Just hold unto me” I said starring at the terrified Melanie

She did as she was told and I pulled her up with all the strength in me,I dont know why but I felt I had to save her and protect her evil.

I drew her up and she held unto me,hugging me

“Its going to be okay,it’s going to be okay” I said to her as I held her fragile form

“What the hell were you thinking when you pushed her off the cliff” I heard Samuel yell at the other girl

“I….i …didn’t mean to,am sorry melanie but I have to leave” she said running off

“No Mary don’t go” Melanie said getting out of my arms to run after her but I.held her back

“She will only hurt you,don’t go” I said to her

“She is my sister,she needs me” she said

“Its best you stay here,I will go after her” Samuel said


“Just stay” I said to her and she nodded still feeling a bit worried

I took her to where our camp gear was located and sat her down

I couldn’t stop myself from starring at her because she look so very beautiful and to have thought that she was about to fall off a cliff just a while ago got me feeling scared and I don’t Even know why?

💨melanie pov💨
I sat on the makeshift chair and drank my coffee

I knew he was starring at me but I pretended not to see it

The only thing running through my mind was to find a way to.get Mary

She has been gone for two months without bothering to tell us where she went to

And out of the blue she called me to tell me to bring money here for her and being worried about her ,I decided to come

If I had knew she was only after the money so she could use it to buy drugs as always I wouldn’t have shown face

“She is into drugs right?” The stranger said

“Yes she is” I said burying my head in my coffee

Mary hadnt been like that but when she had left home to live with our uncle that was when everything started

I knew her going to my uncle house was the worst thing ever but I couldn’t do a thing then because mom needed the help but it had all been a wrong move

I shouldn’t even be here? I should be the one going out to look for her

I stood up wanting to leave but he held my hand

“Where are you off to?”

“I need to go and look for her” I said wanting to leave

“But you can’t,its quite dangerous to go all alone” he said

Why did he care? I wanted to ask but I couldn’t be rude to him

Apart from being rude,he is also cute and very very handsome

“Run,run guys!!!! ” his friends who had gone to look for Mary ran back yelling at us

Immediately he took my hand and we both began to run after Samuel who had ran farther ahead

We got to an abadon building and we both hid behind a door

With him cradling me in his arms, I felt so close to him that I could feel his heart beat

I suddenly began to feel hot and my heart began to beat very fast

I turned and saw him starring at me too,can he hear my heart beat,did he notice the blush on my face

What’s Even wrong with me,why am I feeling this way in his arms

Melanie you don dey fall already

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