February 26, 2021


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Kidnapped By A Billionaire (KBAB) Episode 33

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I was shocked as I saw them drag Mr Donald inside

No one was wounded. Everyone was just fine with no scratches

I ran to Gary hugging him like my life depended on it

Geez! How could they go to a war and come back like they went to a trip or something

“Oh Selena” Donald says with a smirk “Shut up!” Gary sneers and Mr Donald chuckles

“This is going to be so fun. At least if I die. I would have confessed everything” he continued talking looking at me

“Take him to whatever room you’d lock him up” Gary’s father says looking at Mr Donald with so much hate

What does he mean he is going to confess everything

I sigh and look at Gary straight into his eyes. It was getting so intense and we were starting to forget that everyone was in the sitting room

We kissed for what seemed like forever till someone cleared his throat

My cheeks flashed in embarrassment as everyone in the living room busted into uncontrollable laughter

“Sorry” we both muttered on the same time

After spending some time with everyone we finally went to his bedroom and he freshened up

“Your hair Is more curly when it’s wet” I say running my hands through his hair and he chuckles

“Well I can get you wet too if you know what I mean” he says and I pinch his cheek

“Ouch” he says and I start laughing and he later joins me

“You know you are so naughty” I say teasingly and he scoffs

“That’s why you like me” he winks and i roll my eyes

“Whoever said that I like you” I roll my eyes
and he straddles me.

“Gary” I gasp and he smirks

“I know you like me and that’s why you are my girlfriend” he winks seductively

“I don’t remember agreeing to being your girlfriend” I say in more like a whisper cause he was really close

“Well you didn’t need to agree to anything cause from the day you entred my mansion you became mine” he said and claimed my lips giving me goose bumps

“I love you” he mumbles into the kiss and I smile

“I love you too” I say and he bites my bottom lip causing me to moan

“Selena I need you to promise me one thing” he says in a serious tone

“What ?” I furrow my brows “That no matter what happens you’ll never leave me”he pouts and I smile

“Of course I won’t. I love you remember” I say boastfully and he smiles kissing me roughly

After so many kissing and touching we finally slept peacefully while cuddling each other

It really feels good and safe like I’m at home. I can’t believe all this while he took me as his girlfriend

I smile in my sleep


Selena and I walked holding hands into the room where they kept Donald to find everyone already waiting for us

When I say everyone I mean dad,Eric,Josh and Gianna

“Oh hey Selena” Donald smiles at Selena. Geez I don’t get why he likes calling Selena’s name

Selena scoffs tightening her hold on my hand

“So Donald how would you like your punishment to be ?” Dad asks with his usual play boy smirk

I swear that dad was once a play boy cause of the way he does almost everything

“Well before we do the punishment stuff.How about we do the confession stuff” Donald smirks

Geez I hate this motherf***ker

Dad laughs sarcastically. “Oh yeah we should actually do that and we should start with the fact that Selena and Eric are siblings” dad says with a smirk

“What!” Everyone in the room shouted
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Who saw that coming 😂?


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