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In Love with a prvstitute Episode episode 24

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{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 24_#semi_final

By: Itz Pretty White

I shut my eyes tightly saying my last prayers and thinking that I was already.
I waited for minutes but I could still breath.

I opened my eyes to see Piper also closing her eyes.

Aren’t we dead?
Oh good Lord! Thank you..

She also raised her head and smiled.
“Wow, we aren’t dead” she exclaimed and untied the rope used to tie my hand.

Finally free.

I wonder where the bastard I call a father is.
Aunt Viola?

How’s she doing?
Has she escaped?

So many thoughts filled my mind as I struggled to stand up.

I sighed as I wriggled the rope from my hand.
“Thank you so much Piper. Am grateful” I said hugging her.

“What are friends for? C’mon let’s get out of here. Mrs Nina must be searching everywhere for me” she said as we walked out of the goddamn building.

“Really? So what were you guys doing here and how did you hear my muffles?” I asked.

“Wow! Piper you’re brave” I exclaimed after she narrated everything.
“Thanks” she said.

“There you are. We have been searching for you.. Hold on!”
“Isn’t that Olivia?” Teacher Nina asked as she moved briskly towards us.

“Yes aunt” I said and jumped on her – hugging her tightly.

How much I missed everyone.
I can’t believe am finally free.

“Oh my! Piper is indeed a brave kid. The principal will surely be happy when he hears this” Teacher Nina said as I narrated everything to her.

I turned to Piper and winked at her.

The car jumped into a pothole and I hit my head on the window.
We cracked jokes as the bus drove to the school.

“Doctor please I need him alive” I cried as the nurses wheeled the stretcher into the theater ..
I tried to go in but one of the nurses stopped me.

“Ma’am you can’t go in. Just wait outside” she said and slammed the door.
I slumped on the chair as tears clouded my eyes.

Raymond please stay alive.
I need you to stay alive for me.

“Viola dear, please calm down” Stanley’s mum said and I pushed her hand from my shoulder.
“Don’t touch me”

“You couldn’t talk sense into your son’s head when I told you. And know you’re claiming that you’re my aunt and Stanley is my cousin?” I asked with bitterness in my voice.

“I’m sure you’re the one. Isn’t this your mum?” She asked and showed a picture to me.

Cold shivers ran through my spine as I grabbed the phone from her and peered into her eyes.

It’s obvious am just a replica of her.
Same nose, same hair…. Everything was the same.

“How did you get the picture?” I asked and she smiled..
“She’s my sister. I…. I” she bursted into tears as she talked.

Is the woman sitting beside me truly my aunt and is Stanley my cousin?
How can this be possible?

Where was she all along?
Why didn’t she save me from the wicked hands of my step mum and Janet?

Why did she leave me all alone?
“They took her away from me…. They murdered her” she said and I cocked my ears at the word ‘murdered’

“Who… Who murdered her?” I asked as the pain I was feeling was filled with sudden anger.
“The Rodericks, Roderick and his wife” she said and stood up to leave.

“You’ll have to choose if you still want to love the son of a murderer” she said and walked away..

*The Rodericks, Roderick and his wife* Those words resounded in my head.
I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out of it.

I was just too shocked to reply.
Raymond’s parents killed my parents?

The people that were being nice to me.
They didn’t make me feel the absence of my parents especially mum and now she has a hand in this?

Maybe if my parents were still there, I wouldn’t have been sold to a s*x house.
I would have been living a better life and not a life full of guilt.

Didn’t they care about the fact that he has a young daughter?

They could have just done anything else to my parents but killing them wasn’t the best option.
Why did they have to do it?

I palmed my face and sobbed.
“Ma’am” a gentle voice called and I looked up to see the doctor.

I quickly cleaned my tears and sniffed.
“Doctor, is he fine?” I asked the doctor who was smiling.

What’s there to smile about?
Someone’s life is at stake here.

“It’s a miracle Mrs Raymond, the bullet didn’t actually go deep into his stomach but luckily for him, he was brought here on time so the bullet has been removed”

“He also lost a lot of blood so we’ll need a donor who’ll agree to donate his blood to him if it matches” he explained.

“Doctor, please check if my blood matches with his. I’ll gladly donate mine” I said and he beckoned to a nurse to come.

“Nurse Tasha, take her to the lab and check if her blood matches with that of Mr Raymond” he said and I followed the nurse to the lab.

I should stay strong for Raymond.
At least he isn’t the one that killed my parents..

I can’t bring them back ..
I’ll just have to remember the old but beautiful memories we had together.

I gulped down the glass of juice the nurse gave me after she took my blood.
I just pray my Raymond is safe.

I’ll make sure Stanley spend the rest of his life in jail.
I’ll file so many cases against him that he won’t be able to deny it.

I’ll watch the court hang him to death and I’ll make sure he die.

“Ewoooo! See house” I exclaimed as I sat in front of the gate.
This is so beautiful.

Lucas kept quiet the whole time as we entered the mansion and I crawled on my knees.
This floor is too beautiful to be walked on.

“Oya crawl” I ordered Lucas and he stared at me wide eyes.
“I can walk” he said and my hands itched to slap him.

“Come on crawl before I knock sense into your head” I ordered and he grumbled before going on his knees.
He bent beside me and began to crawl too.
Doctor Mich stared at the patient sitting on the bed.
He had wronged her.

He did bad things to her and rejected his own child.
But what could he do? – He was very poor back then and couldn’t even feed himself talk less of a baby so he rejected the baby.

*Did she later abort the child?*
He needed her answers to those question

He realized that he didn’t stop loving her even when she got disappointed and left.
He loves her even till now.

He’s very angry that she’s running mad about another person.
There’s only one way to bring her out of this predicament but before then, he needs to know if Georgina aborted the child or not.

Who do you think Doctor Mich is?
Will you still love Raymond even after what his parents did to her parents if you were Viola?


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