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In Love with a prvstitute Episode episode 23

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{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 23

By: Itz Pretty White

The sound of my ringing jolted me out of my sleep.
I rubbed my eyes sleepily and picked the call.

It’s dad.

☎”Good morning son”
📲”Is he dead or he’s still alive?” I asked and silence followed.

☎”His corpse isn’t there and. …
I disconnected the call and dropped the phone on the bed.

This only means one thing.
Stanley is alive but why did he pretend to be dead?

I hit my hand on the wall on frustration.
I knew that he was up to no good.

He’s a bastard!
What if he was the one that kidnapped Viola and Olivia?

He even called me brother in-law and I also remember seeing his hazy face before I blacked out.
If I just get hold of that bastard?

I picked my car keys and ran out of the room but I bumped into someone.
“Can’t you watch where you’re going?” The person huffed.

He was wearing a hat which covered his face and a dark eyeglass.
There was a lady with him – she was wearing a niqab and her eyes were visible.

They seemed familiar.
“Sorry” I apologized.

As I walked past them, her hands brushed mine and I looked back.
Her hands weren’t visible because the man maybe he’s her husband or whatever was holding her waist protectively.

She was shaking her head slowly and tears seemed to be rolling down her eyes.
She was dragged away by the man and I sighed.

I wonder what she meant.
I was about turning away when I sighted a ring on the floor.

On the same spot where she stood.
I picked the ring up and stared at it.

Oh my goodness!
Viola’s ring?

The ring I gave her? But how come it’s with that lady.
Could she be Viola?

Oh! She was doing that sign just for me to notice.
I rushed out of the hotel only to meet a car speeding out of the gate.

I gotta follow that car.
I walked towards my car and hissed when I saw that I had a flat tyre.

My tyre was okay when I lodged in last night.
How come it’s flat now?

I need to follow the car.

I saw a woman entering a car and she was about to drive away. I quickly ran to her car and tapped the window.

It had tinted glasses.
“Please ma’am, it’s an emergency. I want to follow a car – my wife’s life is in danger” I pleaded and she wined down her window glass.

“So what can I do for you?” She asked hastily and I could sense she was in a hurry.
“I need to follow the red car that just passed. My wife is in that car and the man with her kidnapped her” I said and she motioned me to get in.

“I’m also tracking that same car” she said and I got into the car.

I was surprised because she was a fast driver.
I just hope we get to save Viola.

I was about going to Unity motel when I saw Stanley dragging a lady out.
Could it be Viola?

I decided to follow the car and know what’s really happening.
If it’s Viola then Stanley is so done for.

She’s his cousin.
If he does anything stupid then I’ll never forgive him because I already warned him to release the girl.

I zoomed after the car and Stanley increased his speed.
The car stopped in front of an airport.

I parked the car and rushed towards Stanley’s car while Raymond followed behind me.
I was surprised to see the car empty.

“They’re already inside” I said and rushed inside.
“Ma’am where’s your ticket?” The security guard asked and I placed my hand on my head.

I totally didn’t know this was Stanley’s plan.

I watched him go into the elevator with Viola.
He already removed his hat and he smirked.

“Uhm, this is it” I heard Raymond say and stretched a book to the guard.
“Quick, get in” he whispered and we pushed him out of the way before rushing in.

“Get them. They don’t have tickets” the guard yelled and managed to stand up.
We ran into the elevator and waited for it to take us to the first floor.
I opened the elevator and we walked out.
Many people were coming in with their luggages and I searched for them with my eyes.

The Stanley I know is very smart and he will do anything to get what he wants.
I pray he hasn’t done anything to Viola yet.

“Disguise” I said to Raymond and he understood what I said.

I brought my hat over my face as I searched for them.
Raymond was searching another place and I’m searching here..

I pray I find them before their flight take off.
I was about turning away when I heard silent voices from the restroom.

“Shhh” I heard someone say and then cries followed.
“I’ll s*ck the hell out of those b**bs now” I heard and shook my head.


I picked up a heavy metal on the floor and hit the door with it.
It gave way and a gun was pointed at my head.

“Stanley, drop down the gun” I ordered and he smirked.
“You don’t want me to shoot you, do you? So back off”

“I wouldn’t wanna hurt my mum but I will be forced to if you don’t back off” he threatened and I could see nothing but lust in his eyes.

This isn’t the Stanley I gave birth to?
This isn’t him?

Stanley respects me a lot and will never do anything to hurt me.
I saw Raymond behind him and motioned him to collect the gun.

“Not so easily” Stanley said and Raymond in his stomach.
“Argh” he groaned and fell on the floor.

I rushed to him and held him tight.
Blood was oozing out of his mouth and stomach.

“Look what you’ve done to your cousin’s husband” I yelled and everyone gathered to watch the scene.

“What… What did you just say mum?” He asked and I turned to look at him.

“You just killed him” I said and stared at Raymond in horror.
His breathing was hitched and he was already loosing lots of blood.

“Mum… what do you mean?” He asked and I grabbed him by the collar before rushing him with slaps.

“Viola is your cousin – you idiot”
“You just killed her husband”

“You’re an animal”
“I detest the day I have birth to a scandal like you”

“Viola is your cousin – you idiot”
“You just killed her husband”

“You’re an animal”
“I detest the day I have birth to a scandal like you”

“She happens to be the same girl I’ve been talking to you about”

Mum’s words echoed in my head as I let go of Viola.
I…. I..

Viola is my cousin?
My head was really messed up as I watched her remove her niqab and she rushed at me kicking me and slapping my face but I didn’t flinch.

I just can’t believe it.
I didn’t feel the pain of her slaps and kicks

I felt the pain of how I slapped her and made her life miserable.
I didn’t know.

She bent towards Raymond and shook his body.
I wasn’t in my right senses..

Why’s this happening to me?

“Mr Stanley, you’re under arrest for the murder of Mr Raymond Roderick. You have the right to remain quiet because whatever you say will be used as evidence against you in the court of law” I heard a voice said and turned to see policemen surrounding me.

How did they get here?
“Officer, I didn’t do it” I cried as one of them handcuffed me and took the gun from my hand.

What am I saying?
The gun is enough evidence to prove that I did it.

“Mum…. help me.. Don’t let them take me away” I yelled as they pushed me out.

Is this how am gonna die?
I glanced at Viola and her tears shattered my heart.

How could I be so heartless?
I’ve hurt my long lost cousin deeply.

The only younger sister I prayed to meet.
I wanted her to tell me about her love life and now I’ve killed the only man she loved..

I cried as the cops led me away.


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