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In Love with a prvstitute Episode episode 22

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{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 22

By: Itz Pretty White

I couldn’t talk as I let the phone slide from my hand to the floor.
The photocopy??

Was that why the kidnapper didn’t keep to his promise – to release them?
But they should have called by now.

Could it be that they didn’t notice?
I just hope that they don’t hurt Viola and Olivia in anyway.

I picked the phone from the floor and dropped it on the bed.
I should just be waiting for dad’s call.

I laid on the bed and slept off immediately .

“Sh*t” I cursed as I walked briskly away.
What’s he doing here?

I thought my men already took care of him?
I walked into the room and locked the door.

Viola was already asleep but right now I cared less.
Does he know that am still alive.

“Oh gosh!” I huffed and picked the phone from the bed before dialing Draco’s number – the fool looking after Olivia.

📲”Hello boss” he picked at the first ring.
📞”Don’t boss me here. We’re in deep trouble right now. Raymond is here in Peach hotel” I said and then heard cries from the background.

📲”What do we do now boss?” He asked and I huffed.
📞”All you have to do now is to set the bomb to 8 hours from now. No one must find her. I’ll take care of Viola and fly out of the country by 8pm sharp but make sure you play your part well” I said and disconnected the call.

I sighed and ruffled my hair.
We really need to leave as soon as possible.

Raymond mustn’t get the slightest hint of where we are.
I sat on the bed and watched as Viola slept peacefully on the floor.

“Soon you’ll be mine sweetie” I said and traced her cheeks with my fingers.
I kissed her forehead and thought of going further but quickly shook the thought off my mind.

At least, the wedding night will be the best time for this.
I closed my eyes and slept peacefully.

Nothing must go wrong tomorrow.
Nothing at all.

I rubbed my eyes sleepily and made to roll over the bed but I noticed my bed was as hard as a rock.
I opened my eyes and looked around my surrounding.

This is definitely not my room.
Where am I?

I stood up and met some boys staring at me.
Their eyes were cold and my breath hitched.

How come I am sleeping on the floor and who are these boys?
I couldn’t remember anything even when I tried hard to.

All I can remember is a handsome guy asking me to go to the bar with him, then he ordered some wine and I drank the wine.
I can’t seem to remember anything other than that.

I noticed they were snapping pictures of me and I couldn’t fathom what was happening.

They were pointing at my body and laughing loudly.
I looked at myself and…

Oh Good Lord!
Good lord!

I shrieked and covered my naked body with my hands.
I was damn naked.

Few people were passing and they stopped to take pictures.
Oh God!

I don’t know what happened.
“Choi, lead her in” one of them with the darkest eyes said and I knew I was in for trouble.

“Please…. Please… let me go” I whimpered as he dragged me by the hair into the bar.
He pulled out a knife from his pocket and placed it carefully on my throat..

“Quiet” he hushed and I whimpered while the rest came in and the door was closed.

“Not a word from you or you’ll be dead” he ordered and came in between my legs.
He removed his belt and brought his oversized d*ck out of his trouser.

I shrieked at the sight of it and yelled as he pushed it into me.
“Please” I cried as he went in and out.

Another one sat me up and came in between my a*shole which made it two people.
My eyes widened as he pushed it into me and the two were panting loudly.

There were five of them left and one came to me kneading b**bs.
I yelled and kicked but they were way too stronger than me.

Blood gushed out of my p*ssy as the last guy took over.
My p*ssy was sore and I felt like I was gonna die any minute from now.

How did I end up naked and I can’t remember anything?
I yelled as I felt him release inside me.

He rolled me over and came inside me from the back.
He cupped my b**bs and squeezed them.

He was the one with the darkest eyes.
I know that am not a virgin but this is painful than loosing one’s virginity.

He wasn’t done yet – I felt something hot release into me and then he placed my leg on his shoulder.

He came into me and I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Please… stop” I whimpered and the next thing I felt was a slap on my face.

I cried miserably as my eyes began to close.
It hurts like hell.

I blacked out as he released into me.

“Mum, am ready and it’s already 7pm” I said and mum kissed my cheeks.
“Okay baby”

“Make sure you take care of yourself and don’t get into trouble” she warned and kissed my hair again while I nodded.
I jogged out and walked into the school bus which was patiently waiting.

“Bye mum” I waved at her and the bus started moving.

“Yay!” We all exclaimed and got out of the bus.

The place is huge.
“Start moving and don’t run also, no talking” the teacher cautioned and we nodded in excitement.

Olivia is my classmate and also my best friend.
I miss her so much.

I just wish she should be found on time.

Our teacher – Mrs Nina looked unhappy as she walked towards us.
“Sorry guys, but it seems the excursion was canceled” she exhaled deeply and we groaned.

We were already looking forward to this.
“But cheer up guys, we still have one more place to go which is the ‘Trinity Plaza'” she explained and we cheered up.

At least we won’t come without getting to see other places.

The bus halted to a stop and we alighted from the car.
The guards ushered us into the Plaza after checking us with a machine.

“Bye manager Cee” we chorused and waved at the manager.
He was very funny.

Olivia is really missing many exciting things.
We got into the car holding bags which was full of grilled meat and chicken with some drinks.

Manager Cee is so kind.
The bus was moving steadily until my stomach began to rumble loudly.

“It seems you’ve eaten more than enough” Mrs Nina teased.
“Ma, I wanna poo please” I said and made a pleading face.

If the car doesn’t stop anytime from now, then am definitely gonna poo on myself.
“Aunt please” I said and thank goodness I was sitting near the window.

I jumped out of the bus immediately it parked by a nearby bush.
“Do you want someone to accompany you?” She asked but I was already running into the bush.

My stomach rumbled as I bent to poo.
I held my stomach tight and squeezed my face.

I cleaned my butt and then proceeded to go but I heard soft whimpers coming from a nearby place.
I was beginning to feel scared.

I need to get out of this deserted place.
“Someone…. please save me” I heard the same cry and turned back.

I walked deep into the forest tracing the sound.
Who is in this lonely bush shouting for help?

Did the person perhaps get trapped in the forest?
One thing you need to know about me – I am very brave and I really love adventures.

I heard faint cries and walked further into the bush.
I sighted a house nearby and walked towards it.

I knocked on the door and the same voice came again.
“Who’s that?”

“Please get me out of here… I don’t wanna die” the person said and I tried to open the door but it was locked. .

I searched for any object that I can use to break the door and luckily, I found a wood.
I picked the wood and hit the door many times before it finally gave way.

“Olivia?” I called seeing the condition she was in.
She looked weak and pale..

Her hands were tied behind her and her hair was messy.

Wait! What’s that around her waist?
A bomb?

Oh My God!
“Piper, please get this bomb away from me” she said weakly and I rushed towards her.

“Don’t worry Olivia. I’ll go get help” I said and turned to go but saw the disapproval in her eyes.
“Piper, it’s ticking” she yelled and my head was messed up.

I couldn’t think straight.
It was already 23..

22.. 21
“Which button should I press?” I asked.

“The red button” she said and I shook my head.
“What of the white button, red means danger and white means peace”

“Press the red one”
“No, the white one”

“The red one”
“The white one”


“Arghh” I screamed when I saw it already at 10..
Am really confused now.

*Whenever, you’re in danger or somebody else is in danger, try to calm down and then follow what your mind say* Our teacher always tells us this.

I breathed in and out then opened my eyes.
Olivia was already shedding tears.

“Go away from here Piper. I’ll die soon and you shouldn’t die with me. Your family needs you” she said and I shook my head.

“We’re gonna face this together” I said in a tone of finality and then looked at the bomb which was ticking loudly.

5… 4… 3… 2…
I pressed the red button and closed my eyes tightly waiting for the worst to happen.

If the bomb blows then will die together.
I heard a loud thud and shut my eyes thinking I was already dead.

Do you think they’re dead?

You know the deal – 100 comments to unlock next episode.

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