March 3, 2021


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Immortal Academy Episode 16

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter.

Episode 16

Tanya took hold of the umbrella with shaky fingers.

“Thank you master.” She mumbled and quickly walked out of the room.

“Phew!” She released a deep breath she didn’t know she had been holding.

Why would he offer her an umbrella?

And what really happened back there?

His eyes…..she could swear she saw them spark.


Tanya shrugged and walked into the rain with the umbrella above her head.

Once she was downstairs,Craig opened the window to stare at her as she walked back to her block.

He found her strange. He continued staring at her till she disappeared into the next building.

He moved away from the window and just then,the door opened and Ciara walked in.

She has a room inside the same building with him and needed no umbrella to come over.

“Hi sweetie.” Ciara called, taking off her coat.

“I didn’t call for you,did I?” Craig asked, sitting on the bed.
He took off his shirt before glaring at her.

Ciara smiled and walked over,glad that his eyes were on her.

She had wore something enticing just to make him go crazy.

“The whether is kind of frenzy.” Ciara continued and giggled a little as she got to Craig and climbed up behind him, nuzzling his neck.

Craig grunted, giving in to her touch. He needed it …just to get distracted.

Ciara fused her lips on his, plunging her tongue down into his mouth.

She loved pleasuring him,loved being his favourite.

Craig turned her over on the bed, covering her with his own body.

He ripped open her panties and dived into her immediately but that minute too,Craig noticed something about Ciara and it kinda made him mad.

“Hmm.” Ciara moaned but was surprised when Craig withdrew from her.

She looked up at his face. “What’s… wrong?” She stammered, getting more alarmed when he began dressing up.

Craig said nothing but his actions were loud enough.

He was extremely mad. He stood up from bed,pacing about then snapped around to look at her.

“You are loose. Loose, Ciara. You don’t finish having sex out there and come back to me! How dare you!” He yelled at her and one of the bulbs hanging up bursted into pieces, scaring the cold night out of Ciara.

She shook badly as she knelt on the bed.

How could she have been so stupid to forget!!

“Craig….it….it…. isn’t what you think! I actually used a dildo on myself… thinking about you. I was horny…. I’m sorry!”she spitted out the nonsense from her mouth and non made him change his mind.

“Get out.” Craig’s voice sounded dangerously low and Ciara knew better than delaying.

Immediately,she got down from the bed,picked up her clothes and wore them.

She picked up her thorn panty,spared Craig a quick glance and walked out of the room… feeling so bereaved and embarrassed!

As for Craig,he cursed angrily as he stared at his erection.

It was beyond frustration for him.

Suddenly,he thought about someone.


Yes,Tanya. He needed someone to satisfy him.

There was no way he was going to bed with an erection.

No way.

“Dagger.” He called gruffly and the later came into the room quickly.

“Yes master.”

“Send for Tanya immediately.” He ordered,his face a mask of pure frustration.

Dagger turned and rushed our of the room, going straight to Tanya’s block.


“So…..he didn’t do anything else aside from that?” Tammie asked,once Tanya finished telling her about her ordeal in the Master’s room.

Tanya rolled her eyes. “Something like what exactly?”

Tammie groaned. “You don’t seem to get it,Tanya! It’s kind of serious and critical…. the master calling you right inside his room? And offering you an umbrella?

Ciara is the only one who’s got that privilege of going into his room!” Tanya scoffed.

She couldn’t believe a word of what Tanya had said.

Tanya blinked. What was she driving at?

Maureen turned on her bed and Tanya glanced at her, hoping they didn’t wake her up.

“So …. you are gonna wash for the whole group for two weeks! Ahh! That’s disastrous.” Tammie rasped on.

“I’m doomed.” Tanya mumbled.

She suddenly thought about home.

Her mom… and brother,how badly she wanted to see them.

She wondered if Tanner won the basketball game for the finals?

And wondered if mom changed her hairstyle.

Many things passed through her mind and suddenly there was a knock outside the door.


Tammie turned to look at Tanya,amazed.

It was almost 9pm now!

Who the hell was knocking at such an odd hour?

“Who’s it!” Tanya voiced out but there was no response.

“Let me get it.” She added getting up. She walked to the door and opened it.

She was instantly startled to see Dagger standing outside. What the hell is he doing here?

“Did you come to get the Master’s umbrella?”

Dagger scoffed. “What umbrella? He wants you in his room right now.

Delay is dangerous.” Dagger added when Tanya stood there staring at him with unblinking eyes.

Tanya turned back into the room,her eyes on Tammie. She was not only scared,she felt funny.

Why would he call for her again?

Tanya could smell fishy. Something was definitely wrong.

Tanya was standing in the room now and she could hear the shower running.

She figured out he was taking his bath. She stood there looking around the dimly lit room. She enjoyed how cosy and classy it looked.

Tanya was suddenly aware of the rapid beat of her heart.

She was in a guy’s room. Not just any guy,but a guy who was full of mysterious powers.

Tanya wondered what she was doing in the Master’s room again. She was beginning to get hypertensive about it.

“Come on Tanya… he’s not gonna eat you.
Just be yourself.” Tanya took in steady breaths, preparing herself for the worst.

As soon as the shower stopped running, the door opened and Craig stepped out.

Tanya couldn’t keep the loud gasp off her lips. It came out loud enough for him to hear.

He looked just like a god with the perfect features.

His deep dark hair plastered all over his wet face and Tanya couldn’t stop staring.

Her eyes traced him down to his chest covered up with pretty tattoos.

Wow….he was sexy!

He was putting on a tight brief which left little to the imagination.

Tanya couldn’t stop looking….it was like getting trapped or something.


The sudden sound of his cold voice brought her out of her thoughts.

“I…I…” Tanya didn’t Know what to say. Her cheeks were all flushed up.

She was blushing so badly she had to stare at the ground.

“I will be needing you for tonight. Get into the bathroom, have your bath and meet me on the bed.” Craig said, strangling life out of Tanya.

Her eyes almost left their sockets as she stared at him with shock! His bed?

Like … wait! He wanna have s*x with her??

Oh no! Tanya almost fainted.

How was she to tell him she’s still a virgin at her fucking age!!!


Master Craig has some explanations to do!😂

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