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Immortal Academy Episode 15

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 15

“Can you guys shut up!” Maureen groaned on her bed as she tried getting some sleep.

Tanya and Tammie would not stop talking and it was beginning to freak her.

“Oh sorry. Just shut your ears with the pillow.” Tammie laughed.

“You are a such a star. How did you get to sing so well?” Tammie asked, turning back to look at Tanya who smiled.

She was about saying something when a knock came on the door.

They frowned, wondering who could be knocking at such a cold late evening.

Tammie got down from Tanya’s bed and walked towards the door.

She opened it to find one of the Master’s guards.

“Where’s Tanya? Master wants her in his room right now.”

“Hun?” Tanya spranged up from bed as soon as she heard her name.

The master? Calling her?

“Okay,wait up.” Tammie replied and closed the door.

She turned around to see Tanya nervously on her feet. “Uh oh…I think someone is in trouble.” She whispered, rushing over to her side.

“Of course she gotta be in trouble with her big mouth.” Maureen mocked from her bed.

Tanya rolled her eyes before dressing up quickly.

She hoped she wasn’t in any kind of trouble.

“Be careful.” Tammie said as Tanya nodded and walked out of the room.

The boy was still waiting for her and once she got outside the door,they both left.

Immediately they got in front of the Master’s door,it began raining.

“She’s here master.” The boy with Tanya announced loudly cos of the rain.

“Let her in.” A very cold voice replied from inside.

Tanya’s feet were so weak as she pushed the heavy door open and walked in.

She closed the door behind her and turned around.

She looked around the room and was greatly pleased with the beautiful sight of it.

One thing she quickly noticed was his orderliness and choice of colour.

Deep blue and gold.

Tanya’s eyes rested on the dark figure in front of the window as it made a move.

The window was wide open despite the pour down and the cold and Tanya wondered why he left the window open.

She was confused whether to announce her arrival or just stand there like a statue.

The cold in the room was quite much and Tanya began to shiver.

Worst still,step didn’t put on a sweatshirt.

About five minutes later,he finally turned around to look at her.

Tanya tried shivering but just couldn’t. The cold from the window was much and she prayed he would think of covering it.

Tanya saw the coldness and turmoil in his eyes and almost gasped.

He might he handsome and cute but this guy surely has a demonic face!

His eyes found Tanya and rested on her for a while.

He didn’t say a word. Rather,he walked over to a table and grabbed a cup of drink.

He sipped the drink before sitting down. He crossed his legs and looked at her again.

“I need not tell you what you did wrong. Am I right?” Craig asked, looking at the floor.

Tanya swallowed hard, trying to take in what she just heard. What has she done?

He looked up at her again and she quickly averted her eyes.

“I’m not the patient type and I don’t repeat a question twice.” He spoke very low yet Tanya heard him despite the rain.

Did he performed some magic with that?

“I….I….don’t Know what I did wrong master.” Tanya mumbled, staring down at her nails.

“I see you’ve not been properly trained yet. I see.

“That explains the only reason you had to be so daft and ignorant.” Craig said, swirling the drink in his cup.

Tanya listened on. She had no idea what he was talking about but she was kind of feeling funny and was completely unaware of the smile playing at the corners of her lips.

His voice was like tonic itself. He spoke English so fluently.

Craig looked up at her and the smiles quickly disappeared.

The sound of thunder erupted from the sky.

Craig’s eyes flashed also at the moment and Tanya gasped, moving backwards.

He bent his head, covering his face with his hands, probably trying to control himself.

Tanya has never been so frightened. She moved back till she came in contact with the door.

She tried opening it but was automatically locked.

“Please… please… don’t hurt me.” Tanya pleaded, turning back to look at Craig bit surprisingly, he was now on his feet, looking his normal self.

“Where do you think you are running to?” He asked, dipping his hands into his side pockets.

Craig was trying so hard to mask his thoughts off the rain.

And he was succeeding…all thanks to the lady who was more than enough distraction.

“Nowhere….. nowhere master.” Tanya shrieked.

“Do not repeat what you did today. I should punish you.”, Craig mumbled.

Tanya was silently looking at him. She still had no idea what he was talking about.

“Singing in the middle of something important. Do you know how much distraction you caused today?” Craig asked as if reading her thoughts.

Tanya’s gaze dropped to the floor, embarrassed. Oh that? They actually heard her sing?

“I’m sorry about that. We were bored and I decided to sing.” Tanya said,her gaze still on the ground.

She couldn’t look him in the eyes. She just couldn’t. They kind of frighten her. Those dark eyes.

Craig’s eyes lasted on her this time around. He noticed how she shivered from the cold and decided to close the window.

He didn’t Know why he did that. He just thought he needed to.

“You should choose your punishment for doing that. An apology is not acceptable.” Craig replied, turning away from the window.

Tanya swallowed hard. What punishment is she supposed to choose?

“I’m gonna wash clothes for everyone,I guess.” Tanya said carefully.

“Voluntary service for two weeks.” Craig added.

Tanya nodded and turned, hoping she would be allowed to leave already.

But she was surprised when an umbrella magically appeared in front of the door.

“Use that when you get outside.”

Tanya snapped around to look at him.


Did he really offered her an umbrella??


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