February 26, 2021


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Immortal Academy Episode 14

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 14

*< A flash back>*

The rain had fell non stop that day. He was just eleven and didn’t really know what to do…to save her from the swampy area.

“Somebody! Please help!!” He screamed but the storm’s roaring sound covered up his little voice and Elizabeth was still down there, disappearing with every minutes passing.

“Hold on, Lizzy! Please!” He cried as he tried drawing her out.

Elizabeth cried as the rain washed over her face. It was past midnight and she knew no one would ever come that way.

They had both ran away from home just to escape family troubles and fights and it had ended her up inside the swamp.

She was only nine!!

“Ahh!! Craig! I don’t wanna die!” She had cried.

The thunder continued roaring as rain continued pouring down on them mercilessly.

“Hold on, Elizabeth! I will go get help!! Hold on, please!!” Craig had yelled and took off, running as fast as his legs could carry him, running all the way back home.

Soon he got home, panting heavily and knocked at the door impatiently.

Then, Lancelot had appeared in front of the door, looking so furious.

“You are back here,hun? I told you to run away….you evil little.. thing!” Lancelot had scolded him.

Lancelot was his step brother and a year older. He hated Craig with passion and had convinced him into running away.

Elizabeth was also a victim of circumstance and decided to follow Craig, thinking it was possible to run away from her own evil step mother.

“Elizabeth is in trouble! She needs help! Please!!”he had wept and begged.

Lancelot had scoffed. “To hell with Elizabeth! You actually stole her from me,right? She was firstly my friend before you stole her with your pathetic self!!

“How the hell am I supposed to help out now?”

“Let me get inside and call Daddy! Please! She’s dying!” Craig had begged.

Lancelot smiled evily.

“Daddy!!” Craig had screamed but the rain was just too loud.

“Leave and never return!” Lancelot had yelled at him.

“Noooooo!!!” Craig had screamed and something frightening and incredible had happened.

Once he gave that single loud scream, Lancelot was lifted off the ground and thrown backwards against the door by a mighty force.

He dropped back on the wet ground, unconscious.

Craig was frightened out of his own body. He turned around and fled,never returning to the house.

When he got back to where he had left Elizabeth,she was nowhere to be found again.

“No.” Craig had cried, kneeling on the wet floor as he stared at the swamp which had swallowed up his only source of joy as a child.

*< Reality >*

Craig looked away from the screen and tried masking away his mind from the meaning in the lyrics of the song as the past suddenly drifted into his dark mind.

“Disconnect that.” He said with a cold low tone, suddenly angry.

How dare her make him feel this way after many years ago?

One of the other two Masters chuckled. ” What an angel. She’s fearless.”

As for Dean,he was speechless too. Is this girl one of Craig’s member?

He turned to look at him. “She’s new,right?

Yeah….that explains her being an escort.” Dean said,his eyes still on the screen.

Craig turned to look at them noticing the way they were staring at the screen.

Are they for real? Like…they are really captured?

Craig bowed and sighed. He stared again at the screen and it automatically went off.

Dean looked at him. “You shouldn’t have done that. That…..voice is out of this world!” He said with enthusiasm.

“We are here for something more important than mere music. Can we go back to our discussion before the interruption?” Craig asked, dragging his eyes back to the documents on the table.


“Wow!! Bravo!!” Everyone in the room cheered as Tanya finished singing and took a smart bow.

She laughed and walked back to her seat. Tammie leaned over and hugged her happily. “That was entertaining and great!” Tammie squealed.

Tanya only smiled. Singing and art? They were things she loves doing.

Dagger came into the large room,his eyes on Tanya.

“You guys have been instructed to join the other new comers here for their exercise in the woods.”

Everyone got up and followed him out.

**An hour later**

The meeting was over an hour later and the four Masters dispersed.

Dean and Craig sat inside the exquisite private bar, having a drink.

“Did we finally convinced someone about the excursion?” Dean suddenly asked with a smile on his face as he studies his friend.

Craig shrugged, holding a cup of drink close to his lips. “Still thinking.”

“Hmm.” Dean only mumbled and sipped his drink.

Actually,his mind was on something.

On someone to be precise. The lady who had sang minutes ago. He honestly wished he had someone like her among his clan members.

Well… something might be done about that. He definitely needs her.


Back at sky Squared,Craig sat in the comfort of his room smoking a tobacco pipe.

His mind was in turmoil

D@mn the lady who dared made him remember all he thought he had forgotten.

An incident that turned him into a beast. Craig stood up and walked over to the window, detecting the whether.

It sure would rain tonight and it would be one of the many nights he hated.

He hated the rain,hated the sound of the storm. They make him go insane.

Even thinking about it now,Craig realized he never for once, forgot about that night.

That stormy night….

He groaned and turned backing the window as his eyes rested oh the champagne bottle beside his bed.

It shattered into pieces as the content flew into the tiles on the ground.

Craig tried controlling himself but he knew he was losing it.

He glared at the door. “Dagger.”

He didn’t need to call twice cos Dagger walked in immediately.

“Yes master.”

“Send for the girl.”

“What girl master?”



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