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He Is Mine Episode 18

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Episode 18.

πŸ’ Sophie πŸ’
” Soph, soph, soph” I felt someone tapping me.
I opened my eyes sluggishly and saw mum on my bed.
I sat up.
” Good morning mum” I greeted rubbing my eyes.
” Good morning soph” she answered with a smile.
I nodded my head yawning.
” How was your night?
” Fine mum, where is dad?
” At the dinning” she answered.
” Okay”
” It’s Monday soph and you’re still on bed, are you not going to school?
I sighed
” No mum, am not going”
” Why? She arched her brow.
I went silent thinking about what happened on Friday.
” Sophie” mum called holding my shoulder.
” Yes mum”
” What’s wrong? For the past two days you been so quiet and hardly come out from your room”
” It’s nothing mum, have just been studying, our exam is fast approaching” I said.
” Then why are you not going to school today?
” Nothing mum, I just don’t want to go” I said climbing down the bed.

I walked into the bathroom and brush my teeth.

I walked back into my room but didn’t meet mum there

I walked out of my room heading to th dinning.

I met them at the dinning eating.
” Good morning Dad” I greeted sitting down.
” Good morning princess, how was your night?

” Fine dad”

He looked at me.
” You are going to school today?

” Yes dad”

” And why?

” It’s nothing dad” I said.

” It’s unlike you princess, you hate missing school” he said looking at me.

” I know dad but you should understand, I just don’t want to go” I said.

” Okay princess, make sure you take proper care of yourself” he said cleaning his mouth with the napkin.

I smiled
” Yes, I will”

” Bye soph, make sure you look after yourself” mum said pecking my cheek.

I smiled.
” Bye mum, bye dad” I waved at them as they walked out.

I dished out my food and started eating.

πŸ’ Andrew πŸ’
I got into the school with the boys
We got to our spot and sat down.
” Now it is time to deal with the K-girls” Henry said staring at his phone.
“It’s you guys who have given them so much audacity” I said getting angry.
” Shut it Andrew” Daniel yelled.
” And if I don’t? I yelled back.
” C’mon guys” Jeremy said.

We sat down editing the video.
It’s the video of Jeremy, Henry and Daniel making out with the K-girls.

I wonder how they got the video footage of the K-girls.

They are nothing but sluts.

And now everyone is gonna watch them as they make out shamelessly with the unknown.

They boys faces will not appear in the video.

” This is going on air now, everyone is gonna see this? I asked.

Daniel laughed.
” Yeah man, everyone is gonna see it” he said.

” Let’s go”

We all walked into the school broadcasting room.

I mean it is more like we own it.

Jeremy switch it on air.
” Test, mic..1…2..3″ he said.

We smiled sitting down.
” Hi kids” he said.

” I have something fun to show you and am sure you are gonna enjoy it” he said smiling.

Daniel laughed.
” I want everyone on the school field now” he said.

” Everyone out of the school Field now” he said sternly and switch it off.

Henry send the video to the school group owned by JAHD boys.
We also sent it on our Instagram pages.

We shook hands and walked out with our hands in our pocket.

” Hey” Kayla said coming towards us with the girls.

We stood there staring at them.
If only they know what is happening.
If they know what we planned for them.

Daniel wanted to move but I held his hand.
He sighed angrily.
” Why the meeting? Kaima said.

” Come to the Field now” Jeremy said coldly.

” Jay”
We walked away to the field.

Students already gathered in groups with their eyes glued to their phone.
It is obvious they are watching the video of the K-girls making out shamelessly.

I laughed.
We got there with our hands in our pockets.

Jeremy removed his hands from his pocket and clapped.

Everyone gasped and looked at him.
” You like what you are seeing? He smirked.

” Jay” Kara called with the K-girls.

Everyone began to murmur while some looked at them angrily.

” Here comes the sluts” someone yelled from the crowd.
We burst out laughing.
” Yeah, they are so shameless”
” K-girls are useless”
” I hate them”
Everyone began to murmur.

” Shut it” Kayla yelled angrily.
No one Answered her.
” Jay, what’s the meaning of this? Kara asked.
” K-girls are useless” everyone began to chorused.
” Jay, why all these?
” Check your phone” I said.

They all brought out their phones.
” What? Kaima gasped her phone fell from her hand.

I laughed.
They watch the video with shock on their faces.

They couldn’t say anything.

Jeremy whistled.
Some students came out carrying raw eggs and some with smoothie

K-girls gasped.
We walked to where the K-girls stood.
” How could you” Jeremy yelled.
Jeremy slapped Kayla.
She gasped.
Daniel slapped kaima, she fell on the floor with her mouth wide.
Henry slapped kira while I slapped Kara hardly with so much anger.

“How could you set Sophie up” Jeremy yelled angrily.

The gasped looking at themselves.

” Jay”

” Keep quiet” Daniel yelled.
” One word from you, am gonna kill you ” Jeremy said coldly.

” Now listen” Jeremy said.

” The K-girls are nothing is this school, they are just like you, they have no power to bully anyone in this school anymore, none of you here should bow to their order” he yelled.

” If I see anyone of you trying to get scared of them or trying to respect them, you will have me to deal with and you know what that means”

” I don’t want to see anyone with the K-girls, they are nothing but..

” Trash..

” Sluts..

” Whores…

” Fools..

” And if any of you trying to go against my order, you are gonna pay dearly” he said sternly.

” Now, I know the K-girls have bully you in any way now it is time for you to pay them back” I said.

” We leave them unto your hands kids”

” Deal with them” Daniel yelled.

Kayla gasped crawling to our front.
” No no jay” she said as tears welled her eyes.

Jeremy kicked her.

Everyone laughed bringing out their phones.
” Thank you JAHD boys” someone shouted.
” Yes, thank you”

” Time for payback” someone yelled and threw raw eggs on Kayla.

” Yeah” they chorused.

” To hell with you K-girls”

Everyone surrounded them leaving the K-girls at the middle.

They threw raw eggs on them with smoothie.
Some pounched on them giving them the beatings of their lives.

Some brought out their phone taking pictures and videos.

We looked at them as they screemed for help.

We smiled and walked out of the field.

We got to out spot.
Henry burst out laughing.
” I can’t believe the looks on their faces” Henry said.
” It’s good thing they have been out in their places”
” The kids are gonna kill them”
I laughed.
” So?
” It’s obvious they are angry”

I mind drifted to Sophie.
I haven’t seen her today.
” Is she in school?

I stood up.
” Where to? Henry asked.
” Be right back” I said walking away.

I bumped into Sophie’s friend.
She looked scared immediately she saw me.
I looked at her.
She gulped nervously staring at the floor.
” Where is Sophie? I asked.
” I..she… ehnnn…I…
” Talk” I yelled .

She jerked up looking at me as tears welled up in her eyes.
” Where is Sophie? I asked again.
“I haven’t seen her today”
I looked at her.
” I think she is not in school today” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

I looked at her.
” Why is she crying”.

” Why..

She scurried away from my front.



Written by ✍️ owie oyindamola.


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