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He Is Mine Episode 17

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Episode 17.

πŸ’Kara πŸ’
We stood there waiting impatiently.
” What is happening? Why is Sam taking so much time? Kaima asked.
I sighed angrily.
” It is almost an hour now” Kayla half yelled.
” Why don’t we go to the room? Kira asked.
” Let’s go” kaima said and walked up to the room.
We got to the door and placed our ears on the door.
But we couldn’t hear anything.
I angrily opened the door.
We got in.
I gasped shocked.
No one is in here.
” Where are they? Kaima asked.
I walked to the bathroom but couldn’t find anyone.
” Maybe, they already had their fun and left” Kira shrugged.
We burst out laughing.
” Now get the camera girl” Kayla said happily.
I took the camera from where we kept it.
I looked at at shock.
” What is it Kara? Kaima asked.
She took the camera from me.
” What? She yelled shocked.
Kayla collected the camera.
” Damn it Kara” she yelled and threw the camera away angrily.
“This camera hasn’t been recording anything” Kayla yelled again.
” What? Kira yelled.
” The camera is not on and there is no recording on it” kaima said angrily.
” It’s all Kara’s fault” Kayla yelled angrily
” How do you mean? I asked impatiently
“Kara it’s all because of you. You try to do things on your own, you want things to go your way only, at the end you end up with nonsense” Kayla screemed at me face.
I slapped her.
“I can’t believe the camera is not on since they what is the essence of the party” Kira yelled.
” You so dumb Kara” kaima yelled.
” Shut up, just shut the hell up” I yelled angrily.
” Don’t you dare a say a word against me” I said.
” I never knew the camera was off, so why blaming me like it was entirely my fault” I yelled.
” It’s all your fault”kaima said slapping me.
I held my cheek and looked at her.
” You slapped me?
” Yeah and I will slap you all over again” kaima yelled.
I raised my hand to slap her back but Kira held my hand.
I looked at her angrily and released my hand.
” You will regret this” I said walking out angrily.

πŸ’ Sophie πŸ’
Henry drove off to my house.
He parked the car at the gate.
” You okay now? Andrew asked.
” Yeah” i nodded my head.

” Thank you” I said coming out of the car.

I waved at them as they drove off.
I walked in

I met no one at the sitting room.
I walked straight to my room.

I got there and dropped my bag on the bed I walked into the bathroom.

I took my bath and wore my night gown.
I got on the bed.

I sighed sadly.
” What happened at the party kept replaying on my head”
” What of Jeremy hadn’t come in?
” What if he..
I thought as tears welled up in my eyes.

My phone rang interrupting my thoughts.
I checked the caller.
It is Andrew.
I picked it up.
” Sophie” he called.
” Hi” I said.
” Are you sleeping? He asked.
” Not yet”
” Why? He asked.
” I couldn’t sleep” I said
“Are you sure? Or you’re still thinking about what happened earlier”

I went silent

” Sophie, are you there?

” Yeah”

” Don’t think too much okay?

” Okay”

” Just called to check up on you , now go to bed” he said.

” Thanks, I will go to bed now” I said.

” Or do you want me to sing a lullaby for you? He asked.
I laughed.
” Lullaby? I asked
” Yeah”
” Come-on am not a baby anymore” I said.

He laughed.
” Don’t you know you are still a baby” he Said.
” Andrew” I called.
He burst out laughing.
I smiled.
” Please Sophie go to bed okay? And try not to think about what happened earlier” he said.
” Okay” I muttered inaudibly.
” Sophie”
” There is no way I wouldn’t think about it Andrew” I said.

He went silent for a while.
” Andrew” I called.
” Okay, do you want me to come and sleep with you on your bed? He asked.
I gasped.
” Andrew”
He laughed.
” Just kidding, please try to sleep okay?
” Yeah, I will.. thank you”
” Talk to you tomorrow, Sophie” I said
” Okay goodnight” I said.
” Take care of yourself” he said.
” Yeah I will” I said.
” Good girl” he said she hung up.
I smiled and kept the phone on a table beside me.
Andrew is really nice though.

πŸ’ JeremyπŸ’
I got to my house and parked the car.
Daniel came out.
I drag the idiot out of the car took him inside and locked him in an empty room.

” Jeremy what’s happening, I don’t get anything here” Daniel half yelled.

I brought out my phone and called Henry and Andrew to meet me at my place.

” JAY” Daniel called.

I looked at him then walked into my room.
I changed my clothes and went down waiting for Andrew and Henry.
They both entered

” What’s is it man? Henry asked sitting down.
” Where is he? Andrew asked.
” Who? Henry asked.

” Why are you not saying anything Jeremy, who was that guy? Daniel half yelled.

” At the party, I went up to have some fun with a chick. I walked out of the room heading down to meet you, I heard a voice at a room. I wanted to ignore it but I decided to check who is in there, I knocked on the door but it wasn’t opened. I heard the voice, it was a familiar voice but I couldn’t recognized it, I broke the door and entered. I saw that bastard trying to force himself on Sophie” I said angrily.

” What? Daniel yelled standing up.
” Sophie? Henry arched his brow.

” He already tore her dress trying to make out with her forcefully” I said angrily.

The thought of it make me angry.

” Where is he? Henry asked.

I stood up and we all walked into the room I kept the idiot.

” You bastard” Daniel roared holding his collar.
He looked at Daniel fearfully.
He punch him.
He fell on the ground lying flatly.
” You! Henry yelled.
” How could you? He yelled slapping him.

” Now tell me why did you do that? I asked.

He looked at us weakly.
” Talk” Andrew yelled.

” I..I..I..” he stuttered weakly.

” Do you wish to die? I asked coldly.

He shook his head negatively.

” I..I..was sent” he said.

” Sent? We chorused.

He nodded his head.
” By who? Daniel asked.


” Speak” Henry yelled.

” Who sent you? Andrew asked.

” Who asked you to sleep with her forcefully? I asked.

” It’s..the..the”

“The what? Daniel yelled punching him.

I held him back.
He pant heavily.

“Talk” he roared.

” The K-girls girls” he said and passes out.

” What?

” The K-girls?

” Those sluts asked him to rape her? Daniel yelled panting.

” Am gonna kill them all” he said walking out.

We all walked out of the room to the sitting room
Daniel ruffling his head angrily.
” Chill man” Henry said.
” Chill? He arched his brow.
” Am gonna kill those whores with my bare hands” he fumed.
” Yeah, the will pay for what they did” I said angrily.
” Am out of here” Daniel said walking out.



Written by ✍️ owie oyindamola.


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