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Golden High Episode 36

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( High School Love )

Chapter 36


By: Summer Gold.

” Lisa,,what are you doing?? ” he asked looking confused

” What do you think am doing?? ” she asked and slammed her lips on his,,, he sighed and reciprocate to the kiss. Sucking on each others tongue sweetly,,low sounds coming from Lisa.

Michael unlocked from the kiss and proceeded to her neck,, he kissed every part of her neck,, Lisa smiled softly with her eyes closed. She wasn’t satisfied by that, she pulled his Face closer again and kissed him, her hand gripping his trouser telling him to open up.

He immediately stopped and hold back her hand,,,

” Stop Lisa,that’s enough ” He said and got up

” Gosh,,why ” Lisa said

” What?? Are you kidding me right now?? What are you thinking in your head ??” He said and pushed her head backward with a finger

” I want you Mich ” she said

” Am all yours,,, but not that. I can’t take advantage of you,,never ” Michael said

” You’re not taking advantage of me,I am the one asking,,,,, ”

He pulled her closer and sat her down on his laps,

” It’s not time yet,,,and besides when did you become naughty as this?? I can’t believe you,,,no I don’t want to talk about it ” Michael said tapping his head and Lisa laughed

” Were you scared??” She asked

” Scared of what??”Michael asked

” Of giving in to what I did ”

” Am not scared,,but am a good boy ” He whispered into her ear

” But am mad at you,,,” Lisa pouted and got up from his lap

” You’re mad at me ?? Why?? Because I didn’t give you what you want?? Wow,,,this is unbelievable,,do you know it’s always painful??” Michael asked trying to make her scared

” It’s only the first time ” She replied

” You’re going to get pregnant ” Michael said laughing his ass out

” Then we will make use of protection ” Lisa said ..

” Well,,sorry,I can’t use that. And if I don’t,, you will get pregnant. And then, no school again. I will go back to school but you will stay here at home,,,and am sure am going to see someone prettier, I will date her and forget about you” Michael said

” What?!! You are really going to do that?!! ” she asked

” Yeah,,that’s what am going to do. Do you still want us to do this?? ” Michael asked pretending to unhook his trouser belt

” No!! I don’t want you to date someone else ” Lisa said sadly

” Good,,” He smiled and laid beside her

Lisa faced him with a sad face,,she keep on thinking about what he said,

” Don’t think about what I said,, I won’t leave you since it’s not going to happen,, ” Michael said and she nodded

” But,,,,we can,,, make out ” He said

” wow,,” She jumped on him like a hungry lion and Michael was shocked

” Just that,, nothing else ” He said,,

Lisa nodded and without waiting, she leaned closer and kissed him hungrily

He pulled her away with Force,,,

” Lisa,,,you’re not okay. ” He said,,, her behavior is really strange.
He touched her forehead feeling her temperature,,

” You’re burning up ” He said and stood up,,

” Get some rest ” He said and laid her down softly,,,

He walked into the bathroom and came back with a cold water and towel,,,,she was already asleep when he got back.

” I knew she’s not fine,” He scoffed and sat down beside her,,,he started wiping her face with the cold water,,a sleepy groan escape her lips,the water is really cold.

After he was done,,he left the towel on her forehead and went to drop the bowl.

” Maybe I should just,, leave ??” He asked himself

” But she will be sad if she wake up and find out I left ” He said and roughed his hair

He took a glance at her and went to lay down beside her,,he used the duvet to cover their body gently. He pecked her cheek before closing his eyes,,

Ethan was about running upstairs when he heard his mom’s voice,,wait she’s back home?? So early?? He said and walked into the kitchen still looking surprised,

” Mom?? What are you doing home??” Ethan asked leaning on the pillar at the middle of the large kitchen

” You don’t want me to know you went out ??” She said and faced him

” Am sorry mom,I was bored,so I went out ” He replied

” You can go out Ethan,,just avoid trouble ” His mom said

” I will,,but why are you home??” He asked

” I don’t feel too good Ethan,, I feel sick. But I went to the hospital for some check up,,guess what ” She smiled

” What??” He asked with curiosity

” You will be having a kid brother ” she broke the news

” Gosh,I want a sister ” He rolled his eyes
His mother laughed and tapped his shoulder,,

” Am just kidding,, I don’t even know if it’s a boy a girl yet,,” She said

” It should be a girl ” Ethan said

” Why?? Boys are cute ”

” Mom,,Liam is frustrating me too much,, girls are more soft” He said like someone who doesn’t like trouble

” That’s funny ”

” Is dad aware of this??” He asked

” I will tell him when he’s back from work ”

” Fine,,I will be in my room ” He said

” Gosh,,I think I want a girl too. Can’t you just stay and help me??” She groaned

” Make sure it’s a girl ” Ethan said running out of the kitchen

” What difference does it make when he’s back home?? The break should be over,,I can’t continue doing this ” She complained and touched her belly with a smile

” I wish you’re a girl too,,at least you will be able to help me ,,not like your two cute brothers ” She said and continue working

” Hey big brother ” Liam said with a smirk as he entered Ethan’s room

” What do you want ??” Ethan asked

” So I can’t come here again??” He asked looking offended

” Exactly Liam,,can you stop disturbing me?? Go out,I want to study ” Ethan said pushing him out

” Gosh,,,, you’re annoying ” Liam said and went out.

” He always act like a young demon ” Ethan said and collapsed on the bed.

A call came on his phone,,

” Gavin??” He scoffed ” When did he start calling first??”

He picked the call ,,

📞 Hey Ethan

📞 Any news??

📞 bad mouth,,,I missed you. Can we hang out?? By Weekend

📞 Just the two of us??

Ethan asked suspiciously

📞 Are you kidding?? Why will I hang out with you alone, are you Sharon??

Ethan rolled his eyes

📞 I know you can’t,,

📞 Good thing you know,,, I will inform others,,,

📞 Fine,,,

📞 Bye,, I will talk to you later

📞 Am not Sharon

Ethan snapped and he laughed

📞 Good for you,,,bye.

Hazel got out of the car angrily, she ran into the house in tears, how could her mom do that to her?? Slapping her because of her?? How could she??!

She ran into her room and locked the door,,,

” What’s wrong with her??” Leo asked his wife as she entered

” We met Lisa today,,at the grocery store ” She said

” Lisa?? Did something happen between them?? ” Leo asked

” She insulted Lisa,,, Calling her names ” Flora scoffed

” What?? But,,why is she angry and in tears??”

” I have no choice,, I slapped her ” Flora said and sat down

” What?? Why did you do that!! slapping Hazel for Lisa??!! ” Leo shouted angrily

” She insulted her,,,it was too much I couldn’t take it!! ” Flora also shouted

” Lisa is not your daughter,, Hazel is ”

” They are sisters,,Hazel should learn to accept that,, she’s becoming a monster in the name of jealousy ” Flora said

Just then they heard a step coming downstairs,,,, it was Hazel

” Hazel,, come here ” Leo said

” Am going back to America dad ” She dropped the shell and they both gasped

” What the hell are you saying??! You are going nowhere Hazel!!” Flora shouted but Leo held her back

” I will rather leave than accepting Lisa as my sister!! That’s never going to happen never!!! If I keep on seeing her,I may end up killing her ” She said with grief in her eyes

” Hazel!!!” Flora shouted and moved away from Leo,,,she wanted to slap her but Leo hold her hand

Hazel glared at them before walking out of the house,,

” Why the hell did you hold me!!” She shouted

” It won’t solve the problem,, it will only add more ” He replied

” Leo,,my daughter is becoming something else ” She burst into tears

Leo sighed and pulled her into a hug.



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