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Golden High Episode 35

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( High School Love )

Chapter 35


By: Summer Gold.

Lisa got out of bed and walked out of her room, she met Anna almost going out. Wow,,she wake up more earlier today,she smiled inwardly

” Morning sis ” She said and yawned

” How was your night ?” Anna asked and kissed her forehead

” It was great,,” Lisa replied

” Can you go to the grocery store?? We need a lot of things ” Anna said

” Wow,,thank God I will go out ” Lisa said dancing

” She’s happy ” Anna scoffed and smiled ” Anyway,,here are the lists. And my credit card,,you can go with Sharon ” Anna added and gave her the list together with the credit card

” Yeah,I will ” Lisa replied and took it from her

” Okay bye,,, take care of yourself. Am sorry I didn’t make breakfast, am running late ” Anna said

” Don’t worry about me,,I will just cook something for myself ” Lisa said and waved at her as they both walked out

She watched as Anna drove out of the compound, she smiled and went back in.

” What should I do??” She asked herself

” Huh?? Nothing, the cleaner will be here soon,,I just have to take my bath and get what she listed ” She said and ran upstairs

She entered her room and immediately texted Sharon informing her about going to the grocery store with her,,after sending it she took off her pajamas and walked into the bathroom

She took a warm bath and then entered her room back,, she dressed up and decided to check her phone to see Sharon’s reply

💌 I will be there,, I wanna take my bath

Lisa smiled and started arranging her hair,,she opened the make up kit and brought out a lip gloss,, at least she can use this anytime. She applied it on her lips and checked herself out in the mirror.

” Wow,,it’s amazing ” She smiled like she’s planning something in her head,,

She put on her shoes and carried a portable bag,,she walked out of the room. Sharon is not done?? Lisa groan and went out of the house,,

She entered their own house,,no one is in the living room,,,she was about going upstairs when she heard some step in the dining. She stopped and went there expecting to see Sharon,,,

” Oh,,Mich ” She called with a smile

Michael looked up,

” Oh,Lisa ” He mimicked her and she laughed

” What are you doing?? ” She asked and moved closer

” Am about to eat,,”

” Gosh,, am really hungry ” Lisa said blinking her eyes cutely

” Don’t show me that face,,come here ” He said and pulled her closer,,he sat her down on the chair and sat beside her

” What about Sharon??” Lisa asked with her mouth full

” We were here together when your message came up ” Michael replied

” Oh,,,,”

” Am here!! ” Sharon shouted and joined them

” Announcement is not needed Sharon ” Michael scoffed and rolled his eyes

” I was telling Lisa,,okay??”

” Not me ” Lisa snapped and tapped Michael, they both burst into laughter

” You guys are something else ” Sharon groaned and opened the food

” Wait,,she added kimchi ?? Gosh I hate it ” Sharon said

” I guess you’re not hungry ” Lisa said and got up to take the food from Sharon

” Don’t!! ” Sharon shouted and laughed

” You’re trying to pay back huh?” She asked

” You ate my breakfast and left me for your boyfriend ” Lisa said and sighed

” It’s not my fault that your boyfriend left you alone ” Sharon said

” It’s okay Sharon,, let’s eat ” Michael said

Sharon smirked and continue eating

Soon, they were done.

” You guys should be careful, I can’t search for anybody ” Michael said

” That’s harsh ” Lisa scoffed

” Am talking to you in particular,, Lisa ” Michael said

” That won’t happen again,,” Lisa said

“That’s better ” Michael replied

” Let’s leave,, ” Sharon said dragging Lisa out of the house.

” Are there still more to buy??” Sharon asked

They’ve spent more than two hours and yet they are not done ,,,,

” Yeah,,just two more ” Lisa said feeling tired

” Wait,,Lisa,is that not Hazel?? I guess it’s her mom beside her ” Sharon said pointing at her

Lisa turned and saw that it was truly Hazel but not sure if the woman beside her is her mother,,

” Let’s go say hello ” Sharon said and before Lisa could reply,she was already dragging her along.

” Hello mam ” Sharon greeted and Flora turned to them

” Hi,,” she said with a smile still confused about who she is

” Hey Hazel ,” Sharon said with a smile

” Sharon!!” Hazel shouted and hugged her immediately

” Wow,,I missed you so much!!! You came here alone??” Hazel asked expecting to see Michael even though she’s not planning to talk to him

” I came with Lisa ” Sharon said and Lisa moved closer

” Lisa?? Lisa??” Flora asked like she wanted to remember something

” Hi mam ” Lisa greeted with a bow and took a glance at Hazel who shot her a hard glare

” Wow,,it’s you. Come give me a hug ‘ Flora said and Lisa was confused,she hugged her.

” Hazel,,say hello. Come on ” Flora said

” I don’t know her ,,why will I say hello to her?? She’s nothing but a thief,,who steal things that doesn’t belong to her,,,I hate her. She disgust me ” Hazel said rolling her eyes at Lisa

” Hazel!!!’ Flora yelled angrily

” What mom!! I hate her ,,,,,”

Before she could finish her statement, her mother gave her a hot slap,Lisa and Sharon gasped.

” Get into the car!!” Flora shouted

Hazel held her face as tears rushed down her eyes still surprised her mom could slap her because of Lisa,,

She faced Lisa before going into the car,,

” Mam,,,,you shouldn’t have done that ” Lisa said lowly feeling guilty already,,,even though she was hurt by what Hazel said to her

” It’s fine Lisa,,, I will leave now. See you soon ” Flora said and roughed Lisa’s hair before going into the car. She drove out ,,,,

A tear dropped from Lisa’s eyes and she immediately wipe it off.

” Am sorry Lisa,,I shouldn’t have insisted on coming to them ” Sharon said but Lisa could not reply

” I will go on and buy the rest,,you should wait here ” Sharon said and walked in.

Lisa keep trying to fight her tears back,, why does Hazel hate her that much?? Did she really hurt her ?? Is she a thief?? Did she steal her father from her?? Or is it Michael??

” Dad,,he doesn’t even care about me,,he loves you more,,,,why are you still calling me a thief?? ” Lisa asked no one in particular as tears dropped from her eyes

” Lisa,let’s leave am done ” Sharon said but stopped when she noticed that Lisa was in tears

” It’s all my fault,, gosh Michael is going to kill me ” She said inwardly

” Have you paid for it??” Lisa asked and wipe her tears

” Yeah ” She nodded

” Where is Lisa??” Michael asked as Sharon walked in alone

” She’s home ” Sharon replied

” she’s not coming here?? Why is she staying there Alone??” He asked

” Am sorry,, it’s all my fault ” She replied

” Is anything wrong with her??” Michael asked worriedly

Sharon sighed and told him what happened at the store,,,

” I have to see her ” He said and ran out

Sharon collapsed on the couch sadly,,,

Lisa was crying her eyes out when Michael came into her room,,, she looked up when the door opened.

” Lisa,,,” Michael called and rushed to her,, he pulled her into a comforting hug.

She sniffed in her tears and hugged him tightly.

” it’s okay,, stop crying ” Michael said patting her hair softly

She nodded and stopped her tears,, she unlocked from the hug and walked into The restroom,, she washed her face and came back in.

” are you okay?? “Michael asked and she nodded,,she climb the bed softly and tied her hair,,,Michael watched her from where he was sitting

” Are you sure you’re fine?? You’re not sad anymore??” He asked looking concerned

” make me feel better ” Lisa said

” How??” he asked

” Just move closer ” Lisa said

He sighed and got up,, he walked closer to her.

She pulled him closer and he fell on her,,he wanted to stand up but she wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled

” Lisa,,what are you doing?? ” he asked looking confused

” What do you think am doing?? ” she asked and slammed her lips on his,,,



Brought to you by Summer Gold✍❤❤

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