March 5, 2021


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College Romance 18+ Episode 9

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Written by: Authoress Ricky

🦋 Chapter nine🦋

My parent had been arguing over thirty minutes now because of the matter Michelle brought up during dinner.

She does really need to take mouthcaution.”Can you guys just listen” I hit my hand on the table and stood up.

“I don’t have a boyfriend and when Michelle mentioned two was just because she saw me talking to my class mate and it was over the project stuff”.

“Whatever” mom replied and I know they are taking it personal just like Michelle.
“Mom” I called and she looked at me then at Dad who doesn’t seem happy.

“Am sorry dear” she apologized and a smile was on dad face again.
“Am going to bed now have enough into my stomach” I said rubbing my stomach.

“Good night dear” Mom stood up to kiss my forehead and I walked away from my crazy family.

Shouldn’t they be settling the dispute between Michelle and I and not make it worst, sometimes I think am the matured one in my family.

I threw my phone on the bed and went to get my project book, sincerely have still not completed the question Prof. Alexander gave me.

He told me to get back to him a day before we defend it, I think Dad told him to do this on purpose even though it was helpful I still don’t like it.

I started writing things into the book even though I can’t remember all but at least I will have my own copy.

My phone ring and I stretch my hand to reach for it and I check the caller ID it was Kate.

I pick it without thinking twice, she really need to tell me why she stop calling me.

“Hey” her angelic voice came through and I can’t help the joy that was buzzling in me.” I thought Paris got the best of you and you forget me here in New York” I replied.

“You know I got extra classes now that am in my final years and my final exam might be tough so mom stopped me from using internet except from studying” she said and I could hear Morgan voice.

My crazy twin never even thought of extra classes not to add not using internet, Michelle is seriously going to end up in the hospital, I chuckled at my remark.

“So what about any plans of coming here” I asked and I could imagine her contemplating.

“I don’t think so until Vacation but Michael could make up something so my mom would allow me” she whispered and I know her Morgan must be close.

Kate had always crush on Michael even though she refused to tell anyone and my poor brother was so blind that he doesn’t even notice that and didn’t think of Kate in such way.

She didn’t tell me but I guess and an not interfering, thank God it isn’t Michelle the whole world would have heard.

“Are you still there” her voice went high a bit and I realize I wasn’t listening again.”Yeah…yeah” I repeated after each other..

“Actually I called for a reason” she said and I knew something was wrong because her voice changed unlike before.

“Sure just tell me” I replied.”Michelle called me and told me what happened”. What wrong with this crazy girl, she should have just post it on her Instagram account and ask for her viewers opinion or her blog or something.

“When you dated that bastard I told you he was a wrong idea but this time am certainly sure you like one of them no joking it between you and I” she said and I sigh, only if I can actually punch Michelle or sit her down to always mind her business.

“There is no way am in love with anybody it just Jeremy I met in school again and something came up on the first day and Mark save me and I think I owe Mark something but jeremy is exasperating.

“Jeremy” she raised her voice and i nodded stupidly Like she can see me. “That kid that bully you in school?!” she asked and I nodded again but realizing she can see me frustrated me a bit at least movement speak sometimes.

“Yes and it was amazing he recognized me quick even though we met at high school again but It didn’t last” I replied.

“You liked him during elementary” Kate mocked and that was annoying.”Okay don’t get things wrong I’m just saying that for my sake” she replied and I think she realize it isn’t funny.

“I don’t like Jeremy, like seriously Kate”I was starting to get pissed off by people around me.”Am sorry but you can just stay away from all of them” she replied.

“Yeah and after the project things am avoiding the both of them but it going to be hard because I have no excuse and something is more thrilling” I said.”What” she asked.

“My best friend is Jabson twin sister but Jabson never mention that to me and I even went to his house and no sign of her” I replied.

“Rachael let talk later mom is complaining” she hang up even before I say goodbye. I sigh in defeat, I guess I would have to solve my problem myself.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

The next morning I woke up rather late because I made up my mind to finish the project and I really did it.

I slouched off to my bathroom and wash myself before dressing up for a new day.

I brush my hair and made them fall freely, then apply some lip gloss. I kind off like myself natural today so no make up.

“Good morning” I took the stairs case one after the other making sure I did skip any.

I remember my conversation with Kate yesterday it was kind of reliving, I just don’t like the way they treat me like a kid. Am a college student!!!!.

“Good morning” they all replied in unison and something tells me they are up to something again.

I sit beside Micheal and opposite Michelle, I was eating my toast I silently but all they kept staring at each other with one eye.

“Just spit it out” I said and place the toast back in my plate.
“Actually your dad and I won’t be able to make it again” mom blurted out and I wasn’t surprised.

“Don’t worry your sister would handle that and the driver would drive you to the mall and bring you back, you can go have at the park too” Dad added and I turned my head to look at him.

“It okay” I replied and went for my toast again.”Am sorry”Mom gave me a pleading look.

I know I never had fun with my parent without no business call or sudden emergency. It hurt to see other kids have fun with their parent at the park so I quit going there.

“Why don’t we just stay at home, I have more than enough cloth” I replied.
“You mean old fashioned cloth” Michelle blurted and I rolled my eye.

“Fine let go” I replied and she giggled a bit making me laugh.”We are late already” Michael said and pick up his back.

“Why am I the only one that eat little breakfast” I replied as Michelle carry her bag too. “Learn to come downstairs early” Michael said and I scoffed.

“I won’t be around by the time you are back but you can use Michael credit card I would make a deposit” Mom said and Michael smiled.

“We are spending every dime she sent to you” Michelle quickly added and I laughed. Anytime mom deposit money for shopping into Michael account he just cut the allowance into two and buy his stuff later.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

The whole class were talking about project, that true we are all defending it tomorrow one after the other.

The teacher walk in and the class went silent some student switch sit back and the lecture was about to begin when Jeremy walk in.

He waved at me with a smile then bow his head to the teacher and walk to his seat. Fine!!! the whole class eye were on me.

Did Jeremy really meant we should call on truce truly. That great!! I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

“Jeremy you really need to stop the habit of coming late” the prof said and they all turn to the front back.

“Are you both dating now” Jessica whispered into my ears.
“No we aren’t even close to dating, just friends” I replied and she nod her head.

“I knew you two are destiny from above” she squeaked and I stopped her before we are sent out of the class.

“Jeremy is just a friend, I don’t know why everyone thinks anything would occur between us” I replied and she huffed before she turn her attention back to the class.

“Attention class, the project don’t need defending I actually want you to make friends and I think it worked so prepare for your upcoming test it going to be tough for new students like you”he said and the class start mumuring.

Only if I could go to that man and bit the hell out of him, he made me have sleepless night because of….wait this project was just to make friends but he is right, Jeremy and I are close now.

I think mom and Dad have something to do with this.
“Have a nice day”he walk out and the class start the unnecessary noise again.

“I can’t believe it was totally useless”Jessica said.
“I wanted to confess to Bred tomorrow”she sigh playing with her pencil.

“You can actually do it”I replied.
“Jessica”a familiar voice said and it was Jabson.

“See you later”I walked out of the class, I was almost reaching the empty hall when a hand grab me inside covering my hand to prevent me from yelling.
Who is that?.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Trying to make this a little bit longer. I hope my namesake is save 😭

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