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College Romance 18+ Episode 8

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Written by: Authoress Ricky

🦋 Chapter Eight 🦋

“It just something we made up they aren’t really into anything”Michael bailed me out and he smiled breaking the lunch awkwardness.

Jessica was drooling and seducing my brother, Michelle and Mark were just talking about some books.

I didn’t know Mark was a book lover too but I know Michelle love reading stories especially on Wattpad.

The food taste awful Jeremy muttered and I turn my gaze at him.
“Are you okay because the food is the best have tasted since school resumed” I replied and he looked at me.

“I thought I was talking to myself”he said and I roll my eye.
“Hey why you always Cold hearted”I asked and he didn’t reply.

“Silent treatment? is that what you want and you came to have lunch with my siblings”I asked.

“She invited me and I couldn’t turn down a senior because it might get me in trouble”I replied.

“Can I have my lunch in peace”he asked.
“No you really need to start been friendly and you really need to see what I wrote about you for the project”I said.

“Whatever just send it to me on my email account” he said.
“Am not showing you it my project I don’t want you to use my idea for yours”I replied.

“Are you not the one that said you want to show me”he asked.
“I said that?”I pointed the fork at myself.

“Hey be careful you shouldn’t be pointing that at yourself, what if you hurt yourself”he said grabbing the fork for my hand making his hand brush mine a little.

“When do you even care if I injure myself”I asked.
“Because I don’t want any scars on my girl”
“Your girl?, I’m not and I will never be!”I declared
“Can I eat in peace”he replied and I stopped talking and looked up only to see that everyone at the table attention was on us.

“I have to catch up with something, see you later Michelle”Mark said and stood up taking a glance at us before walking away.

Jeremy has this smirk on his lips again, what that for?.
“I guess we should leave too” Michael and Michelle said and Jessica followed but Michael scattered my hair before leaving.

“Take care of yourself little sister”he muttered.
“Let go off my hair”I frown as he leave my hair in a messy way but I felt butterfly in my tummy as Jeremy smoothed it with his hand.

How can it be just be me and my Jeremy this isn’t good.
“I have a class now I think”I said and made to stand but he sit me back.

“We attend the same class girlfriend”he said with this mocking tone.
“Am certainly not your girlfriend”I replied.

“And who say I would date a girl like you”he replied, okay that hurt because I don’t understand what he meant by girl like me.

“I still want to know why Michelle calls me dreamy Jeremy”he asked and I choked.

“I certainly don’t know you should have ask her”I replied and he scoffed.

“Your accent where did you get it from”he asked, wait someone finally notice my accent.

“What wrong with the way I talk”I asked.
“Nothing but you speak English fluently than any other person in college”he replied and I blushed a little.

“Can we call truce” I asked and he smiled.
Jeremy is smiling and it really charming.

“Seems like I can’t even stay away from you” he replied and I laughed.
“Yeah with my crazy sister, she would always want you around” I replied.

“Can we go back to why she call me Dreamy Jeremy, because I certainly don’t even have nightmare” he said and I laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”.
“Nothing just that she calls you dreamy Jeremy for another reason” I replied and he raise his brow.

“Really” he asked and I nodded.
“Can I know” he asked but the bell ring and that end our conversation.

I still need to clear whatever Mark thinks we are because they are just something because Michelle misunderstand everything but I’m happy Jeremy and I got along today.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

After class, luckily I met Mark at the school park talking to Michelle, they really are too close due to the book stuff.

I hope it just book because Michelle must be more than a year older than Mark, what am I saying Mark is my mate.

“What are you two talking about”I asked.
“Just book things and it freaking me out”Michael complained and I know he is really annoyed something caught Michelle interest than him.

They are twin but the best thing they do is fight all the time and I think they really love fighting on purpose.

“Can I talk to you for a minute”I asked.
“I guess I would just leave and wait for the driver to arrive”Michelle walk away to meet Michael and she hit him playfully.

“Hi”he replied
“It kind of awkward” I said and he shrugged.”You are making it more awkward”he replied.

“Actually what happened during lunch”…”What about it”he interrupted.

“Jeremy isn’t my boyfriend and we are just friends”I said and joined my hands together.

“Why are you telling me this, even if he is your boyfriend it doesn’t mean”he replied.

Wait, it looks like I’m embarrassing myself because he doesn’t even care and I was really bothered about it.

“Okay I would get going”I replied and walk away sadly.
“Wait rachael”he called and I turned but I was already a bit far away from him.

“Am kind of happy you are not dating him”he smiled before I walk away to meet my brother.

“Are you double dating”Michelle asked and I roll my eye and enter the car.

“Michelle you should really stop all this”Michael scolded and she raise her hands up.

“Whatever”she replied harshly and her voice sounds hard.
“Michelle not that you are bothering me but I really don’t need all that”I said nicely but she didn’t reply so I just kept quiet.

“It okay”Michael said and patted my shoulder.
The car halted and we alighted as no one said a word.

Dad and mom were in the living room.
“Hey how was school today”my mom asked and hug each of us.

“Great” I replied smiling.
“And guess what, am really sorry I wasn’t around for too long”Dad interrupted.

“I asked the maid to make your favorite meal and also we are going on family trip on Saturday and we are all yours throughout that day” Mom said happily.

We all stare at each other before Michelle jumped up happily.
“Like shopping and no traveling or business things”I asked to be sure.

“Yes, go freshen up while the maid serve your food” she said and we all went upstairs to change.

I take a quick shower and dry up my hair before wearing my pink pyjamas then a flip-flop and walk downstairs to join the rest.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

“Okay what going on” Mom drop the fork on the plate and stare at us.
I guess she found out we aren’t saying anything and it unusual.

Michael was just busy with his phone and Michelle was just hitting her cutlery on the plate making some stupid sound.

Like I care am eating my favorite food so why should I care about someone not eating.

“Did something happen in school today” she asked and Dad eye was on me.

“Rachael what happened” he finally asked.
“Michelle got mad over a little issue” I replied.

“You call that little issue just because I don’t want my little sister heart broken with those two crazy guys” Michelle said and dad drop his Cutlery too.

“Rachael you have a boyfriend” they both said in unison.
“She mentioned two” mom added.
Okay, this isn’t going as expected.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Wahala be like love Lori iro😂

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