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Best Lust Friend’s Episode 30

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💦🍆Best Friend’s Lust🍆💦

🤰💔(Her best friend raped her)💔🤰

Written by Uche Lawrence✍️

Too short😰😰😫😫

💔Chapter 30💔
Authoress’ pov
Kira slumped to the floor. Ryan was the first to see his mother before he called his twin sister to come see what’s happening.

“Mom! Mom! She isn’t waking up, Rhian.” Ryan panicked. He was more worried.

“Calm down, where’s mama’s phone?” Rhian asked and he handed her the phone that was beside Kira.

“Thank God she didn’t put any password on this phone.” They dialed the last number Kira called.

The phone rang twice before Amanda could pick it.
“Aunt! Are you in the office already?” Amanda’s voice rang out but was cut short when she heard the children crying over the phone.
“What’s happening there? Why are you kids crying and where’s aunt?” She asked.

“We don’t know what happened to her. I saw her slumped to the floor. I think she fainted.” Ryan answered.

“Okay, you have to calm down okay? Don’t do anything or go anywhere. I’m coming right away.” Amanda replied and the line went dead.
What could have happened to Kira?

Amanda didn’t waste time before getting to Kira’s house. Immediately she saw Kira on the floor, she ran to her and shook her body first.

“Did she eat something? Wait, let me call the ambulance”
Amanda called the ambulance to come take Kira away while she held the two children into her care.

“Is mommy going to be alright?”

“Sure, maybe she’s just stressed thats why. She’s going to be fine. I can see you’re getting ready for school, should I take you?”

“Nope, we won’t go to school until momma is fine again.” Rhian protested and his brother agreed.

“Oh no! She’s fine already. She just need some rest. You know aunt Kira won’t be happy if she knows that you didn’t go to school today.” Amanda smiled but the children were too sturborn to listen to her.

‘Ah! They just too after my brother’ Amanda thought.

“Okay, let’s get you change first.”

Daniel’s pov
“And now you’re telling me not to talk about that b*tch!?” Nina yelled.

“Next time you call her b*tch again, I will be the one to remove your teeth.” I seethed.

“I knew it! You have that feelings for her, isn’t it? Daniel wake up! Can’t you see me?”

“No, sorry. I can’t see you cause I’m still drowsy.” I replied.

“Oh! Leave that sh*t away! Where’s your mind and brain taking you to? You told us you only love her body isn’t it?” Nina frowned.

“Seriously, I don’t know why you’re bringing up this topic but that was then. Sometimes I wonder why you’re still alive.”

“What!? Do you wish me dead? F*ck! Y’all are fools. If only Stanley was here, he’d have spoken some sense into you.”

“Nina, can we please end this conversation? Too unlucky that Stanley, your companion and supporter is dead now. Leave my office if you don’t have anything to say again.” I showed jer the way out of the office.

“Daniel,” She sniffed but I wasn’t moved. I’m used to her fake tears. “Why are you doing this to me? You know how much I love you. So dearly that I don’t wanna share you with anyone but you’re treating me bad. Why?”

I raised my head from the laptop i was operating to look at her. She was coming closer to my desk and then she sat on it amd parted her legs apart.

Have known her for a b*tchy slut.
What the f*ck!

“Nina, don’t try to do anything silly.” I warned her, seeing her seducing herself in front of me.

“What? What is it that Kira has that I don’t have, huh? Why do you always get close to her more than me?” Nina questioned but I just stood up from my seat and dragged her arm.

“Don’t dare try rubbish in my office anymore. I’m not the Daniel you know.” I groaned and turned her away from the desk.

“Fine! I will leave! But don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m going to crush down what’s making you happy.”

“You’re never going to do that, Nina. Get out before I lose my temper.” She didn’t waste time before going out because she knew my temper isn’t a good one.

I felt a sharp pain in my arm. Arrggh! I shouldn’t be in the office by now but I decided to cause I hate staying at home alone.

Mom and dad aren’t even back yet.

And why’s Kira not in the office yet?

I walked back to my chair and began operating my laptop when Amanda called.

“I’m not going to come back home. Like I said, I’m feeling better now.” I said cause I knew why she called but I think its the other way round.

“Brother, aunt Kira fainted. I took her to the hospital already.” Amanda said and I got up immediately.

“Wha…what did the doctor say about her? I’m coming right away. Which hospital?” I asked, packing am my stuffs into place before grabbing my suit and walked out of the office.

“McDonald’s hospital.” She answered.

“What about the kids?”

“They are with me, they refused to go to school because of their mother.”

“Okay, I’m coming right away.” I put my phone back into my pocket when I got to the reception. “Cancel all this appointments I jave today. I will be back today, if not then tomorrow.” I said to the receptionist amd ran to my car that was parked outside.

I drove out of the company to the hospital.

“Ward 10” The nurse told me.

“Daddy!!” The kids squeaked when I entered the ward. I saw Kira laying on the bed, sleeping peacefully.

“How are you, sweethearts?” I bent down to kiss both Ryan and Rhian before going to Kira.
“What did they doctor say?”

“She’s fine. The doctor only said, she do stress herself too much and she thinks alot.” Amanda replied and I sighed.

It isn’t something serious. I just hope she’s fine. I held her hand and patted it before the twins came over and placed their head on my laps.

“Don’t worry too much, okay? Momma’s going to be fine again.” I assured.

“Did mom tell you they are on their way?” Amanda broke the silence.

“Nope, she called you?”

“Yes, I can’t wait to see them.”
Maybe I’d just show them their grandchildren.
Minutes later, the TV in the room was suddenly changed into a news channel amd we watched.

“Two planes coming from Italy and America crashed in the airport not too long and we call all the members whose family are expecting people from this two countries to come to the international airport right now. (Today’s news)”

“Amanda, did you heard that? You…you told me mom and dad are coming back right? Wait I’m confused. Are they in the plane already before they call you?” I asked.

“Mom told me they were already in the plane and it about to take off. Are you saying they might be part of those…! They can’t be In there!” Amanda gasped. “I need to go to the airport right away. Mom and dad can’t be in the plane.”
Before I could talk, she ran off.

I’m left with the kids and Kira. I can’t leave them here.

“Daddy, MAD is coming.” Rhian spoke but her words confused me.

“MAD? What’s the meaning?”

“Oh! Sorry! She meant Mom and Dad is coming. You know Rhian is kind of crazy now. She now learn stupid slangs from her crush, Jeremy.” Ryan chipped in.

“He’s not my crush!! I don’t crush on small boys!” Rhian yelled.



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