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Beautiful Hoodie Episode 21

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🌞 Chapter Twenty one 🌞
Note: There was a mistake on the last chapter!
It was Chapter twenty, not nineteen!!



I walked out of the bathroom with my white sparkling towel wrapped around my chest as my brown hair was tied up in another towel.

I sat down on my dressing chair and stared at my flushed face on the mirror.

I picked up my body oil and began to rub them on my pale delicate skin gently, admiring as I soak my skin with the oil.

After I was done, I let my towel drop to the ground as I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out a set of matching underwears and put them on.

I picked out a white crop top with a black jean and wore them quickly and pulled out a black sandals and wore them on my feet and pulled out a black brush from my drawer beside my bed and began to brush my brown hair.

I let my hair flow behine and I smiled at the image at the mirror.

I picked my books and stuck them inside my bag and I walked out of my room.

Hopping downstairs in excitement, I met Sparks on the way and I brushed his fur lovingly and walked towards the dinning area. I found my parents talking affectionately with each other as they ate.

I rolled my eyes looking pissed.

Can’t they do their lovey-dovey in their room.

“Ahem”!! I coughed and they both turned to look at me and their grin got wider.

“Honey! How are you”! My mom purred and I walked towards her and hugged her and she pecked my cheeks.


“I’m mad at you dad!! So mad at you! After ditching me during weekends, you suddenly appeared and you expect me to greet you like nothing happened? No way daddy”! I said frowning as I sat down and immediately, the maids rushed in to serve me my meal.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry! I had a lot of business meetings to attend! That’s why I couldn’t come home so we could go out! But I promise, I’ll go with you this weekend”! He said as he gave me an apologetic smile and I frowned at him.

“I’ll cry if you don’t forgive me”! He said, making a sad face and I burst out laughing because his face looked so funny at that moment.

“Okay dad! I forgive you”! I said smiling and his lips stretched into a wide grin.

“Now, come and kiss me”! He said and I smirked at him and walked over to give him a hug as he wrapped his hands tightly around me.

“I miss you so much hunnie”! He said and I smiled.

“I miss you so much dad”! I said and he pulled his hands away from me and I sat down beside him.

As I was done with my breakfast, I walked towards my car and the driver opened the door and I hopped in, plugging in my iPods.

The car halted after a few minutes and I hopped out of the car and walked inside the school, with my bag strapped at my back.

As I walked through the hallway, everyone’s eyes were on me as some stared at me adoringly and some sent me a hateful glare.

Jealous bitches!!

I walked towards my locker and I punched in my password.
I began to pick the books I needed for today’s classes and place back the books I won’t be needing today.

When I was done, I slammed my locker shut and found Ashley beaming at me.

“Ashley”! I half yelled and hugged her tightly to myself and she groaned.
“Don’t suffocate me bestie”! She said and I smirked and pulled away from her, not after smacking the back of her head.

She glared playfully at me and I rolled my eyes and began to arrange the books I picked inside my bag.


“I’m good”! I drawled and we both began to walk together towards the classroom.

“Are you coming for the party”? She asked and I furrowed my brows and turned to gaze at her.

“Which party are you talking about”? I asked and she rolled her eyes, looking pissed and I frowned at her.

“It’s Roy’s birthday party! He invited me and of course, you, to come over”! She said and I sighed.

“I don’t think I want to go”! I said as we both sat down and placed our bags on our laps.

“Don’t be such a nerd Kyra! It’s just a party”! She said, trying hard to convince me and I sighed again.

“Stop doing that! You are making it look like I wanted you to sign a death sentence”! She said and I chuckled.

“Do it for your bestie”! She said, giving me a puppy look and I laughed.
“Okay fine! For my bestie”! I said, giving her a warm smile and she giggled.


“What are you so excited about Ashley”?

We turned, only to see the teacher staring at us, with his hands akimbo.

When did he even enter the class??

We muttered our apologies and brought out our note for classes.


“See you at the party! I’ll come and pick you up”! Ashley yelled after me as I scurried off to meet my driver.

“Sure bestie”!

“Ooh! Before I forget, I have a surprise for you”!
I turned to meet her, with a gleam of excitement in my eyes and she giggled.

“Where is it”! I asked eagerly and she frowned.

“The surprise is in the party”!

“Ooh”! I said, less excited and she smirked.

“So, what is the surprise”! I asked her and she rolled her eyes at me.

“I already ruin the surprise if I tell you! Just go home before you make me tell you the whole surprise”! She said and I chuckled and hopped into the car.

“Bye bestie”! She yelled and I smiled!

“See you at the party”! I replied and the car drove off.

When I got home, I bobbled towards my room and walked straight to the bathroom and pulled off my clothes and soaked myself in the warm soap water in the bathtub.

An hour later, I sat on the dinning as the maids began to dish my meal and I placed a call to my mom.

📞Hi mommy. 📞

📞Hey sweetie! How are you?📞 She drawled and I smiled

📞I’m fine mom! How is work at the company?📞 I asked and she sighed.
📞 Stressful as usual!📞
📞 Don’t tire yourself out mom! Please!📞 I said worriedly and she chuckled.

📞I won’t sweetie! You need anything?📞She asked and I smiled.

📞Yeah mommy! I have a party to attend and it’s by 8:00pm. Can I go mom”?📞 I said and I heard her sigh.
📞But baby……….📞
📞 Please mom! I promised Ashley that I would come!📞 I said and she sighed again.

📞 Alright fine! But you must come home before 11:00pm.📞 She said and I nodded, as if she was seeing me.
📞No problem mommy! Love you!📞
📞Love you too baby!!📞

I hung up, with a huge smile on my face.

I walked tiredly to my room and slammed the door and I hopped into my bed.
Immediately I closed my eyes, I wandered into dreamland.

I woke up with a start and quickly scurried out of the bed and cursed as I checked what the time was.



I quickly took a shower and walked over to my room to pick a dress.

I picked a black off shoulder short gown that stopped at my mid thighs and pulled out my red pumps.
I made just a simple light makeup for myself and brushed my hair backwards.

I smiled at myself when I saw my image in the mirror and picked up my red sling bag.
My phone dinged and I walked over to pick it up.
It was a text from Ashley, telling her to meet her downstairs.

Won’t she even come upstairs?

I turned and found my mom standing at the doorway, with a smile on her face.

“You look so pretty”! She said as she walked towards me and planted a kiss on my forehead.

“Thanks Mom”! I said, with a warm smile on my face.
I feel so happy and honoured anytime my mom would walked up to my room just to praise and admire me.

“You are coming home by 10:30”! She said and I nodded as I hugged her and strotted out of my room, with my mom following behind.

“Where is dad”? I asked as I walked downstairs.

“He went for a business meeting! He will be back by 10:00”! She said and I nodded.

“Take care okay! Call if Ashley’s driver can’t bring you home”! She said and I nodded with a smile and walked towards Ashley’s car.

“Hey bitch”! I purred as I hopped Into the car.

“Damn Kyra! You look so beautiful”! She said and I flipped my hair backwards and smirked.

“Ooh thank you bestie! You look awesome”! I also commented and she smiled.

“You can say that again”! She said and the car drove off, to the party.

By the time we got there, the place was bobbling with activities as several people had already gathered for the party.

“Is this a club or a birthday party”? I asked as I stared at the huge house in front of me.

“Whatever bitch! Are you coming in or not”? She said and I send her a glare and she chuckled as we both walked into the house.

The place was so full, with music blaring hard and we struggled through crowds and walked towards an empty seat.

“Want a drink”? Ashley asked and I nodded

“Juice”! I said and she smiled and walked away and I began to watch the people dancing and every other activities going on.

“Here you go”! Ashley said as she handed me a glass of juice.

I smiled in appreciation and took a gulp.

She sat beside me and began to sip her drink.

“Hey ladies! Glad to see you both here”!

We turned and saw Roy grinning at us as he sat down beside me.

Our eyes widened!

Roy was like the school god!
Always looking so cold and arrogant!

And oh! Very handsome!!

Many girls begged to date him!
He was the school charm!

Many girls had begun to even throw hateful stares at us because he was sitting with us but I cared less!

I had no time for bitches!!

“I’m so glad to be here Roy! Anything for you”! Ashley said as she blushed when Roy turned to look at her.

“You look so beautiful Kyra”! He said and I furrowed my brows as I looked at him.


“Yes! You! You’ve always been beautiful”! He said and I smiled.

“Thank you Roy”! I replied and he winked at me.

“Care for a dance”? He asked and I shook my head.

“No! I rather sit here and watch”! I said and he pouted.
“Please Kyra”! He said and I shook my head.

“I’m sorry Roy! I don’t feel like dancing and besides, I’m not a good dancer”. I said and he sighed.

“Okay! I’ll be back! I’ll just see some friends”! He said as he stood up.


I turned to meet Ashley and found her looking sad and absentmindedly.

“Bestie”! I called and she turned to look at me and smiled brightly.

“Are you okay”! I asked and she nodded.

“Of course I am! I won’t let anyone ruin this day for me”! She said and I smiled.

“I just feel like dancing”! Ashley said and I rolled my eyes at her.

“I’ll pass! Go and dance! But be careful”! I said and she smirked as she walked towards a guy and they both walked towards the dancing floor and they began to dance.
I looked around and gulped my juice at once!


Suddenly, I felt my body grew weak, and my eyes were closing gradually.

What is wrong with me??
I tried standing up to search for Ashley but I ended up staggering and I almost fell.

What is wrong with me??

“Kyra are you okay”?

I sighed in relief as I saw her walked towards me with a concerned expression.

“I don’t know! I feel dizzy all of a sudden”! I said and she sighed.

“Come on! Let me take you somewhere so that you could rest”! She said as she held me by the arm and I weakly pulled from her grasp.

“You should call your driver instead. Let him come and take me home”! I said feebly and she smiled.

“Sure! I will! But you should stay in a room and rest! When the driver comes, I’ll call you and help you go home”! She said and I nodded as we both climbed up the stairs.

“Where are we going”! I asked her, still feeling dizzy and she smiled.

“You’ll see”! She said and I furrowed my brows in confusion.

My body had begun to grow so weak and I felt my eyes closing gradually.

I just had a drink! Not alcohol!

Then the realization dawn on me.

Someone drugged me!

But who?? I
Ashley was the one who gave me the drink!


“You know, when a predator wants to devour it’s prey, they make their prey very vunerable”! Ashley said, still maintaining that strange smile on her face as she pulled me.

“Ashley, I think someone drugged my drink”! I said weakly.

She looked at me and smirked.

“Took you so long to realize”! She said and we stopped in front of f a room.

She pushed the door opened and what I saw made me gasped in shock and fright.

Two huge men layed down as they groaned with pain, holding their groins.

“Ashley! What is this! Why did you bring me here”? I asked, staring at her in horror as I tried to pull away from her but she held me so tightly and sent me a mischievous smirk.

“These guys you see, are so high on drugs! They are horny as fuck! And they need a meal to satisfy them, so, you will be that meal”! She said, with a gleam of mischief and hate on her face and I frowned.

“Ashley, I don’t understand what you are saying! You are my friend! Why will you do such a thing”! I half yelled weakly as I continued struggling with her but she held me tightly.

I was even too weak to move as I felt my knees become wobble.

“Friends”? She said and laughed out haughtily that sent a shiver done my spine as I watched her with a horrified expression.

“I was supposed to be the queen of the school! The school charm! But you took that away from me! You took all the love and attention from me! Even my crush doesn’t even look at me just because of you”! She growled angrily and I flinched.

“Ashley! I’m your best friend”!
Tears has begun to pour down my face as I stare at the devil I called a best friend.

I looked at the two horny men groaning and I gulped in fear.

“Best friend? That word disgust me”! She said and I widened my eyes in shock.

“Well, this is the only way I could get all the love and attention you stole from me. And oh, there is a camera in there! I can’t wait to watch you online”!

“You are a devil”!!
She smirked at me and pushed me into the room and banged the door immediately.

“No!! Ashley! Open the door please”!! I yelled, with hot tears pouring down my cheeks as I banged the door.

The two men walked menancingly towards me and pushed me and I hit my back on the bed.

They crawled towards me and began to tear my clothes into shreds and parted my thighs as I yelled.



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