March 6, 2021


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Beautiful Hoodie Episode 19

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✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

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🌞 Chapter nineteen🌞

♠️ Hayden ♠️
The doctor walked in and his eyes widened in pleasant surprise when he saw Kyra awake already.

“You woke up”! He exclaimed with a smile and I smiled back at him.
Kyra maintained a blank expression, just staring at the doctor and the doctor shifted uncomfortably as he causiously walked towards Kyra and began to feel her body temperature.

I move away to make space for him to do his job and I walked out of the room.

“She is awake”! I said to the older woman, smiling and her eyes which were once filled with despair litted up in hope and excitement.

“I’ll just go and see her”! She said as she ran into the room.

I tried to follow her but I felt someone held my arm and pulled me back.

I turned to see who it was and my face turned into a frown when I saw Suzzane stood in front of me.

“What do you what”? I asked, anger evident in my voice as I spoke to her.

She shivered as she looked at me and smiled nervously.

“How are you”? She asked and the urge to shout at her surged through my bones but I rolled my eyes at her and tried to walk away again when she held me tightly.

“Hayden! Why are you avoiding me? Did I do anything wrong? Or is it because of that crazy pyscho”? She said and I turned sharply and gripped her arm.

“Say one more despicable word about her and I’ll snap your head off”! I growled and she paled and tried to pull away from my grasp.

I pulled my hands away from her and tried to walk away when she spoke again.

“What is so special about her? Didn’t you heard that she slit her wrist and they may talk her to the rehabilitation center? Ain’t you afraid that she might hurt you”?

“I prefer being close to her, than staying with a bitch like you! Thanks for your concern, I don’t need them”! I said and without turning back, I walked into the room.


Suzzane could only grit her teeth in anger as she watched Hayden walked away.

That bitch!

That god-damned psycho!!
Always stealing things that doesn’t belong to her.
First, her mother’s attention, and now Hayden??

Will she fold her arms and let that bitch take everything she loved.

No way!!
She won’t let that happen!

She just had to do something!

Something that will make her get her mother’s attention back, make Hayden notice her and finally throw that psycho out of their lives.

She felt her face grew red with anger as she marched away, feeling so sour and bitter.


After the doctors were through with me, Auntie Kath said she would rush to bring food for me and come back quickly.

As she left, I saw Hayden walked in, with his hands tucked inside his pocket and I felt my cheeks reddened and I lowered my gaze and began to fiddle with my fingers.

He walked towards me and sat beside me, placing his beautiful long slender fingers on mine and I was forced to stare at his blue pursian eyes.

“Feeling better”? He asked and I nodded.

“Sure”! He asked and I nodded again as we stare at each other.

His blonde locks fell over his face and before he could push them back in place, I found my hands pushing the locks away and staring at his face.

I felt my heart race faster as he stared at me.

My gaze traveled from his blue charming eyes to his pink plump lips and I gulp.

Since when did I become this indecent??

“Hello here”! We both heard a voice that jolted us out of our revire as we turned to look at who had enter and I saw the red haired girl staring at me with a smile on her face.


“Yes! I’m so glad you remember my name! How are you feeling”? She asked and I nodded.

She excitedly walked over and sat beside me, and surprisingly, I didn’t cringe at her sudden closeness.

What if Hayden was right?
What if i could smile again?

What if I could let all the pain go and become the cheerful girl I once was??



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