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Beautiful Hoodie Episode 18

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🌞 Chapter eighteen 🌞

♠️ Hayden ♠️

“She slit her wrist! And now, she is in a critical condition”! Mom said sadly and I paled out in shock.

Slit her wrist??


“She has to undergo a blood transfusion in the next 24 hours, she may not make it if they don’t do the blood transfusion”!

I felt my knees go weak as I pulled out a chair and sat down, still trying to recover from the shock!!

“Why will she do such a thing”! May asked, with a look filled with pity and regret.

“I honestly don’t know! And now, I feel that everything I’ve done to help her is all a waste”! Mom said as she lowered her gaze to the ground looking very sad.

I sighed in despair as I walked towards her and hugged her tightly to myself as I Pat her hair.
May walked over to us and joined in the hug.

“We are in this together mom! I want to help you”! I said and mom turned to look at me.

“You will”? She asked, hope beaming in her eyes and I nodded.

“I will too”! May said, with a wide grin and mom smiled.

“Thanks guys! You all are the best thing that ever happened to me”!

“She is trapped in her horrible past. She had gone too deep. It’s going to be so hard to make her better”! Mom said and I nodded.

“I know mom! But I want to try my best”! I said, with a determined glint in my eyes and she smiled.

I guess I’ll have to pay Kyra a visit.


I found myself walking in a dark place. It was so dim and there was no sign of light.
But slowly, my eyes got adjusted to the darkness as I kept walking.

The road was lonely! Quiet!


This was me!!

A very clear description of me!!

Slowly, dim light began to shine in front of me and I gasped when I saw the two figures that stood in front of me!



“Mom!!!! Dad”!! I called happily, as my lips stretched into a smile and my slow strides broke into a run as I began to run towards them.

But my smile turned into a frown when they kept drifting away the more I wanted to get close to them.

What is going on!!

Why is it so hard to get close to them?

Suddenly, they both vanished with the wind and darkness clouded around me once more, hugging me like a blanket.

I felt my knees go weak as a tear dropped from my eyes and I dropped down on my eyes on the floor!

Please don’t leave me again!!!



“I was supposed to save her! Now, I put her in danger instead”! Maureen lamented as she sat beside her friend, with a depressed look.

“It will be fine Maureen! Although your mission is very dangerous, you can try another way to get to her since I tried discouraging you but you won’t listen”! Her friend said and Maureen got up again, pacing around the room.

“I have to come up with some evidence, something that I can use against that evil man so that he can pay for all the evil things he did to Kyra and her family! I have to do something and she has to know what really happened to her parents”! Maureen said, and she facepalmed herself when she couldn’t come up with any reasonable plans.

“Now he thinks you are dead Maureen! Stay low for a while, then pay Kyra a visit”! Her friend suggested and Maureen nodded.

“While I stay low, I’ll think of a plan to finally end that evil man once and for all”! Maureen said, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

♠️ Hayden ♠️

I walked through the hospital the next day looking for Kyra’s room.

May had something to do in school but she promised to come and join me later in the day.

As I walked down the hallway, my eyes widened in surprise when I saw Suzzane sitting with an older woman.

I furrowed my brows as I walked towards them and stood in front of them.
They turned to look at me and Suzzane’s eyes widened while the older woman furrowed her brows at me.

“Who are you”? The older woman asked and I smiled warmly at her.

“Good morning ma’am! I’m Mrs Smith’s some and a classmate to Kyra”! I said and the woman’s face broke into a small smile.

“Good to finally see you! You look like your mom! You came to see Kyra”? She asked and I nodded.

Her face because mixed with sorrow and regret and I felt pity for her.

“She hasn’t woken up ever since the blood transfusion. I’m getting so worried”! She said and I smiled at her.

“Kyra is a fighter ma’am! She’ll be fine”! I said and she looked at me, with hope shinning in her eyes.

This was her auntie mom told me about!
And I guess she is Suzzane’s mom!

“Hey Hayden”! Suzzane greeted, her cheeks turned pink as she stared at me.

I scoffed!

“Hey”! I said gruffly as I walked towards the door to Kyra’s room and gently pushed the door opened.

I walked in and closed the door behind me and walked towards the bed she was lying in.

Gosh she was still as beautiful as ever.
Her thick long curly lashes stretched out like a beautiful feather, shinning in the sunlight.
Her pinkish lips were partly opened like soft fresh petals.
This time, I could see her beautiful jade skin and her red supple as they were as smooth and flawless.
Her alluring almond shaped face looked so peaceful, like a princess who was just sleeping.
Her beautiful brown shiny hair sprawled on the bed and I sat down on the chair close to her bed, and ruffled her hair tenderly.

How I wish she could just opened her eyes so that I could see her beautiful gray eyes which had always had a way of charming me.

Warmth surged through me as I picked her beautiful long slender fingers and enjoined them with mine.

I hope you get better Kyra!
I don’t know what happened to you and what made you this way, but I hope you get better soon!

As I stared intently into her face, I saw a tear dropped down her cheeks and I widened my eyes in shock.

Is she crying!

Is she crying in her dreams??

I kissed her palm, feeling my insides churned with pain and sadness as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Kyra! Kyra please wake up! Stop crying please”! I said softly into her eyes.

Slowly, she began to open her eyes and I sighed in relief.

She closed them back and opened them again as more tears began to pour from her eyes.

“Am I in heaven”? She asked, her voice sounding a little croaked and my face turned into a frown.

Did she badly want to die??

“Kyra! No you are not!! You are here with the people who loves you so much! Please don’t cry”! I said softly as I rubbed her hands warmly.

“I miss mom and dad! I just want to die! I want to meet them”! She said and I felt my heart filled with despair.

“You are so selfish Kyra”! I said, softly at her and she slowly turned to look at me.

“You don’t even care about the people who loved you! You only care about yourself”! I said and I saw tears pooled up in her eyes.

“Nobody loves me”! She said sadly and I held her soft supple face in my palm as I wiped her tears with my thumb.

“That’s not true! Your auntie loves you so much! Mrs Smith too! And me! I said and she stared at me with her beautiful gray eyes.

“I just wanted to meet my parents! I just wanted to end this pain I feel once and for all”! She said as more tears fell from her eyes and I tenderly wiped them with my thumb.

“You may kill yourself to end your pain! But the pain your loved ones will feel will be far far worse! You may die once and feel you’ve ended your pain and will stop becoming a burden to those who love you,but you’ve made them die a million times because of your death”!

She looked at me and closed her eyes and opened them back to stare at me.

“I’m hurting inside! The pain is too much for me to bear! I don’t know how to stop them”! She said and I smiled sadly.

“Let them out! They will keep soffocating you if you bottle them up inside. And always know, that your loved ones will always be there to help you forget every painful memories”! I said and more tears fell from her eyes and I kept wiping them.

And now, I’m so certain that Kyra will one day, escape from her horrible past that had trapped her deep inside!!!

Far away into another country, in a different city, inside a psychiatrist hospital, a girl clutch her pillow tightly as tears like rain poured down her face as she kept muttering the same word every day.

“I’m sorry Kyra! Forgive me! I’m so sorry”! The girl muttered as she cried so hard.

Two doctors stared at her pitifully and shook their heads in despair.

They’ve tried their best to cure her but all to no avail!
They had become so tired of trying to cure her.

The only cure now, which they could hope for, was the Kyra the girl kept calling every day and night


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