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Beautiful Hoodie Episode 17

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✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

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🌞 Chapter seventeen 🌞

Auntie Kath’s screams brought two nurses running down to see what had made Auntie Kath scream and they stood on their track and third face paled when they saw the horrible sight in front of them.

Kyra layed on her bed, looking lifeless. Her bed were stained with heavy blood which had begun to drop little by little on the floor.
When their traced the source of where the blood was coming from, their faces paled in horror as they saw blood seeping out of her wrist and a blood stained knife on her right hand.

“Jesus Christ”!!! The first nurse screamed in horror and the other nurse scampered immediately to call the doctor.
The first nurse also followed, leaving Auntie Kath who had become white with fright.

She felt her knees go weak as she fell to the ground, with tears pouring down from her cheeks.

The doctor rushed in, and widened his eyes when he saw the horrible sight in front of him.
Summoning courage, he walked towards Kyra and began to clean the cut immediately, to avoid more blood pouring out.

“I can’t find any pulse”! He said and he shook his head.

“Her breathing is not normal! Give me an oxygen mask quickly”! He yelled at one of the nurses and she walked away fast.

Auntie Kath got up and walked to the doctor, holding him tightly by the arm.

“Do something to save my niece! She must not die”! Auntie Kath yelled, still holding his cloth tight.

“Please take her out”! The doctor said to the male nurses beside him and they nodded and began to drag Auntie Kath outside as she struggled.

“Let go of me! I want to stay with Kyra! Let me go! Take your hands away from me”! She wailed and struggled with the nurses.

Mrs Smith walked briskly towards Kyra’s room as she heard of the accident, but stopped on her track when she heard the wailing voice of Auntie Kath.

Curiously, she walked faster and found Auntie Kath dragged out of Kyra’s room and she struggled with the male nurses.

“Let her go! Let her go please”! Mrs Smith begged, walking towards them quickly and Auntie Kath ran into her arms, in tears.

“She slit her wrist!! She slit her wrist”!

Mrs Smith froze as she held Auntie Kath who was crying in her arms.

No!!!! Oh no!!!!!

“It’s okay”! Mrs Smith said, patting the back of Auntie Kath gently as she herself wiped a tear.

Why does it feel like she had failed in curing Kyra!!
Now, she is back to square one again!!!!

♠️ Hayden ♠️

During our class free period, I sat down on my desk reading a book when our class teacher walked in,with a sullen look on his face.

“Good morning class”! He said, calling the attention of everyone and we all turned to look at him curiously.

“I have a bit of news! And it’s not a good one! Kyra Milson had an accident this morning. She is in the hospital presently and her condition is critical. We hope to hear more news from her family as they refused to disclose the hospital she was admitted and what really happened to her”! The teacher said and walked away, as we all stared at him with shock!

I felt my heart break into two!
This girl had suffered so much! Why accident?

I turned to look at May as she stared at we with eyes full of shock!
The class had begun to mumur. Some laughed it off like it was nothing. But the caring ones among them muttered their condolences.
I felt my eyes water as I felt so sad.
What happened to her?

I turned to look at Suzzane and found her giggling with her friends!

Godamn that bitch!!

I stood up as I hung my bag at my back and walked out of the class.

“Hayden! Wait”! I heard Astrid called as she ran and placed herself in front of me.

“Where are you going? I wanted us to have lunch together”! She said as she battled her lashes at me and I frowned in disgust.

“Get out of my way”? I growled angrily and her smirking face faltered as she stared at me, looking confused.

“Get out of my way bitch”! I yelled at her in anger and she flinched fearfully and walked away, embarrassed.

“Hayden, it’s okay”! May said calmly as she placed a comforting hand on my shoulder and I sighed in despair.

“She doesn’t deserve to suffer May”! I said as I looked at her sadly and she nodded, hugging me.

“Everyone deserves better Hayden”! She said, patting me at the back and I wrapped my arms around her.

“It will be okay big bro! It will be okay”!

I smiled when she called me big bro!

Oh! She reminds me of my little sister!!!!


The doctor walked out of the room, looking downtrodden as he walked towards Auntie Kath who had smuggled herself in the arms of Mrs Smith.

She had begun to quiet down as she just sniffed, but when she saw the doctor walking towards them, she stood up abruptly as she walked towards the doctor.

“How is my niece? How is she? Is she okay? Has she woken up”? Auntie Kath began to ask questions as tears slowly poured down her cheeks.

The doctor turned to see Mrs Smith standing beside Auntie Kath and he furrowed his brows.

“You know her”? He asked and the latter nodded.

“She is my friend”! Mrs Smith answered.
Auntie Kath tugged at his shirt, looking impatient.

“Tell me what is wrong with my niece”! She half yelled and the doctor frowned.

“Mrs Kath, I would advise you to control yourself. Behaving irrational in this hospital is not allowed”! The doctor said and more tears poured down Auntie Kath’s cheeks and Mrs Smith gave her a comforting side hug as she glanced sadly at the doctor.

“She is going through alot doctor! Please go easy on her”! Mrs Smith said and the doctor sighed.

“Well, the patient is going through serious emotional trauma. She may be a threat to herself and other people so I think we should move her to the rehabilitation center for……….”

“My niece is not crazy! She is not going to the rehabilitation center! She is fine! She is not a mental patient”! Auntie Kath half yelled and the doctor sighed, looking pissed.

Mrs Smith nudged Auntie Kath gently and then turned to the doctor.
“There is no need for that! I’m her therapist”! Mrs Smith said and the doctor gave a small smile.

“That’s good then! I’m sure the patient is in safe hands as far as she is with you”! The doctor said and Mrs Smith gave him a faux smile and nodded.

“But the patient doesn’t seems so good as a result of the too much blood she lost because of the wound. Her breathing is not normal and we have to do a blood tranfusion before the next 24 hours. We may lose her if we don’t”. The doctor said and Auntie Kath hugged Mrs Smith, feeling so sad and downtrodden.

“Excuse me”! The doctor said and walked away.

“Why is these things happening to us? Why”?! Auntie Kath lamented as she wept and Mrs Smith kept trying to console her.

♠️ Hayden ♠️

It was evening!

I paced around my room, looking so worried as I waited for my mom to come home.

“Can you at least sit down for a while? You are making me feel dizzy”! May said and I frowned at her.

“Really”! I said and she rolled her eyes at me.

Suddenly, we heard the horn of her car and we both rushed downstairs and found mom, walking towards the stairs, looking tired.

“Mona! Please get my dinner upstairs and get my bath ready”! Mom called the house maid and said to her and turned to look at us with weary eyes.

“Mom! You don’t look okay! What happened”? May asked as we all walked with her to her room.

Mom walked towards her king sized bed and slumped on her bed tiredly.

“Mom, did you hear that Kyra had an accident”? I asked and she nodded as she placed her palm on her face.

“How is she”? I asked, feeling agitated already.

“She was okay! She was fine”! Mom said and I furrowed my brows in confusion.

I didn’t forget to notice the key word ‘was’ as mom spoke.

“Then what happened”? I asked again and mom sighed in despair.

“She slit her wrist! And now, she is in a critical condition”! Mom said sadly and I paled out in shock.

Slit her wrist???



I feel so so sad for Kyra!!


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