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Ulinma (My Village Wife) Season 2 Episode 5-7

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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 05💗

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
When i woke up the next day i blinked my eyes serially to adjust to the sun light coming through the window.

When everything became clear to me i tried getting up from the bed to start my daily activities since today was saturday .

But i noticed Fred’s strong hands were wrapped around my body and that made a smile appear on my face.

After a little while of trying to free myself from his grip i finally escaped from him.

I said escape because i didn’t wonna wake him up.

I stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom thank God the pain in between my legs were totally gone.

When i got to the bathroom i did my business and took a worm shower.

After that i wrapped myself in a white towel and stepped out of the bathroom i looked at Fred and he was still sound at sleep.

I applied my body lotion and covered my hair with a hair net and wore one of Fred’s causal Top and a bum short.

I picked up my phone i played a song from Davido and fixed my ear pod on my ear and started living the room.

I glanced at Fred and he was still sleeping thank God i didn’t wake him up i smiled and covered him properly with a duvet before living the bedroom.

Hours later……💓💓
I was done with every house choirs including the laundering.

I was now in the kitchen making breakfast or will i say lunch because it was already 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

One thing about Fred is that he hardly wakes up early on saturdays and sundays and i hate disturbing him.

Since it was pass breakfast i decided to make mushroom and egg sauce with rice and fried turkey.

After a while i was already done with the cooking so i dished out some portion of it enough for Fred and i and put the rest inside the fridge.

I started setting the table.
when i was done setting the table i decided to go into the bedroom to call Fred when i heard the door bell ring.

So i decided to answer the door first immediately i opened the door i saw a woman at the door.

Hmm who could she be i thought.

“Good afternoon ma’am please how may i help you?”
I asked politely.

“Oh morning young lady please is Mr Fredric in? because i am actually here to see him.”
she replied and i immediately opened the door wind for her to get in.

“Yes ma’am his in i was actually going to call him when you came in and please do make yourself comfortable.”
I replied her with a smile.

“Oh thank you darling.”
she said and sat down on one of the single couch in the living room.

“And ma’am if he ask me how is looking for him what will i say?”
I asked.

“Just tell him it Mrs Anna he will understand.”
she replied and i nodded and left.

When i got to the bedroom i saw Fred already dress up in a ripper Jean trouser and a white singlet making him look super hot.

“Baby good afternoon.”
I greeted and walked up to him and wrapped my hands around his neck and placed a light kiss on his lip.

“Morning beauty how was your night? I woke up and i couldn’t see you in bed.”
he said.

“My night was blissful baby and sorry you didn’t see me in bed when you woke up i had to do my wifely duties.”
I replied and he smiled.

“Is food ready because i am fvcking hungry.”
he said and his stomach grumbled making me burst into laughter.

“Of course lunch is served and less i forget there is a woman outside she said she came to see you.”
I said touching his hairy jaw.

“A woman? and what’s her name?”
he asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Mrs Anna.”
I replied almost immediately.

“Oh come let go downstairs i don’t wonna keep her waiting.” he said and we started going to the living room.

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
When we got to the living room i saw Mrs Anna sitting at the couch in the living room with her leg crossed.

This old woman will not seeze to amuse me with the way she behaves.

She reminds me of mama so much it just like they are two different people but with same character.

Even at her early fifties she still dresses like a youth and even applies makeup.

“Good afternoon Mrs Anna how was your day?”
I asked her with a smile.

“My day was splendid amazing and fantasy darling.”
she replied and i nearly bursted into laughter.

This old woman and her grammar.

“That’s lovely ma please in order not to waste your time since you said you are in a hurry this is my wife ulinma, ulinma this is Mrs Anna your private teacher.”
I introduced.

“Wow i never knew this beauty is your wife nice to meet you darling and our class will commence by tomorrow.”
Mrs Anna said and beauty smiled.

“Okay ma’am i will be looking forward to that.”
my wife replied and she smiled and stood up.

“Fredric i will take my leave now.”
she said.

“Okay ma’am.”
I replied and she left.

Immediately i closed the door i felt someone hug me from behind.

“Baby thank you so much, i don’t know how to thank you enough God has used you to change my life and i will be forever grateful.”
she said and i smiled.

“My love do you know one thing that is gonna cause problem between the two of us huh?”
I asked.

she said looking worried.

“That’s if you ever tell me thank you again because i am your husband and you are my wife, what belongs to you belongs to me vice versa.”
I said and she smiled and hugged me tight.

“Now can we go and eat am starving.”
I said and she laughed and started dragging me to the dinning.

Hours later……💓💓
I was sitting in the living room watching a movie with a bottle of whiskey on the table.

Ulinma was already sound at sleep on my laps and i didn’t want to disturb her.

I looked at her sleeping face and a grateful smiled appeared on my face.

I am so happy that my mom made me marry ulinma because she’s everything a man desire in a woman.

But unfortunately she all mine and who ever trys to hurt her will face my full route.

I was still wallowing in my beautiful thought when the door bell rang so loud waking ulinma up.
I groaned angrily.

“who the fvck his that?”
I said and walked to the door and immediately i opened the door my mother pushed me out of her way and walked in.

“Mama you did not tell me you’re coming.”
I said looking so confused.

“How was i going to tell you when the two of you refuse to pick my call ehh?”
she said with her hands on her waist.

And ulinma started laughing and Mama shot her a glance and to she close her mouth with two hands.

“Ehh mama you that….”
I was saying when she cut me off.

“ mechee ụre ọnu gi(close your dirty mouth)
since the two of you has refused to give me my grandchildren i want you people to go inside and started making babies right now.”
she said taking me by surprise.

“But mama…”
beauty was saying when mama opened her bag and brought out a long cane.

“This children don’t know i came prepared.”
she said and before she could flog us we ran upstairs to our room.

“Make babies ooo!!!”
we heard mama shout from the locked door and we bursted into hilarious laughter.

Mama will not kill someone.😂



Mama ehhhh🤣🤣
This woman want to kill somebody😂

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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 06💗

👵Mama comfort’s Pov👵
Maybe this children thinks i am playing with them abi.

Okay ooo
we shall see who will get tired today.

If they think i am going today or tomorrow ashi(lie).

We die here is either they give me grandchildren or i will turn this house upside down.

I took a key and lock them inside the room.

“Oh you people are laughing okwaya? I have already locked you two inside the room i will only open this door when you two are done making babies.”
I said and i immediately heard ulinma shout.

nne don’t do like this nah just open the door we will make babies in the night Biko zie(please nah).”

“I laugh in Spanish infact i laugh in China so you people think you can trick me okwaya? it’s not going to work.”
I said humming a song.

“Nne please nah the sun it’s to hot for someone to start having sex nah abi you want someone to die.”
Fred said.

“This boy thinks i am playing Bia this boy if the two of you want to die then die the only thing important to me right now is my grandchildren.”
I replied.

“Nne is me oo is your ulinma oo please open the door let me go and prepare something for you to eat bikonu.”
nma said and i laughed.

“Ulinwanma mu you see the Bible even said it man shall not live by bead alone so the two of you should make babies.”
I replied.

“Oh God!”
Fred shouted as if i care.

“I am going to the living room right now i will be inspecting you two everything five minutes and until i hear moans coming out from this room i will not open this door.”
I said living the room ignoring there pleads.

That one is there business me i have said my own.

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
So mama is actually serious about this making babies to the extent of locking us inside.

This woman will really do well in acting movies, you mean to say that all in the name of grandchildren that’s why Mama locked us inside.

And to say mama came all the from the village to Lagos with a cane that she was gonna use to flog us was what baffled me the more.

Mama came really be dramatic sometimes i swear down and couldn’t stop myself from laughing same with beauty.

Since we didn’t hear from mama again we got tired of standing at the door and went to sit down on the bed.

“Fred i never knew mama was being serious ooo.”
beauty said and i laughed.

“Same here i never knew she was serious about making babies too.”
I replied.

She yawned and i smiled maybe she’s feeling sleepy.

Why won’t she feel tired when she did lot of house choirs today including washing my clothes.

Including office outfits.

“Beauty do you wonna sleep huh?”
I asked.

“Yes i am feeling so fricking tired.”
she replied streching.

“Don’t you think you clothes are too heavy for the weather.”
I asked.

“Yeah let to undress.”
she said and i nodded.

I also removed the ripper Jean i was wearing living me in just my boxer and singlet.

Ulinma also changed into a handless crop top with her bum short.

She came over to the bed while i on the air condition and we entered the duvet and she placed her head on my chest and in few minutes time we both traveled to dreamland.

Hours later……💓💓
Someone tapped me on the shoulder forcing me to open my eyes.

I saw mama standing beside the bed with a smile on her face this woman will not seeze to amuse me.

I hummed .

“Wake ulinma up so the two of you should come and eat i prepared oha soup.”
she said.

“Okay mama we will be down in few minutes time.”
I replied and said left.

Thank God the make babies spirit is gone for now.

I tapped beauty on the shoulder and she muttered some words and continued sleeping.

Her sleeping position was so funny that i had to take my phone and snap her.

I immediately use the picture as my screen saver and dropped my phone on top of the side drawer.

“Beauty wake up let’s go and eat before mama starts again.”
I said tapping on her shoulder and is forced her eye open.

she asked with making her look so pretty.

“Mama said we should come and eat it’s like she prepared oha soup.”
I said giving her a kiss.

“Okay let’s go and take a quick shower because for me i am damn sweating.”
she said and a mischievous smile appeared on my face.

she asked looking at me suspiciously.

“Are you sure you want to bath with me because i don’t think our last one went well.”
I said and she laughed.

“Come on don’t be ridiculous come let hurry before mama’s spirit of making babies return.”
she said making me laugh.

The two of us took our bath together and after that we dressed up and went downstairs.

When we got to the living room mama was setting up the table.

“Mama good evening.”
beauty greeted.

Wait is it evening already i thought and looked at the wall clock and it was 4 o’clock already.

Mehnnn how time flies so fast.

“Evening my darling how was your nap?”
mama asked.

“Fine nne what did u cook?”
beauty asked.

“Oha soup your favorite.”
mama replied.

i never knew oha soup was ulinma’s favorite food.

“Then what are we waiting for let’s dig in.”
I said and sat down while mama dished out the food for us.
I moaned because the food was delicious.

“Nne did is so so delicious.”
beauty complemented and mama smiled.

“Oya the two of you should eat up its not good talking while eating.”
she said and we faced our food.

💔Natasha’s Pov💔
I was with chioma at my hotel room and we were just planning on how to execute our plan.

I have already paid a guy who dresses like a beggar to monitor Fred and his wife.

He called me this afternoon and said an old woman who looks exactly like Fred came.

And i guess that’s his mom.
and then an idea came into my head.

Why not i go to his house for a proper introduction to my future mother in-law maybe she might even like me.

I discussed it with chioma and she advised me not to go with the excuse that Fred’s mother is so much in love with his wife.

She said Fred getting married to her cousin was all his mother’s idea.

But guess what i didn’t buy to it.
my mind was made up that i wanna go see my future mother in-law and know how she looks like.

Chioma continued warning me and that got me pissed off.

“Hey bitch i am the boss here and my word is law get that into your thick skull.”
I yelled.

“Okay there is no issue at all but if she gives you the insult of your life don’t say i didn’t warn you.”
she replied and picked up her bags and left.

“Bloody bitch.”
I caused under my breathe.

How dare her tell me what to do.
my phone started ringing and i checked the caller and it was Dad.

I wasn’t in the mood for there blabbing so i declined the call.

He called again and i did the same thing.

I went to the bathroom and started preparing for my visit.

I went into the classic bathroom and took my bath after that i came out of the bathroom with a towel.

I walked to the big dressing table and sat down and looked at my reflection on the mirror.

I took my body lotion and applied it gently all over my body.

After that i packed my expensive hair in a ponytail then went to the wardrobe to pick a dress to wear.

I really wanna impress Fred’s mother today.

After a while of searching i settled for a black bum short and a white crop top with a white canvas.

After dressing up i applied my makeup and looked at myself in the mirror.

when i was satisfied with the way i look i picked up my expensive Dior handbag took my car keys and exited the hotel suite.

“Future mother in-law here i came.”


Mama comfort in action🤣🤣
What is this Natasha going to do?😒😒

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My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 07💗

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
Who does she think she is huh?
Just because i volunteered to help her she thinks she can speak to me as she please.

I will just have to keep on taking her nonsense because i have a plan and without her that plan can’t be accomplished.

Ever since Simi left things has been so hard for me.

Now i know that every client i get its actually through her connection.

The remaining four hundred thousand naira she told me was the balance of my money i have already used it for shopping.

I bought lot of beautiful outfit and bags plus human hairs.

But right now i am so broke i really need to dress up and heat the club to see if i am gonna see some rich client today.

And for Natasha that Americana idiot let her go and received her insult and come back.

I just can’t wait to hear the news of ulinma’s death so i quickly go and report her to the police.

And when Fred is all mine i will pay her a visit in the prison and mock her.

I undressed and went to the bathroom to take my bath after that i was about dressing up when one of the girls named Suzanne walked up to me.

“Hey chioma what’s up?”
she asked.

“I am fine just broke and i need to heat the club.”
I replied appling my body lotion.

“Ehh there is this my sugar daddy that wants a threesome and i was hoping if you will go with me.”
she said.

“How much is involved?”
I asked.

“Four hundred thousand naira.”
she replied.

“You mean like four hundred thousand naira for the two of us to share.”
I asked.

“Nooo not at all four hundred thousand naira each my sugar daddy knows how to spend as long as you give him what he wants.”
she replied and i smiled.

Four hundred thousand naira is actually big money i thought and it can even buy me more things.

“I am in.”
I replied.

“Okay i will be waiting.”
she said and left.

Luck has shine on me not more stress.

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
After the delicious meal mama prepared for us we all went to the living room to watch a movie.

Mama was sitting at the single couch in the living room while Fred and i was sitting at the three sitter couch.

I was sitting in between his legs with my head of his chest.

The three of us were ingrust in the movie when we heard the door bell ring.

“Who is there? come in.”
Fred said and the door opened and Daniel the security came in.

“Oh Daniel it’s you what’s the matter?”
Fred asked.

“No Oga but there is a lady outside i mean the same lady you asked me to throw out the other day she said she wants to see mama.”

“Just ignore her and go back to you dirty post.”
Fred replied.

Daniel was about living when mama stopped him.

“Wait Daniel she said she wants to see me right?”
mama asked.

“Yes mama.”
Daniel replied.

“Then let her in.”
Mama said and Daniel nodded and left.

I noticed Fred was fuming in anger so i had to smile at him.

Minutes later……💓💓
We heard the door bell ring and i guess it was the Natasha girl.

I wonder why girls won’t leave my husband alone why does girls now fancy going after married men huh?

I stood up to answer the door but Mama signalled me to sit down and i did.

She stood up and opened the door and immediately the girl walked in my mouth dropped.

what the fvck is she wearing?

“Excuss me young lady how may i help you? because the security said you are looking for me.”
mama asked with a fake smile.

“Oh ma’am my name is Natasha Donald and i just wanted to come see my future mother in-law so we will get to know each other.”
she said extending her hand for a handshake and i chuckled on the pop corn i was eating and she shot me a glance.

“I don’t understand young lady because i actually have only one son and his already married maybe you came to a wrong location.”
Mama replied.

“Come on ma’am or wouldn’t you like to have me as a daughter in-law huh?”
she asked pouting.

“No i don’t, moreover who will like to have a prostitute as a daughter in-law.”
mama said shocking us and immediately Fred smiled.

she asked shocked.

“Yes ashawo ka ibụ (a prostitute that’s what you are) take a look at what you are wearing.

the short you are wearing is showing part of your ass something that should be covered.

and the top you are wearing just stopped just below your br̃ǝåst and it is even transparent.

please what else are you if not a prostitute.”
mama said and Fred bursted into laughter.

“Are you in anyway insulting me?”
she asked fuming in anger.

“Oh were you expecting me to shake your hand with this satanic mami water fingers you put in your fingers ehh?

now i know you daughter of Jezebel daughter of the devil i have something for you.”
mama said and went into her room and the idiot girl stood there throwing daggers at me.

In a short while mama came out with a big bottle of holy water and olive oil.

OMG Mama can be dramatic at times even Fred and Natasha had a confused expression on there faces.

And she immediately started praying.

“Oh God that lives in heaven, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, holy Mary mother of Christ i think all of you have to join forces for the child that has gone astray.

she is an ascendant of Jezebel infact she’s the first daughter of Satan oh father come down and cleanse my son home.”
she said and started sprinkling the holy water in all corners of the house.

“I bound every spirit of ashawo inside your life any spirit of prostitution, any spirit that won’t let that thing in between your legs to stay one place.

My the power giving to me as the child of light i decree out in the name of Jesus Christ.”
mama said and started sprinkling bot the holy water and and the olive oil at the same time on her face.
Natasha shouted.

“How dare you stupid woman ruin my makeup huh?”
she yelled and Fred’s eyes darken in anger.

“Natasha did you just call my mom stupid?”
Fred asked going close to her mama at the other hand was busy praying.

“Any spirit of anger in my son’s life caught fire and die.” mama said sprinkling holy water at Fred’s face.

I used the opportunity that Fred was busy trying to escape from mama’s deliverance series to walk up the the stupid girl that insulted my mother in-law.

“Who gave you the effrontery the authority to come into my matrimonial home to insult my mother in-law?”
I fired fuming in anger.

To my surprise a slap landed on my face making my eyes go red in anger.

I chased towards her and landed three hot slaps on her face.

I didn’t give her a breathing space and i immediately banged her head on the door making a loud sound and that cut short mama’s deliverance series.

she cried out in tears.

I mourned on top of her and started giving her the beating of her life she was very close to pass out when Fred pulled me off her body.

“Fred let go of me let me panel bit her face the more.”
I said struggling to escape his grip.

“That’s enough love.”
he said and called Daniel to carry the crying Natasha out.

Daniel was about carrying her out when mama stopped him.

she said and sprinkled more holy water and olive oil on her bruised face making her yell in pain.

“You are healed.”
mama said before instructing Daniel to take her out.

Immediately they left mama turned to me.

“So i was removing the spirit of anger from Fred and i didn’t know you have the spirit of panel biting people face ehh.”

She used her holy water and olive oil and chased towards our direction and we ran into our room and locked the door.

“Open this door let me conclude my deliverance on the two of you.”
she shouted at the door.

“We are in deep shit you see what you have caused mehnnn beauty are you sure you wonna go to law school or boxing school.”
he said and i shot him a glance.

“Are you Anthony Joshua in a female form.”
he added and i heat him with a pillow making him burst into laughter.

💔Natasha’s Pov💔
I succeeded in getting to the hotel through the help of the guy that spys at Fred.

I couldn’t even move a muscle of my body.

he also helped me get to my hotel room people where all staring at me, some where laughing at me while some where looking at me with pity.

Is my face that bad?
immediately we got to my room he left and i tried to get to the dressing mirror.
I shouted immediately i saw my face.

I had bruises all over my face plus the oil Fred’s mother used to fvck my face up.

I promise to make them pay for ruining my pretty face.

i took my phone and dialed Chioma’s number and it wasn’t reachable.

if i had listened to her all this things wouldn’t have happened to me.



Mama comfort oo🤣🤣 infact this woman don tire me😂😂

Which actress can be used to impersonate mama comfort if not mama G❗️👌


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