March 3, 2021


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Secret superstar Chapter 8

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬
Written by: crown☜✍
↠↠↠Chapter eight⇦⇦⇦⇦

🕺🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kyle’s POV🎙🎤

“Oh my gosh! I exclaimed when I saw a shimmed of light,glittering so bright. I couldn’t see where the golden light is coming from because of some leaves. I pushed them aside and walked toward a tree but no one was there.

Everywhere was hushed. I looked around if I’m gonna see anyone but no one,even the faint voice had stopped.

“What has happened to the lady? I asked myself but I didn’t get the answer.

I kept on walking but I didn’t see anyone.

I was about to walk away when I saw a shadow of person,he or she was standing beside a big tree. Though I couldn’t see his or her face but I knew that person was putting on a big hoodie. I bought out my phone to on the light but the person ran away.

“Hey wait.”I called out and tried to run after.

“You shouldn’t run away from me,I’m not gonna hurt you.” The person didn’t stop. I stopped half way and turned to go back to the mansion.

“Sir kyle.” I heard drake voice.

“Sir kyle.” His voice eco in the bush.

“Jeez! If Kennedy is the lady with the amazing voice,then the person that ran away now is no one but Kennedy but what the hell is she doing in this dangerous bush.

“Sir kyle.”

“Drake I’m here.” I announced and walked toward them.

“Thank goodness,what are you doing in this bush. It’s midnight master. Please let’s go back to the mansion.” Drake said and all the guards signed in relief.

We went back to the mansion. Tim,Scott and Harry was waiting in the living room.

“What a relief.” Harry signed.

“What’s wrong with you kyle? You almost killed me. What were you doing outside by this time? Time scolded me like my mom.

“I’m sorry guys. But she sang beautifully,her amazing voice woke me up. I tried to follow her but she ran away.” I said and they argued their brows.

“What are you talking about kyle? Who?

“That lady in the bush. Waiting! You didn’t hear anything? I asked and sat on a sofa.

“No.” Scott replied.

“And you Tim?

“Not at all,”

“Me too.” Harry mumbled.

“Good night.” I said and walked away,there is no point explaining everything to them because it’s useless.

“Hey wait buddy.” Harry said but I ignored him.

I entered my room and slumped on the bed.

“Who the hell is she? I tried to sleep but I’m still hearing her voice like she’s next to me.

I sprang up I a jolt and grabbed a bottle of water. I have to clear my head.

I couldn’t sleep but wide my eyes till the next day.

👄💃🎶乂❤‿❤乂Odette’s POV 🎤🎙🎶

Immediately I heard footsteps from behind,I stopped singing and waited for my hair to stop glittering. I ran toward a tree and hide behind a tree.

The guy pushed the leaves aside and came into view. I knew he’s the guy that almost hit me with his car,i felt some connections.

Since I’ve promised to do something to him if he ever cross my path again. But right now I’ve found my prey.

I stretched my hand forward and recited some spell. I waited for him to fall but he didn’t. He didn’t wince.

“What’s happening? Why isn’t my power working? I asked myself. I tried to use my eyes but it didn’t light up or change.

I looked at his as he stared at me. I have to go. I moved away from the tree.

“Hey wait.” He called out but ignored him.

I made my way out of the bush and went home.

I jumped inside using the window.

My door was unlocked and my blanket was laying on the floor.

“Who’s inside? I uttered but no one answers.

I arranged everything and laid on the bed then i heard Her voice. The woman I always sing for. Flower,that’s what I called her.

“Odette,seriously you wanna hurt him? She asked and laughed out.

Why I that am the only one that always heard her voice.

“Don’t hurt him Odette,moreover you power ain’t gonna work on him.” She said.

“What do you mean?

She didn’t say anything again.

“Flower,are you listening? She didn’t answer.

“Oh my! Odette where have you been? Kendra entered.

“What are you doing here?

“Well my mom told me that you’re ill so I came to check. Even she asked my to get your blood.” Kendra said.




What doesn’t flower mean?

What’s gonna happen to sharon?

Love you all

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