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Secret superstar Chapter 6

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬
Written by: crown✨🖊️
↠↠↠Chapter six⇦⇦⇦⇦

🕺🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞sharon’s pov🎙🎤

I walked toward Odette’s door and it was locked. I knocked on the door and wait patiently for her but she didn’t unlock the door.

“Odette open the door.” I said and knocked on the door continuously. The door bursted open and she stared at me with her red eyes.

“What do you want Sharon?

I walked inside and sat on a single couch.

“I’m gonna ask you again,what do you want Sharon? She glared at me and rest her back on the wall.

” well,I wanna discuss something with you.” I mumbled and smirked.


” I heard that you’ve payed kendra school fees…


” what about my Kennedy? I asked. How I wish my spell works on her but nope,it can’t work on her. She’s damn powerful and strong.

“Kennedy? She arched her brows.

“She’s your sister Odette.” I smiled.

“My sister? She isn’t my stepsister, Sharon just get out.” She said and pointed at the door.


” get the fuck out of my room if you don’t want me to hurt you.” She said and walked toward me.

“If you don’t pay,Odette I’m going to destroy it.” I smirked. She rushed toward me and grabbed my neck made it difficult for me to breath. She tights her grip around my neck,I felt her nail pierced through my skin. I groaned silently. The looks in her face is different,her beast mode is activated now.

I struggled to free myself but she didn’t let go of my neck.

“Aha.” I groanded.

“Stay away from me Sharon.” She threw my heads backward which hit the wall.

“Ouch. You prick! I half yelled.

“I’m going to let you go now but next time,I won’t spare you Sharon.” She said and I walked towards the door.

“Suit yourself.” I uttered and walked out of the room.

“Mission accomplished.” I mumbled and felt sad immediately. How can she be strong,even more stronger than before. Oh Odette is something else. There most be a secret behind her powers.

“I wonder how she did possesses different power. I thought if I hurt Daisy, Odette may lose her power but nope.” I mumbled to myself and sat on the bed.

🕺🎶🗣☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Tim’s pov🎤🎙

“Hey guys,going somewhere? Kyle asked.

” yeah…” I replied.

“Oh my! Kyle check this out.” Scott played the record.

“I love the song and the voice is wow but the person edited the voice, such voice doesn’t exist.” Kyle said and walked away.

“Omo,kyle are you crazy.” I yelled.

“Jeez! Tim I’m out.” Scott mumbled with a disappointed looks.

“Seriously? I raised my left brow.

” maybe the voice isn’t real. Don’t worry you should look for Kennedy first then we will confirm if the voice is real or not.” Scott replied and followed kyle.

“And you harry?

” trust me,we in this together. ” Harry mumbled and went to parking lot.

We hop in the car and the driver drove out.

We alighted from the car. I think it’s a bad idea as different cameras light flashes on us.

📸 oh my! My idol.

📸 Tim, my prince charming

📸 he’s here for me,Harry I love you. They kept murmuring as our guards rushed out and make way for us.

“Move aside please.” They said.

Some students slumped on the floor while some fainted.

“Thank goodness kyle didn’t come or else…” Harry said as we entered the private room.

“She’ll be here soon.” Harry said.

“Really? I was about to make the announcement,thanks buddy.” I said.

A lady entered,she isn’t that beautiful and her hair is unkempt.

“Hello.” She mumbled and stared at me.

“Are you Kennedy Richard.” I asked.

“Yes.” She played with her hands staring at her foots.

“You sent a record to the voice winner website, are you part of the contestants?

” yes I did.” She chuckled.

“I don’t think she’s the lady we’re looking for,check her out. Her voice is so lame.” Harry whispered in my ear.

“Really? What if she’s the lady? Calm don’t harry.” I whispered back.

“You remembered the song right?

” yes…Aye? What? Oh yeah,I sang the…song.” She shuttered.

“Look at her Tim, her answer isn’t straight, two she’s fighting with her sleeve.” Harry whispered.

“She’s lying? I whispered.

” if she’s lying,her answer will be confusing. Psychologist speaking.” Harry replied and I chuckled.

“Hmm.” She cleared her throat.

“Oh Kennedy,can you sing now. I wanna hear you amazing voice.” Harry said and bursted into delighted laughter.


💃🎶👄☜(⌒▽⌒)☞🗣Sharon’s pov👺🎙

I grinned and took a sip from the wine. Can’t believe it,after 15 years l later found a solution to my problem.

Oh no where is kendra now,I need her help right now. I walked out of room and went to the living room.

I sat on a sofa and turned on the TV.

I heard a footstep. I abrupt turned back, kendra just entered without Kennedy.

” where is Kennedy? I asked.

“I don’t know where she is.” She replied and walked towards the stairs.

“Wait up dear.” I stood and walked up to her.

“What do you want this time.” She asked with a nonchalant shrugs.

“Please kendra,I promise to do anything for you. Odette life is in danger.” I lied.

“What? Wh…what do you mean?

” you have to save your dear sister.”

“How? What happened to Odette? Where is Odette right now? She rushed her words.

” inside her room.”

“Tell me what happened to Odette. Don’t worry I’m going to find out myself.” She said and tried to walk away but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“Don’t worry honey,she’s taking a nap now. Let her be for now,she’ll be fine.” I said.

“Tell me what happened.” She yelled.

“She fought with someone and that lady casted a spell on her.” I lied.

“What? Odette? I don’t believe you.” She rolled her eyes.

“Seems like you don’t want to save your sister,if you ask Odette trust me,she won’t tell you the truth.” I said.

“You’re right. So what am I going to do now?

” try to get her blood,just a little cut. It gonna do.” I said.

“Blood? She arched her brows.

” just a drop of her blood is ok.” I said and walked away.

I hope it work, it won’t be easy to get Odette’s blood. No one dare touch her body except kendra. She’s the only one that can help me get want I wanted.


So what do you think will happen to Kennedy now?

And Sharon? I think that woman have a death wish.‍🤷

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