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Secret superstar Chapter 24 (Final episode)

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬
Written by: Crown☜✍
↠↠↠Chapter Twenty-Four⇦⇦⇦⇦

🎙Not Edited🎤

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s pov🎙🎤

She took a step forward and folded her hands across her chest. She wasn’t smiling,her facial was expressionless.

“I knew it! She uttered as she took some steps forward still looking at me with a plain facial expression.
“What do you want? I asked and stood up.

“I should be the one asking you know? Well I’m not here to hurt you,I want you to leave diamond stars and kyle life for good.” She Seethed.

“What if I don’t? What are you going to do?

“Everything. Kennedy have told that you’re adamant so don’t worry I’m going to make easy OK?” She cajoled while walking towards me.

“And what do you think I want from kyle? Perhaps because I want to be a superstar? No…

“So what do you want? Why can’t you hide forever and never show up. Your presence is ruining me,were you sent to destroy my life? Just when I thought I’m winning his heart then you show up and ruined all my plans.” She bawled out trying to control her temper.

“Kennedy hated you that’s the reason she asked you to come to me…I won’t sing with kyle not because of you but what I choose to do. Please stay away from me Darlene,you should sort your problems with Kennedy not me.” I muttered and tried to walk away but held me back.

“Try not to get close to him Odette because I’ll never forgive you. It is money you want I’m going give you,just name it what you want.” She uttered.

“Just mention Odette.” She said repeatedly as I looked at her with a calm steady gaze. I’m trying to control my temper here and she’s just ruining everything. How dare she thinks I want something from her.

“Suit yourself.” I snarled and walked away furiously. I walked pass the school gate and kept walking alongside the road.

“Odette…someone called out and I abruptly turned back,Kendra ran toward me panting hard.

“What are you doing here? You should be in school Kendra.” I said,she placed her hands on her chest and took a deep breath.

“Ah,you know I won’t let anything happens to you, did she hurts you? Kennedy is a bitch. Don’t worry Odette we’re going to get through it. We’re in thus together.” She assured.

“But…mm.” I shuttered.

“If you’re not sure what to say, just say anything that comes to mind. I’m your sister,you should shut me out like stranger. Trust me Odette I’m the only one for you and allow me to help you.” She tapped my shoulder and whispered in my ear. “Don’t panic Odette,I believe in you.” She moved away from me and grinned.

“But your mom I don’t…

“She haven’t learnt her lesson yet. She has got a new partner now.” Kendra laughed out.

“And who are you talking about?

“Kennedy.” She burst into delighted laughter as tears escaped her eyes.

“Why are you laughing?

“I knew everything that happened,your pearl pin is with Kennedy,mom asked her to keep it but I’m planning to get the pin back. I actually eavesdropped their conversation yesterday. It’s crazy right? So Odette are you going to sing with kyle? He mights give up on you. Please Odette they needs you.” Kendra said but I don’t think I can do what she demanding for.

“I’m gonna think about it.” I replied.

“Really? Thank you very much sister. I have to go now,catch up with you.” She muttered and pecked my cheeks before returning to the college.

“Aha.” I sighed and boarded a cab. I rest my head and closed my eyes.

The car suddenly came to a halt. I alighted from the taxicab after paying the cabman. I made my way inside. I unlocked my room and twisted the doorknob. I stalker inside and dropped my backpack on the couch. I slumped in the bed and closed my eyes.

“If flower knows whom my mother is then she should be able to tell me where she is. I want someone to talk to,someone to heal my weak spirit,I need someone to hold when I feel dejected. She might be alive because my dad said she went out and never return.

“Maybe I should talk to flower.”I suggested and glanced at the clock. It said 02:20pm. I closed my eyes and drifted to the dreamland.


I stood up and glanced at the wall clock. It said 01:00am.

“Oh my goodness! This is stranger how can I slept for 11 hours. I touched my forehead but it’s still the same,cold as always. I’m not having fever right? And where is Kendra? I stalked toward the door and it was locked,I really locked it. She should have wake me but I locked the door there no where she can get in without unlocking the door.

I moved toward my closet,picked a mask and bend to wear the sneakers. I squeezed my feet inside the sneaker and let my hair down. I jumped through the window. I made my way to the bush.

“Flower can you hear me? I called out.

“Yes Odette,you shouldn’t be here. Go home now.” She said but I’m not leaving until she tells me what I need to know. I can’t leave in the darkness anymore.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me where my mother is.” She blurted out.

“Your mother lives in you,look at yourself and imagine what she looks like. She’s lives in your heart.” Flower said.

“What do you mean?

“Just know your mother loves you and she can’t stand you getting hurt. Just go home now Odette.”

“Is she alive? I asked but get no respond.

“Flower…Flower,I’m gonna break down if you don’t answer me now.” She didn’t respond.

“Maybe I should sing. Please flower help.” I Suggested and start singing.

☘Kyle’s POV☘

Davis has promised to find the anonymous singer but I’m still not convinced enough. Since she doesn’t want to help us then be it but others refused to listen. I’ve already made it clear to them I’m only giving them two weeks to find her and if they don’t,I’m no more singing. I’ll cancel the concert and go on a vacation. That’s want I really need right now.

I alighted from the car everywhere was silent since it’s night already. They should be sleeping by now.

“Welcome master.” Guards chorused but I ignored them totally and threw the key at drake,my personal bodyguard.

“Good night sir.” He said.

I walked inside,there was no one I’m the living room so I went to my room. I stepped inside and quickened had a shower. I put on a big top and sweatpants. I covered my eyes with a night mask and laid in the bed. I closed my eyes and welcomed the sleep.


🌸Author’s POV🌸

Suddenly kyle wake up because of the strange voice again. He sat up and glanced over at the time, 2:00 am. The fait voice didn’t stop. He’d made up his mind to look for the lady that always cause me a sleepless nights.

He sprang out from the bed in a jolt after removing the night mast and put it aside. He picked one of his phone and a big hoddie.

He stepped out of his room,before walking out he checked other’s rooms if they’re also awake but no. They’re all fast asleep. First he wanted to wake Tim but he later changed his mind.

He walked out of the mansion through the backdoor.

He found his way through the bush,following the faint voice.

He kept walking tracing where the angelic voice is coming from. When he reached some path,the voice became louder. He turned around and saw a lady standing next to a big tree.

Immediately the lady seems to have noticed his presence,she tried to run away again.

“You do wanna do this. Please don’t run away from me again.” Kyle said.

Odette stared at him without saying anything.

“Please say something, don’t run away from me like you always do.”

“I’m not running away from you.” She mumbled as she took a step backward. She didn’t want to talk to him but he won’t let her escape this time. “Why can’t he give up? Odette asked herself.

“Oh my gosh! Kyle was lost in his world trying to figure if she’s angel. Her voice is melting his soul.

” they’re coming for you,I need to leave now.” Odette whispers.

“Please tell me your name and please remove the mask please…….” Kyle pleaded impatiently.

“My name? You don’t want to know.” She said.


“It’s ode…..

“Sir kyle…….his guards kept calling his name. They rushed inside the bush,looking for their boss.

” time up. They’re here for you.” Odette looks around the bush and whispered some strange words,suddenly the wind howling,swirling with a terrible storms that almost blind kyle.

When the wind stops, Odette was no where to be found. Kyle tries to look for her but a voice stops him.

“Sir kyle……what are you doing in this dangerous bush,it’s midnight already.” Drake,his personal bodyguard asked moving closer.

“You made me lost her again,this time you have to look for her. Guards search everywhere.” Kyle commanded coldly.

“Yeah Master.” They bowed and walked deeper inside the bush.

“I’m going to find you. I will never give up on you,it’s a promise.” Kyle mumbles.

“I’m here…kyle heard her sweet voice in his ear…

“Where are you? Kyle asked looking around the bush.

“Right here…


All of you that want them to meet then it has happened oo.


The last and not the end🥰


Odette and kyle boom! Anticipate for season two of secret superstar (Odette) intermission!

©️ Signed Crown❤️

Good night lovies😍
Sweet dreams😘

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