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Secret superstar Chapter 23

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬

↠↠↠Chapter Twenty-three⇦⇦⇦⇦

🎙Not Edited🎤

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s pov🎙🎤

“Tell me you’re joking.” I Shrieked and grabbed her by the collar.

“I’m not going to ask you to forgive me,I feel no guilty.” She smirked and I slapped her across her face.

“Odette calm down. She’s my mom.” Kendra tried to separate me from Sharon but I yanked her hands off my shoulders.

“You shameless witch,how dare you destroy my pin…how could you?

I don’t know what to do with Sharon. How dare she destroy my pearl pin. What a gut?

“Please Odette…forgive my mom please.” Kendra kneeled beside me and patted her hands together pleading.

I grabbed Sharon neck. I just want to suck the life out of her. Her silence was infuriating me.

“How could you Sharon? Why?

“Look at me Odette,do I look like someone that feel guilty? No! I don’t care about what you’re going to do. Why don’t you just have my voice forever it’s useless anyway. It’s over but I’m won’t back off. Never! She said and grabbed my dress.

“I’m not going to kill you Sharon but I’m going to have your precious eyes. How about that? I smirked.

“No Odette you can’t do that to my mom. I won’t let you have her voice never.” Kennedy butted in and threw a glare at her.

“Shut the fuck up Kennedy and get out now.” Kendra yelled. I moved closer and look at Sharon with a calm,steady gaze.

“Sorry Sharon.” I mumbled and casted spells on her as she groaned in pain.

“No….no…no oo oo please Odette no please,don’t do this.” Kendra pleaded but I turned a deaf ear.

“Aha. It’s hurt,my eyes I can’t see anything. Let it go.” Sharon winced and Kendra cried profusely.

I stood up and walked toward Kendra. “I’m sorry.” I muttered before walking out.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Sharon’s 👺pov🎙🎤

I was blinded and I couldn’t do anything,my power was useless. Once Odette casted spells on someone it would be very hard to break,she’s something else,sometimes I wondered if she’s actually a witch or what?

“Mom are you alright? Kendra asked as I felt her hand on my shoulder,I yanked her hand off my shoulder and pushed her away from me.

I might have lost my sight but I didn’t lost my sense.

“Stay away from me.” I yelled and struggled to stand up.

“But mom,it’s me Kendra. You shouldn’t have destroyed the pin. You know how precious the pin was to Odette,thank your spirit that she only took you sight she would have killed you instead. Odette doesn’t know how to forgive. Jeez! Mom why do you like getting into trouble? Don’t you get ever tried at all? How I wish you’re not my mother I would have told her to do something worst than this and I’m pretty sure you haven’t learnt your lesson. I hope you do before it’s too late. Kennedy be cautious,I may not be there to plead on your behalf. Odette won’t think twice before giving you what you deserves.” Kendra warned.

“How I wish you’re not my sister,how could you allow that bitch to hurt my mom. You’re wicked Kendra,you’re really wicked.” Kennedy said.

“Calm down Kennedy she’s not my daughter anymore. Since she chose Odette over me then I think she shouldn’t be here either. Go back to her and let her use you.” I uttered and Kennedy helped me toward the bed. I sat on it and she made my rest my back on the wall.

“Suit yourself.” Kendra yelled and she yanked the door shut.

“Kennedy please I need your help.” I muttered.

“What mom? You know I’ll do anything for you,just mention and it’d be done ASAP.”

“Come closer.” I whispered something to her ear.

“Check my wardrobe,you’ll find a pearl pin. Take it and keep it safe for the main time. It’s gonna be useful later.” I whispered.

“Are you talking about Odette pin?

“Yeah,I didn’t destroy the pearl pin but it destroyed me instead.”


I returned back to the secret room the following day after having a facial burn. I thought the pearl pin was gone for good. I couldn’t touch the jar. Since that day Diasy haven’t show up,she kept avoiding me. I would have destroy the mirror but I don’t know why I’m so scared. Something didn’t feel so right. My hands accidentally hit the jar and it shattered on the floor. I bend down and packed it up that was when I saw the pin. It has a little dirt on and I didn’t care to dust it. I kept it inside my pocket and walked out.

I stared at the pin and smoke started coming out of my face as I groaning silently.

“What are you? Why did it hurt when I stared at you? I asked myself. When the pain was unbearable I quickened hid the pin inside my wardrobe and locked it.

I fell on the floor as blood stared gushing out from my face.

“Aha.” I winced in pain. Then Odette and Kendra rushed inside.


When Odette asked about the pin,I couldn’t give her the pearl pin. There would be another way to destroy Odette and I might need the pin later. Yeah I’m blind but I won’t give up. This is just the beginning! The game just started,Odette I won’t stop until I end your generation. Your mother took what belongs to me and now it’s you,it either you leave it or I kill you. I won’t let you rest until I have what’s mine.

As for Kendra,I don’t know what to do about her. I’m perplexed and it’s just annoying. I love Kendra since Odette’s dad was her father. The man I loved but he never loved me for once,I’m the one dying for his love and attention but he only considered me as Hus maid nothing else. If not because of my power daisy and Richard would still be alive and together but I ruined everything,just like how I ended Daisy,I’m going to end you Odette. There is reason for Richard’s death but it’s going to be a story of another day.

“Just take it with you,keep it away from odetre. Once she get what she wants then it’s over. We are going to lose everything. She shouldn’t have the pin,never.” I said as I held Kennedy hand and placed it on my chest. I placed a soft kiss on it.

“I promise you mom,I won’t let you down. Odette has to kneel before you and beg for forgiveness. She haven’t see anything. I’ll make sure I announce who she is to the world. I’d make her life a living hell.” Kennedy said and I smiled to myself.

“What a relief,you’re truly my daughter. My daughter.” I said and smiled again.

This is what I want,I’m just gonna put an end to everything but first I have to win Kendra’s trust.

“Mom why don’t we use Kendra,I think she might be Odette weak point.” Kennedy suggested.

“Nope what ruse are you cooking up Kennedy? I demurred.

“Mom Kendra is my sister and I love her. But mom Odette is going to do anything for her. We can use Kendra to get what we want.

“Are you sure about what you’re saying? I asked.

“Sure,Kendra won’t get hurt at all. Our main target is Odette. Trust me it definitely going to work thus time.” Kennedy assured.

“But I can’t see anything.” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry,Kendra is going to help.” Kennedy said.

Odette prepare for your doom! I grinned to myself.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞kendra’s pov🎙🎤


Odette was avoiding me and I don’t know why. I’m not mad at her but she was the one that didn’t want to see me. Whenever I tried to talk to her she always shut me out.

Right now I’ve dressed up for school,she didn’t attend school and I don’t know why? Did she hate me now? Mom didn’t want to talk to me and Kennedy. But now it’s odette. No I won’t let her shut me out again she’s the only one I have.

“Odette.” I knocked on the door.

🎶~i don’t know where I came from.

🎶~where I truly belong to,she chose to ignore my calls but I’m not bother at all.

🎶~i know it’s only going to last for few days but now it’s a week. Would you ever let me be by your side again? Would you ever keep me close like you’ve promised.

🎶~It’s feels so hurt when the world turn against you but remember you got me,I’ll alway be by your side.

🎶~Sorry that I did this,I just can’t help it,I’m wearing my confusion. I guess I’m getting addicted to you each day pass.

🎶~Won’t you stay with me. I know this life is full of misery. Don’t you ever let me go because I’m going to hold unto you.

I sang hope she’s going to change her mind.

🎶~Rooms are empty,voices are strange to me. I closed my eyes to imagine what we’ve done together but it all blank.

“Go away Kendra.” Odette said.

“Okay fine.” I mumbled and walked out with tears on my face. Did she hate me now? But I have to save my mom.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s pov🎙🎤

I picked my backpack and walked out of the room. I don’t want Kendra to get hurt. Sharon and Kennedy are starting a game they can’t finish. But I promise if they ever include my sister in there dirty game,I swear I’m going to hurt them. They should just let Kendra out if their mess and face me instead. I don’t joke with my sister,if anyone hurts her they’re going to pain with their life. I know I’m becoming someone else and I don’t care.

I walked out of the mansion since I can’t drive,I have to board a cab. I hop in the car and the driver drove out.

I alighted from the car and walked inside college.

I must avoid Kendra in order to save her. She mights get hurt and I don’t want that. No she should get involved in my mess. I can’t be selfish.

I didn’t attend any lectures,I just wanna be alone. I want to clear my mind. I walked around the college until I found a bench not far from a room. I sat on it and let my hair down.

“Mom where are you? Would my life ever be like this if you’re alive? I’m confused,I don’t know why? I’m tired I think I don’t belong here at all. Why am I like this? I can’t live a normal life. All I have to keep myself away from people,why?

“How I wish you’re alive,how I wish to have you by my side. I want someone who is going to tell me that everything will be fine. This is my first wish,please make it happen.” I stared up at the cloud and closed my eyes. I inhaled the fresh air and started singing.

🎶~Even if heaven divided us.

🎶~You’re the only one for me.

🎶~Even if the world separates us.

🎶~I know you’ll come back to me.

🎶~Even I was born into this world again.

🎶~You’re the one I want to be with. I kept singing while tears welled up in my eyes. I looked down and abruptly turned my head side way. Someone was standing not far from me….staring with a steady gaze and widened in surprise. I don’t bother to move but stared back…


A beg who’s staring at our Odette nah?

Guesser where are you ooo.

Lemme come and be going. Are you smelling what I’m smelling. Some people like looking for trouble asswear.

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