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Secret superstar Chapter 21

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬

↠↠↠Chapter Twenty-one⇦⇦⇦⇦

🎙Not Edited🎤

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s POV🎙🎤🎭

“What are you saying about flower? Don’t you dare ignore me like you always do. Perhaps you’re hiding something? I asked.

“Odette there will be a day that I’m going to tell you everything,don’t worry.” Flower said but I’m still not satisfied.

“I’m damn scared,what’s going to happen to me? I beg you to stop! I yelled out of frustration. “Why are you doing this to me? Why did you despise me so much?

“Oh no! Please Odette,I never hated you,I can’t hate you because you are my…I’m just trying to avoid your silly questions but you won. I know that if I tell you everything it isn’t going to end well.”

“What happened to my mother when she gave birth to me and who the hell is Sharon?

“Your dad rescued your mother,he took her to his home. Immediately Sharon saw her,she knew whom your mother is when she saw the mark behind her ear…

“How did she find the mark behind her ear?

“Sharon is a witch just like your mother but she’s from another witch town. She’s can see through anyone around her…

“Is she a prophecy?

“Nope! She is not a prophecy. When she saw your mother,she couldn’t hide the fact that Daisy is a big threat to her. She couldn’t do anything to her because she knew that no spell or power can work on her. Daisy and your dad got married because they’re deeply in love with each other. It was a beautiful moment when your mom found out that she was pregnant even though she didn’t remember anything about her past when she regained consciousness and she never wish to remember her past. Her power became weak as you kept growing in her womb. Her golden hair stopped glittering when you clocked seven months. Daisy had a weird dream on Saturday evening. She thought it was just a joke until she woke up and found an old woman beside her on her bed. Her hand was on Daisy big tummy. She caressed it in a gentle manners. When Daisy saw the woman she sprang out of the bed and moved away from the woman.


“Please don’t hurt me? Daisy plead. She took some steps backward until her back reached the wall.

“I’m not here to hurt you my Queen.” Madulla said as she stood up and walked over to her and bowed before her.

“Forgive your humble servant your majesty. I came here to deliver a message.” Madulla said.

“What do you mean? Who are you?

“Oh my! You didn’t remember me? Okay let me help.” She took Daisy right hand and returned all her memories.

“Madulla? Daisy exclaimed. They engulfed in a warm embrace.

“It’s not hugging a pregnant woman,I missed you my Queen.” She said.

“I missed everyone. How’s my little Rocco doing?

“You still remember your little puppy?


“Daisy you have to leave human being don’t let prophecy words come to pass. If you stay here,you’re going to get hurt and your man…ah is going to die.” Madulla said. Balls of sweat ran down from her forehead.

“What am I going to do now? I can’t go back to witch town like this? Elina will kill me,I’m not strong like before,my powers are very weak now.” Tears streamed out from her eyes.

“It all because you’re carrying the most powerful creature. Our Starlight,our future queen,our mother,she’s our light. Queen floral…madulla moved closer and touched her tummy.

“She’s very strong. Daisy can you give me floral. She can’t stay in human world. Her history was written already,no power can work on her. She can’t be defeated. She’s a hard stone. Daisy you have to save her. In the history once she come across her soulmate things will get complicated and it will be very hard to separate them. They’re inseparable and you know what one of them will die just like what was written in the history.”

“You know the last three pages was erased and no one knew what later happened.”

“It either her soulmate die or she die.” Madulla said.

“I can’t give you my child but I promise to protect her as a mother. Nothing will happen to her. I’m coming back to witch town but I don’t know when.” Daisy said as she picked up one if the pearl pin and used it to hold her hair together. She glaced at the mirror in her room. She stared at her reflection.her glittering hair stopped.

“You’re still using the pearl pin?

“Yeah that’s the only way to stop my hair from glittering.”

“I have to go now. Please take care of yourself and because around her.”


“Sharon. She’s a darkness. You and Sharon can’t stay in the same place. Just be careful around her.” Madulla said and turned to a bird and flew away.


“Did madulla return just as she promised?

“Daisy had a terrible labor pain but she’s able to gave birth to a beautiful creature. She was born was a gold long her and her eyes is wow! Her eyes kept changing whenever she blinks. That’s who you are. Diasy lost all her physical power to you.”


“I mean the star light behind her ear disappeared immediately you were born. You’re the star light behind her ear and the one that have been saving Daisy. Odette I’m going to stop here for now. When the time comes I’m going to tell you what happened to your mother. What Sharon did to her. Good night.” Flower said and I felt so sad.

“Why can’t you just tell me now? I asked.

“Flower? I called out but she didn’t reply.

“Thank you.” I mumbled and walked back home.

I laid in the bed,I couldn’t stop thinking about what flower said. Does it mean that Sharon killed my mother? I hope it isn’t Sharon because I’m not going to forgive her. Never!


The sound of the alarm woke me. I stood up and headed toward the bathroom. I stepped inside my floppy slippers. I stretched my hand forward and used my eyes to control my school uniform. I laid it on the bed and stepped inside the bathroom. I had a warm bath and stepped out from the bathtub and stretched out for a white towel. I wrapped it around my chest. It stopped right on my thigh.

I dressed up for school and squeezed my feet inside the 5 inches heel and walked out of the room after carrying my backpack. Kennedy stepped out and walk pass me.

“Good morning Odette.” Kendra said.

“How was your night?

“It was terrible.” She demonstrated with her hands.

“Really? You wanna tell me?

“Yeah. My question is where were you last night? I couldn’t find you in your room.” Kendra said and I’m not surprised.

“Er mm…”

“Don’t lie to me odette or else you will have a hiccup.” I threw my hands in the air and surrendered.

“Don’t worry I understand,you don’t want to talk about it right?

“Yeah.” I said.

“It’s alright. Let’s go.” I handed the car key and we walked out.

We hop in the car and sfe ignited the engine and drove out in a full speed.

She drove in the parking lot and we alighted from the car. A car drove in and laura stepped out from the car.

“Hi Odette.” She said as she walked towards us.

“How are you laura?

“I’m good. Hey Kendra.”

“Laura honey.”

“I’m going to leave you guys. Bye Kendra I have to go now.” I said.

“Sure. Be careful Odette.” Kendra said.

I walked away. Guess what? I didn’t wear my big hoodie today. I just want to free my body today. I checked my timetable and went to the lecture room.

“Here Odette.” Mitchell waved her hand and I walked over to her. I sat beside her.

“You’re late.”

“Really? It’s not going to happen again.” I said.

“Why don’t you let your hair down?

“It’s okay like this.” I mumbled.

“And your hoodie?

“Nothing just wanna be free moreover my hair has covered hakf of my face. So what’s the point?

“Nope,you should wear it now. Everyone will freak out if they see your face. Please.” Mitchell said.

“Aha,okay I gave up.” I said and brought it out from my backpack and put it on. I wore the cap too.

“Now you’re good to go. Thank you.”
After the class Mitchell and I went to the cafeteria.

“Let me get your breakfast.”

“No I’m okay.” I said.

“Don’t tell me that,I’m going to get you something to drink. What about milkshake?

I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll be back.” She said and walked away.

I turned back and my eyes met with Kennedys. She was chatting with a lady and she pointed at me.

“She’s the one.” She said and smirked.

“Are you sure? The lady asked and stood up.

“Yeah,your big enemy.” Kennedy said. Even though they’re quiet far away from me but I heard all their conversation.

I stood up and walked out from the cafeteria. Two men in suit were following. I increased my speed and ran away,they didn’t gave up rather they ran after me. I kept running until tiptoe and I almost fell but strong hands grabbed me from falling…


🎤 who saved Odette from falling?
Who do you think Kennedy’s talking to?

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