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Secret superstar Chapter 20

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬

↠↠↠Chapter Twenty⇦⇦⇦⇦

🎙Not Edited🎤

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kennedy’s POV🎙🎤🎭

I’ve been knocking on the door for the past few minute but she has refused to open the door. She kept groaning inside and I can’t do anything to save her.

“Mom please open this door.” I called out.

“Kendra…Odette.” I yelled their names. Odette walked out from her room. Her eyes was gray anymore it has changed to gemstone green. She walked over and stood beside with question look. Kendra rushed out and joined me.

“What happened ken? Kendra asked.

“It’s mom,she’s is in pain. Please help me Odette.” I said facing Odette and plead.

She walked toward the door,holds the doorknob and twisted it. Her eyes glittered. The door opened and we rushed inside. I met mom rolling on the floor,the floor was wet with her blood and her dress was also wetted.

“Mom! I squatted and positioned her head on lap. The facial burn part was bleeding profusely.

“Mom are you alright? Kendra asked as she squatted beside me. Odette did the same.

“Hey Sharon what happened? Odette asked and I scoffed.

“Ah…” She winced when Kendra touched her face. When she saw Odette,she glared at her and yelled.

“What the hell are you doing here? Mom yelled.

“Remember this is my mansion,you are just a squatter.” Odette said and smirk. I felt irritated.

“Really? Is that what you’re here for. I didn’t call you here to mock us just help her if you can.” I snapped.

“You half crazy bastard. You made me like this,I swear I’ll never forgive you. I promise you.” Mom moved away from me and grabbed Odette dress.

“Sharon,I don’t want to hurt you. Why don’t you treat your disgusting face first. You look terrible,believe me you look like a witch.” Odette mocked and removed her hands. She straighten her dresses and squatted to her level.

“I’m going to let you go because of Kendra,just don’t step on my lane.” Odette sneered and turned to leave.

“No one would accept a witch,even if everyone claim to loves you once they get to know whom you are,they will run away from you and you will be left alone. That exactly what happened to your mother. She couldn’t go back to her witch town and she couldn’t lives in humans world. Fear is your enemy and you can’t let go of the fear in you. You would die alone or be a curse to your mate. Your world will crumble and guess what? You’d end up like your mother. Everyone around you would suffer because you’re a cursed child,you are…

“Just shut up Sharon. I’ve heard enough.” Odette yelled.

“You are going to suffer and pay for what your mother had ca…

Odette stretched her right hand forward and something like light came out from mummy’s mouth.

“Ahhhh.” Mom couldn’t say anything.

“Odette what have you done.” I yelled and tried to moved closer but she glared at me which caused me to stop.

“That’s the best way to shut your dirt mouth Sharon. No that I have your voice I hope you learn to respect me.” Odette said and walked.

“Kendra are you just going to stand there doing nothing? I yelled.

“Emm…I’m sorry mom.” She said and rushed out.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Author’s POV🎙🎤🎭

Immediately Odette entered her room,she kept Sharon voice inside a jar and locked it with a spell. She didn’t put on a hoodie. She let her hair down,just mask. She jumped through the window,heading to the bush. It was already late in the night.

Kendra walked inside Odette’s room but she couldn’t find her. She wanted to plead on her mother behalf. Since odette isn’t around She went back to her room.

When Odette reached the bush she called Flower and she responded immediately.

“Flower please don’t shut me out again,please just tell me the truth. I can handle it please.” Odette plead.

“I’m listening,what do you want?

“Who am I? Am I a cursed child?,why does my world seems different compared to others. I can’t live a normal life,my dad have to locked me up just because he didn’t want me to get hurt. I have to stay indoor just because I’m scared of what people might think. My voice,my hair,my eyes just everything about me are weird. Why can’t I live a normal life. I just want a normal life like others. I can’t be like this forever. What do you think about me? Why me? Why me? Odette expressed her sorrow through the statement.

“Where should I start from? Whom your mother is or who you are? Flower asked.

“My mother

“Her name was Daisy,queen of witch town. She’s one of the most powerful creature in the witch town. She was loved by everyone. She’s indeed one of the greatest queen in the witch history. She’s power that no spell can ruined or destroyed her…

“Why did you stop? Odette asked when flower stopped.

“Your mother has a bright star light right behind her ear. Such sign is very rare even people from royal family doesn’t have it except your mother that has such a rare light.”

“What does it mean to have the rare star light?

“Odette your history was written before you were born. The star behind her ear means that something great is going to come from your mother. When male in the witch town heard the news including the princes seek to be your mother mate. She’s epitome of beauty that everyone could wish to have but she turned down all their proposals.” Flower sighed.


“In witch town there was a wizard that possessed rare power. He lived in a cave but when he heard about your mother he left the cave and visited your mother in her palace.”

“Witch town? I don’t seem to understand it.”

“Every witches lives normal life like human. The only different was that witch are more powerful than Human being. They are all rich and beautiful…Elijah was his name,I meant the wizard. He didn’t want to marry your mother because she’s beautiful or because he loves her rather because of his selfish reason,everyone wanted to benefit from the star behind your mother ear. Elijah believed that once he get a chance to be with your mother he’ll be the most power creature in witch town but things doesn’t work out. Daisy rejected his proposal just like she did to other suitors. She just wanted to be alone.”

“Then how did she end up in human world?

“It was all because of that selfish creature,Elijah. He tried every way to get rid of your mother secretly. He added different portions that can makes anyone to lose her power but it didn’t work on her nevertheless it makes her strong. Since he couldn’t get what he want,he found a way to get rid of the star behind her ear because he knew that it was the star behind her ear that saved her,no power,spell or poison can works out as long the star’s still intant.”

“So what happened?

“He looked for another way to get rid of the light and guess what He really got the portion from a native doctor, the woman isn’t just a native doctor but also a prophecy. She gave him the portion and he add it to your mother’s drink. When she woke up she found herself in a dark cave. Elijah showed up and tried every means to find his way with your mother but she never give him a chance. ”

“Did she escape from the cave?

“Yeah,she did escape. She used her remained power to escaped from the care. And she embarked on a journey back to her home but she was lost. She didn’t know the way back to her home. She didn’t give up,she spend almost a month in an unknown land. She blanked out when it reached a point that she couldn’t move an inch further. That was when your father saw her and he saved her. Gradually their love story began. You know who Sharon is right?

“Yeah my daddy’s maid.”

“Immediately your mom gave birth she enchanted her soul and married your father. Wait why am I telling you this? Odette it’s time to go home. Leave now?



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