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Secret superstar Chapter 18

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬

↠↠↠Chapter Eighteen⇦⇦⇦⇦

🎙Not Edited🎤

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Author’s POV🎙🎤🎭

“I’m talking to you Mitchell.” Mrs Rodger yelled that made Mitchell to flinched back as she slumped on the sofa.

She gazed intently into her eyes, she could see her face now while Odette looked at her with a calm, steady gaze.

“You know what? Both of you should get out NOW! She ordered.

Kyle was so engrossed on his phone as he received a call and walked out While ignoring Mrs Rodger pleas.

Odette and Mitchell exist the class since Mrs Rodger ordered them to leave her class.

“Ah…” Mitchell inhaled the fresh air as she dragged Odette with her. They stepped in the garden as they walked deeper. When they reached a place where Mitchell saw a bench and she asked Odette to sit on it while she did the same.

“Aha that was close.” Mitchell sighed.

“Hey Odette,are you listening? She asked.

“Yeah why? Odette replied as she removed the big hoodie she put on. She let her hair down after removing all the golden clips and ribbons she used to hold it together.

“Wow! It escaped Mitchell mouth as she stared at Odette face with her mouth slight opened.

“You’re beautiful,that’s the reason why they’re looking for you. You’re indeed a rare gem.” Mitchell said but Odette didn’t understand what she meant.

“What do you mean? Odette raised he left bow.

Mitchell played the song.

“You sang this song right? Odette nodded.

“Yes,so what?

“They’re looking for you. Since you’re the anonymous singer why don’t you just save their stress and show yourself.” Mitchell said.

“Someone used my voice so I think they should find the person because I’m not going to sing or help anyone.” Odette said with a straight face.

“Anyone that find you would be reward with $200M…

“Are you planning to tell anyone?

“You think I’m trying to make things difficult for you, but that’s not my intent. Since you don’t wanna to tell anyone I’m going to keep your secret.” Mitchell said.

“No thanks.” Odette said rudely.

“Well I don’t need that from you.”

“Then what do you want?

“Can I be your friend? Mitchell asked.

“No.” She declined.

“Please I have no bad intent toward you. I just wanna be a friend that’s all. Trust me your secrets are safe.” Odette looked at her before saying yes.

“Okay I’m gonna give you a chance.” She said with a fake smile.

“You don’t trust me because we just met. I love you hair,it’s so long and sparkling. Is it your real hair?


“Omo! This is amazing. Can I touch you it? She asked.

“You talk too much,please I’m having a hard time already.” Odette said and Mitchell felt bad.

“I’m sorry.” She pouted which made Odette to chuckled.

“What’s funny? She pouted.

“You look like a baby when you pout out your month.” Odette chuckled again not knowing that she just chuckled. She truly deserves a trophy.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feeling,just that you’re the first friend I ever had.” Odette said as she braided her long hair.

“Really? Whoa! I’m so lucky.” She threw her hands in the air.

“Stop been dramatical Mitchell.” Odette said as she stood up after braiding her hair. She put on her hoodie and covered her face with the cap.

“Let’s go it’s getting late.” Mitchell said and grabbed Odette cold hands as they walked out from the garden while heading to their next lecture room.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kendra’s POV🎙🎤🎭

Immediately Odette finished her registration,I accompanied her to her music class but didn’t walk in with her. I watched as she stepped in before walking away and hurry to my class. Genevieve and Mia are having their girlish chat when I stepped in.

“Aye! the crazy cheerleader is here.” Mia announced. Everyone glanced over me as I walked toward them with a smile.

“Hey what’s up Kendra you look so happy today.” Genevieve said foolishly.

“Are you ready to dump you boyfriend? I asked,smirking.

“Hell no! The only loser we have here is you.” Genevieve snapped. I shrugged.

“Mia get ready to have your hair cut.” I said.

“You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mia sneered.

“Well…well…well get ready to fulfill your promise bitches.” I laughed out.

They looked at me with sneers of disgust.

“Guess what? I asked.

Lina smiled up.

“Is she coming to Diamond stars? Lina asked.

“Nope.” I said and I face turned sore. “Well she is already in Diamond stars college. Mia,Genevieve you are doomed.” I yelled out.

I dipped my hand inside my backpack as I brought scissor out and a letter.

“Have this scissor Mia.” I handed it to Mia who collected it with a shaking hand.

“You don’t have to write any letter. This is for you,it’s romantic so don’t worry about him. He’s not going to feel bad once he received this letter.” Genevieve refused.

“Oh,don’t worry I’m gonna keep it.” I said.

“How the heck do you want us to believe you stinky liar.” Genevieve yelled.

“Wanna confirm it? I asked and winked at her while she scoffed,irritated.

“Trust me her voice isn’t a match compare to the anonymous singer. So tell her to back off.” Mia said.

“What if I tell you guys that she’s the one… I quickly composed myself before revealing the secret.

“What? You’re trying to lie again? What a scumbag.” Genevieve rolled her eyes.

“Calm down guys. Kendra since she’s in Diamond star already maybe you should invite her over or what? Lina asked.

“Nope follow me.” I said as I lead the way towards music lecture room. We stepped inside and met Queens band in a deep conversation. Luna was fast enough to turned her head toward the door.

“Hey.” Luna called out immediately she saw me.. I hope she didn’t remember me.

“Hi Luna.” I replied while taking steps backward and gesticulated others to follow until we are far away from them.

“What happened Kendra?

“I knew it…just tell us the truth.” Genevieve said.

I saw Kennedy in the hallway. Odette and a lady was behind her but she didn’t notice.

“Hey Kendra.” Odette called as she rushed toward me. Kennedy stopped walking when she heard her voice and looked at us.

“Odette? She widened her eyes almost come out.

🕺🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kyle’s POV🎙🎤🎭

Since we are searching for an anonymous singer so we have to attend music classes with student,may one of them might be the secret superstar we are looking for.

Something seems missing. The anonymous singer must be the lady that always sings at the bush. I have to inform everyone first. But what if she’s a ghost. ah Kennedy must know who the lady is and her sister too. There is more than one way to tell a story. If Kennedy isn’t the one that sang the song then it’s Kennedy. I have to talk to Davis first.

After receiving an urgent call,I existed the room and went to parking lot. Hop in the car and drove in a full speed.

I stepped inside Winston mansion and rushed inside,I’m so scared. I hope she hasn’t hurt herself.

I met dad in Anel’s room she keeps destroying everything in her room.

“Get hold of yourself Anel.” Dad yelled trying to calm her down but she wasn’t listening. Mom stood beside her bed she was bleeding and crying.

“An el don’t.” Dad said imperatively but Anel picked the flower vase beside her window and threw it at the wall.

“Anel.” I called her name. I walked over to her and she embraced me.

“Thank goodness you’re here.” Dad sighed before walking out.

“Mom what happened to her? I asked as I helped her with a strand of her hair and tagged it behind her ear.

“Her friends mocked her. They called her a dumbest. That’s what made her to lose her temper.” I ranked my hand through her hair as she rest her head on my chest.

“Really? They did? Mom nodded.


“Mom you should treat your hand first. You’re bleeding.” I said.

“Okay,please don’t let her hurt herself again.” She said before walking out.

“Are you okay Anel? I asked and she nodded.

📝 yes I’m fine since you’re here.

“I’m glad you’re alright now. So what do you want me to do?

📝 they attend Diamond star primary school kyle,I want you to evict their admissions. They have to knee before me and beg for my forgiveness. Since Diamond stars was ranked Number one as the best school in the world.

“Is that what you want?

📝 please Kyle do that for me.

“Okay sister. Anything for you.” I smiled.

📝 I’m going to get their names ready. I love kyle. She tiptoes and pecked my cheek.

“Love you too.”


Odette isn’t safe in diamond star.
d way Kennedy stared at Odette nah don’t you think her eyes won’t fall out from the socket now.
Anel,I pity that little kiddo.

Love y’all ❤❤💗💞💞💞😘

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