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Secret superstar Chapter 17

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬

↠↠↠Chapter Seventeen⇦⇦⇦⇦

🎙Not Edited🎤

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s POV🎙🎤🎭

“Are you being serious about what you’ve just said? Kendra asked as I rolled my eyes and relaxed on the sofa. “Just a mere look,I know you’re joking.” She said in a choked voice.

“Is that what you think? I asked and she blinked abruptly.

“Kind of…wait! Are you serious?

“Yeah,I’m gonna attend Diamond stars because of you.”

“Really? Jeez! You are the best sister in the world. That means I’m not going to lose my post to anyone. Brovo! I’m super elated right now. Mia and Genevieve are in for it,get ready to break up with your boyfriend and hair cut.” She threw her hands in the air and danced around. “So are you going with me tomorrow? She asked with her puppy eyes.

“Humm. Maybe.” I shrugged.

“I’m gonna get your admission ready, right now. I have to go out for shopping. I have to get you ready and you hair leave it to be. I’m gonna a deal with it tomorrow. You’re gonna use contact lens right? Well I love your Amber eyes though but you’re still going to make use of lens so no one would knows your secret.”

I hope Kendra would stop chattering about nothing.

“Come on Kendra,that’s enough.” I mumbled out of frustration as she crackled.

“Talking to you is much better than medicine.” She said while I glared at her.

“Okay ma’am. Are you coming with me. We have to shop odette.” She said.

I sighed before answering. “Okay.” I said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me along.

“Wanna drive? I asked just as we reached parking lot but Kendra shook her head negatively.

“Nope.” She pouted.

“We should board a cab instead,I’m not going to drive either.” I curled my finger around the key before dipping it inside my jogger pants pocket.

She hailed a cab and we hop in. Kendra won’t stop grinning as if she just won as lottery.

The taxicab came to a halt and we alighted from the cab after paying the cabman. We walked inside the mall. Everywhere was hushed just few cars in the parking lot.

Guards were at the entrance of the mall.

“What is happening? Kendra asked and I rolled my eyes.

“I should be the one to ask you that question.” I said and she abruptly turned to me,staring at me with a question look.

“Let’s go in there and find out. Probably some celebrities are here.” Kendra concluded as she glimpse at the Laferrari in the parking lot that has a name on the number plate.

“What? I asked as we kept walking toward the entrance.

“Darlene and her members are here but I don’t think they are going to allow anyone in. Well let’s try our luck.” She said.

“Why? One of the reason why I hate some celebrities,some are fucking crazy while some are good. If they don’t allow us in then I’m going to deal with them myself.

As if Kendra was reading my mind. “Don’t try to do something crazy Odette or else you’re going to get hurt and call the cops.” She uttered and I rolled my eyes.

“You Can’t go in there.” One of the bodyguards said and I force not to say anything.

“Why? Kendra asked rudely but in a gentle manners.

“That’s the instructions given to us by ma’am Darlene.” He said.

“Bu… Kendra patted my hand gently and I understand what she meant.

“How long would it take? Kendra asked.

“I don’t know but I guess they’re going to shop like no tomorrow.” Another bodyguard said before burst into delighted laughter.

“They’re shopping freak buddy.” Another said.

“Please we are not going to take long but wanna buy few things.” I felt irritated when she plead. My voice is enough to drive them crazy.

“We can’t ma’am.” They chorused.

“Really? Let us in now.” I ordered and they pave way.

“Okay ma.” They chorused and bowed a little.

“Why did you do that Odette? You shouldn’t have used your power on them.” Kendra scolded but I ignored her totally as I entered the mall and dragged Kendra along when she refused to move an inch.

“Wooo.” She made a horrible sound and tried to hide somewhere when she saw a group of ladies chattering while maids tagged behind them.

“Oh my gosh! It real Darlene. We have to leave now. Darlene is a crazy lady,she might be nasty sometimes.” Kendra panics.

“I don’t care,if she cross on my lane I’m gonna deal with her.” Mere looking at her,I don’t like her spirit.

“Hey you! What are you doing here? Didn’t I say everyone should evacuate this mall? Darlene yelled. Kendra hid behind me while I fixed my gaze on Darlene. She walked over to me.

“I’m talking to you fool.” She said but I ignored her as if she ain’t talking to me.

“Calm down Darlene.” One of the lady beside her cautions.

“Don’t tell me to calm down Luna. You know I’m allergic to commoners,I can’t stand their guts. Number two,I love shopping alone and…

“But you’re not alone. Your friends are here with you and your maids so get that into your skull that you’re not shopping alone.” I said even though have of my hair was covering my face so it will be very hard for her to recognize me.

“Wow! Luna,the lady besides her exclaimed as she stared at me in awe.

“Your voice is wow! Darlene I think I like this lady already. Let them alone. I’m gonna foot you bill.” Luna said and I rolled my eyes as I ranked my hair backward. Darlene widened in shock as if she just saw a ghost. Thank goodness I didn’t let me hair down.

“Thank you but you don’t have to.” I said nonchalantly.

“Oh my gosh! They all exclaimed as a lady I don’t know her name covered her mouth with her hands. They gazes were on me now checking out my body. Haven’t I told you that I’d got the most killer curve,so shapely and flawless.

Luna smiled up as she walked towards me and tried to took my picture.

“Don’t do it.” Kendra blurted out.

Darlene has a jealous look on her pretty face,she never stopped glaring at me with an irritated scoff.

“You’re beautiful.”a lady exclaimed.

“Yeah she is Melina. Please will you be my friend? Luna asked in a humorous way while I rolled my eyes.

“Nope she is going to be my friend.”

“Shush it Corinne. She’s already my friend. Please Can we take a picture together? Kina asked.

“Sure.” Kendra butted in.

“Guys what’s happening? You should do something and send these commoners out now.” Darlene ordered while they scoffed irritatedly.

“Please what is your name if I may ask señorita?

“What? Darlene yelled.

“Not today.” I said as I grabbed Kendra’s hand and we walked over to Diamond star students needs attender.

“How may I help you? The lady won’t stop grinning.

“New student.” Kendra said.

“Admission number?


She operated the computer and brought out a card from a drawer and handed it to us. I collected it and we walked to another section.

I was given the school dresses,iPad,school map…

“You’re going to finish your registration tomorrow. Don’t worry I’m going to help you out.” Kendra said as we walked out of the mall. Luna and her left had left already. We boarded a cab back home as Kendra helped with the shopping bags.


Odette can’t believe that she’s actually going to Diamond stars. It wasn’t because of Kendra but she has another reason for accepting to attend DSC best known to her.

They didn’t board a cab rather Kendra drove them to the college.

Odette alighted from the Ferrari f60 america that worth about $2.5m,well her late father was a rich businessman what do you expect. She packed her hair in a french style,the black mini skirt she puts on stopped right on her thigh. Her black big hoodie cap was covering her face.

“Ta-da! Welcome to Diamond stars college Odette.” Kendra said happily.

“Wow! It escaped her mouth before she could stop it. “Are you sure this is a college or paradise. It’s beautiful.” She exclaimed.

“Yeah can’t believe that you’re the one that pays my school fees yet you never know how Diamond stars look like.” Kendra teased her. Almost every buildings was made. Of glasses. She admired the blue color used for some buildings and the garden she was staring at is wow!.

“There are beautiful sights here.” She mumbled.

“Trust me,you’re going to love the interior of all classes. So you’re going to attend music class today,you’ll get to see Luna and Kings band too. Jeez! You’re lucky. Moreover Kennedy would be very surprise to see you in Diamond stars college. I can’t wait to see how she’s going to reaction. Let’s go.”Kendra rushed her words while Odette didn’t say anything rather she was checking out diamond stars.

Some cars drove in the parking lot as Kendra and Odette stopped walking when they heard students murmuring to themselves.

“Oh my! Kings band are here already. Come with me.” Kendra grabbed her hands and dragged her to the crowd even though Odette protested but Kendra won’t stop glaring.

📸 my prince charming is here,I love you kyle.

📸 will you be my man Scott.

📸 oh my gosh!

📸 they are here,yeah! They are really here.

📸 I love you Tim honey.

📸 kyle I love your outfit.

Even though they just alighted from their different cars,students didn’t give them a chance to escape. Everyone exclaimed while staring at kyle new car,Bugatti’s LA voiture noire.

📸 kyle car rock it 👌

📸 I love your baby face harry!

📸 Raymond,my prince charming.

📸 oh my goodness Owen I love your sneaker,you look great on them. Please can I have you baby…

Students won’t stop murmuring which irritated Odette most. She didn’t care about them anyway,what she wanted is to evacuate the crowd and find a great quiet place. Suddenly kyle turned toward Odette direction but she was fast enough to moved away from the crowd. Kyle guards made way for them as kyle saw her hoodie but he didn’t get the chance to see her face. She ran out of his sight before he could ran after her. Looking at her,she seems suspicious.

When Odette was no where to be found so he concluded that maybe she’s one of a fan but her big black hoodie look familiar though.

“Hey kyle what happened? Are you looking for someone? Owen asked which brought kyle back to life. He’s already lost in his own world.

“Nope. Let’s go” He said as they walked away while their guards made way for them not allowing any fan to touch or move closer to them.

They ever intend to attend music class with student but because they are looking for an anonymous singer so they have to.

As they stepped inside,Queens band were inside with some student. Some started roaring immediately they stepped inside.

“Student.” Mrs Rodger roared as she tried to make her students to keep quiet.

“Welcome.” She greets but kyle totally ignored her as he walked towards a sofa and sat on it while others joins him.

They were about to begin the lecture when Odette entered still in her big hoodie.

“Who do you want? Mrs Rodger asked but she ignored her question.

“I’m talking to you lady.” She yelled but Odette didn’t move at all.

“Are you going to start now or…

“I’m sorry.” She cut in before kyle could finish his statement. She glared at Odette even though she didn’t see her face but she knew Odette could see her.

Odette walked towards a student and sat beside her on another sofa that can contain more that three students.

“Hey.” The lady said to Odette but she didn’t reply,she snubbed her.

“Hi I’m Mitchell and you.” She touched Odette’s shoulder lightly in a gentle manner.

“Hey I’m Odette.” She said.

“You’re a new student here right? Haven’t see you before. Are you sure you’re comfortable in this hoodie,you won’t be able to see anything if you don’t let the cap down.” Odette didn’t reply. “Are you listening at all? She asked when Odette refused to respond to her.

“And who are you talking to?

“What? She widened in eyes.

“You were saying something? Odette asked as she brought her iPad out of her bag.

“Hey Mitchell,can you sing the next verse of the song rayker just sang? Mrs Rodger asked,though she knew she isn’t listening.

“Huh ma’am? Mitchell asked confusing.

“I said you should sing the next verse or you leave this class now.” She roared.

Mitchell ranked her hand through her hair frustratedly.

🎶~mere looking at your my heart is melting.

🎶~ I’m falling for your charm…whispered, Odette helped her with the song, Mitchell widened her eyes. Confuse,curious and doubt that what Mitchell was feeling right now. Only Mitchell heard the rarest voice not even the lady next to Mitchell. She was staring at Odette. Odette panics mixed with fare that Mitchell just heard her voice.

Is she going to tell everyone?

Do you think Mitchell can keep a secret?

What do you think she’s going to do now that she just heard the rarest voice?

Do you think Queens band would love Odette if they knew that she’s the anonymous singer?

Do you think kyle is going to find out the truth about odette? 🤔🤔🤔

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