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Secret superstar Chapter 13

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬
Written by: Crown☜✍
↠↠↠Chapter Thirteen⇦⇦⇦⇦
🎙Not Edited🎤
💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Sharon 👺 POV🎙🎤🎭

Just when I thought I’m about to get rid of Odette,never knew that I’m only helping her to regain her power.

My plan was to ruin her but it backfired on me. I didn’t know that it full moon already. Wait a second! This is not the right time for Odette to regain all her power.

“Did I miss something? I asked myself.

I touch my face,jeez! It hurt as hell.


As soon as I put the pearl pin inside the jar, I whispered some spell,suddenly it started burning but the fire stopped. Everywhere become dark.

“What’s happening? I asked myself as I moved closer to the jar and checked it.

“This is not happening right? Why ain’t the spell working? I stared as the jar thinking about my next move. If I don’t do anything now I might lose everything to Odette.

The fire suddenly blew on my face.

“Arhggg.” I cried out in pain.

“Oh my God.” I winced out,couldn’t touch the face burn. It overburnt that blood gushed out. My dress was already drained in my own blood when I couldn’t do anything.

“Hey Sharon what’s up? 👅.” I heard a famine voice,I abruptly turned toward the mirror. Diasy appeared on it with smile of mischief.

“Oh my! You evil deeds backfired on you? Oops! My bad. You should just look at yourself,the look is so terrible. Aha,you should have check the moon instead before trying to hurt Odette. Right now,non of your power can work on her. She has regain all her power. She’s undefeated and my true princess.” She laughed out load.


“Yeah really,you should have yourself treated now.” She said and disappeared.

“I swear Daisy I’m coming for you. I should have known that,that good for nothing won’t let me have my way or else she has something to do or something that can stop me from getting what I want. The look on her face speak it all,if at all I try to hurt Odette she keep pleading until I give up but today she doesn’t care…you witch,Daisy…you bastard…I’ll never forgive you…I’ll never forgive. You fool.” I yelled as I hit the mirror.

“I’m doom! I yelled as the mirror cracked but it didn’t shatter on the floor. If at all I break it now,it may free her stupid soul and I’ll lose everything at the end.

I crawled outside and closed the door by twisting the doorknob.

“Aha.” I cried out.

👄💅End of the flashback💎

I grabbed the spell book from the bookshelf and sat on the bed. Kennedy just stood like a statue but I don’t care anyway. I memorized the spell that can heal my face.

I recited the spell,placing my hands on my face but it doesn’t work out. I kept trying but still the same.

I started throwing away everything beside.

“Aha.” I cried out in pain as I threw the book away and threw the flower vase at the wall which shattered on the floor.

“Calm down mom. Get hold if yourself.” Kennedy walked over to me and hold my hands.

“Leave me alone. Odette I’ll kill you. I swear.” I yelled.

“And I want to see you trying…Sharon.” She blurted out as she entered my room with Kendra standing behind.

“What do you want from us Odette? Kennedy asked as she glared at Kendra.

“I want to see you trying to use my voice,you will always be a loser Kennedy. Why don’t you just use you awful voice instead. I’m only going to let you go just for the sake of Kendra. Find a way to clear all the mess you’ve created because is either you lose your life at the end or…” Odette said and Kendra charged towards her but Odette stretched her left hand forward and light came out from it which stopped Kennedy from approaching her instead she control her hand and Kennedy hit her head against the wall.

“What the heck? I widened my eyes in shock. Did she really do that just now? How? This is one of the rarest power that only a princess from witch kingdom can presses such power. How did she do that? I’m I dreaming or what? Oh my this is real.

“This is just the beginning Sharon. I swear I won’t spare you.” Odette clenched her fist as she vouched out after yelling on top of her voice.

“Mummy how are you feeling? Kendra moved closer and tried to touch me but I yanked her hands away from me and pushed her.

“Stay away from me,I hate you two. How could you choose that low life over your mom? How could you Kendra? Am I a bad person. Did I ever hurt you before? I’m your mother.” I wiped the tears that stream down my left side face (not the burnt part.)

What pain me most is when my daughter stand against me. She hates me.

“Mother I’m only doing the right thing. I never go against you and I’ll never go against you,but mom it’s not too late to repent…trust me,Odette is going to forgive you. I’ll never choose to be like you because I think you’re a bad person. Odette can’t hurts anyone without a reason.” She said.

“Are you kidding me Kendra. Aha.” Kennedy wined in pain as she recovered from the hit.

“So you’re going to betray your blood sister? You’re going to watch that witch hurting our mom? Huh? Tell me.” She uttered.

“Kennedy I don’t betray anyone but you did. How dare you use Odette voice for the voice winner huh?

“Well…you don’t deserve to know.” She said.

“I don’t how you are gonna do it, find a way to clear the mess.” She yelled and walked out and yank the door shut.

“Mom what happened to your face?

“Kennedy I don’t want to talk about it. Just get out now. I wanna be alone.” I said.

“Are you hiding something mom?

“Don’t you get it? I say get out right now.” I yelled.

“Okay fine.” She shrugged before walking out.

“What am I going to do with my face?

“Ahahhhhhhhhhh.” I yelled as I kept breaking everything I come across in my room.

“I swear you all will pay for this.”

🕺🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kyle’s POV🎙🎤🎭

I don’t know why she chose to run away from whenever she sees me.

After having another foolish conversation with Q-band,I drove to the mansion. Just about to step inside I heard her voice again. I didn’t wait for anyone guard to follow since it just 06:05 pm I made my way towards the bush.

But again. She ran away.

I stepped inside the living room,I met Raymond and Tim chatting.

“Hey what’s up with that frown face bro? Raymond asked.

“Nothing,just a little bit weak.” I lied.

“Should I call the doctor. Please don’t get sick kyle.” Tim said.

“Sure,I don’t want you to babysit me again.”

“Guess I can start…I mean right now.” He uttered,laughing.

“Anything about Kennedy?

“Well Darlene said she’ll be the one to interview her and train her. We should leave everything to her to handle.” Tim said.

“Is not a bad idea.” Raymond mumbled.

“Really? That’s ridiculous. I don’t trust Kennedy. What if she’s lying.” I asked.

“Absolutely right kyle. I just don’t like her spirit.” Harry butted in.

“Then what do you want to do?

“I don’t know for now.” I replied.

“Me too.”

“Then let leave it to Darlene. You know she can’t lie to us,perhaps if Kennedy isn’t the lady we want,Darlene doesn’t have any right to hide it from us. Let us give her a chance. We still have a long days,weeks,months before the concert.” Tim concluded.

“No problem Tim.” I said and went to my room.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kendra’s POV🎙🎤🎭

I alighted from the cab and I made my way inside the college building after showing my ID to the securities.

Immediately I stepped inside and I wish the ground could just open up and swallow me.

“Look at who we have here.” Mia announced and everyone gaze were on me.

“Hey guys.” I waved my hand and walked over to them.

“Hey buddy. How are you? Genevieve asked but I didn’t bother to reply.

“Hi Kendra.” Laura smile while I also did the same.

“Let’s just go straight to the point. Kendra where is the tape. You time has exhausted.” Mia said and I glared at her. She huffed while looking away from me.

“Kendra do you bring the tape with you? Laura asked with a concern look.

I shook my head negatively.

“I knew it,she’s just a bloody liar.” Mia said.

“Why don’t we just listen to what she has to say about this matter.” Genevieve said and a smile appeared my face.

“How about I make the lady to attend this college? I asked.

“What are you saying? Mia shrugged.

“Well let me remind you,it deal isn’t over yet. I still have five days left. I promise to make her attend this college.” I said with a straight look.

“You cannot get the tape so how are you going to do it? Why don’t you just give up? Why do you just admit that you’re nothing but a terrible liar.” Mia said and I forced myself not to slap her.

“Just five days and I promise you that she will.” I said.


Sharon is playing with fire 💥
Darlene is playing with the devil.
Kendra is in trouble.

Do you think she’s going to win the bet?

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