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Secret superstar Chapter 12

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬
Written by: Crown☜✍
↠↠↠Chapter twelve⇦⇦⇦⇦

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kendra’s POV🎙🎤🎭

“Oh my goodness! I exclaim.

Odette flying in the air was a sight to behold. The glittering light coming out from her take over the room. Her hair is no more gray but golden. Her body wasn’t on the bed anymore.

She didn’t move neither didn’t she make attempt to. I stay still staring at her as balls of sweat run down my forehead.

“Odette.” I mumble her name,though I’m not that surprise about what I’m seeing but at the same time I’m dumbfound for some moment. She’s still my sister anyway even if everything about her is weird,I still can’t leave all alone.

I wipe the tears on my face and move toward the bed. Suddenly her glittering hair stop and the light too. She was lays down on the bed.

“Odette…” I call out but she doesn’t open her eyes nor move. I sat beside her and grab her right hand.

“Odette…are you OK? I ask even though I know she’s not going to responds.

“Are you listening? I’m here OK? I pick a towel and wipe the balls of sweats on her forehead.

“Ke…ken…Kendra.” She shutters my name.

“I’m here Odette. Please just open your eyes,it has been three days already. I’m scared please open your eyes.” I say as I keep wiping the sweats on her forehead.

“Kendra…my head is spinning and my eyes hurts…my heart is weak.” She mumbles and tears stream out from my eyes.

“I can’t give up on you,no matter what. I can’t handle the days alone. Please just open your eyes and talk to me. I’m your sister,I’m scared Odette. I don’t want to lose you.” I utter as I try to control my tears from falling but it refuses to stop. I guess I’m just being emotional here.

“Ken..Kendra…my head.” She mumbles as I place the cold towel on her hot head. Her body ain’t cold anymore but warm and her forehead was just hot like a kettle.

Her hair glimmers and stop after some minutes.

“You’ll be fine Odette.” I say.

“Aha.”I hear mummy yelling in pain.

“I’ll be back Odette.” I say and kiss her forehead before rushing out. I look around everywhere but couldn’t find her.

Where could she be now? I ask myself.

“Aha…help me.” She yells again.

“Mom where are you? I rush inside her room but she isn’t inside. I turn back to leave then I hear her wincing in pain.

“What’s happening? Mummy.” I rush,checkinh everywhere but I couldn’t find her.

I walk toward Odette room and twist the doorknob. I step inside,she’s hugs her legs.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me Kendra. I’m I cursed or a forbidden child. Who am I? Why is that everything about me seems so weird…” She says and weeps with her eyes close. When she opens her eyes,the color isn’t stable. It keep changing.

“Your eyes.” I pouted but she didn’t say anything rather she closes her eyes. She sighs and reopens it again.

This time it has change back to normal,her gray eyes color is back.

I move closer and sit on the bed,holding her hand.

“I thought you’re going to leave me…I feel terrified Odette. What if you didn’t wake up then it all over for me.” I utter. She stares at me with her mouth firm close.

“Please don’t you dare leave me again. Not for any reason.” I hit her playfully.

“Look at this.” She stretch her left hand forward. A light come out from it.

“What? To my bewilderment,I widen in shock and open my mouth to say something but word refuse to come out.

“This is crazy. Why is that everything around me seems so weird. I’m not like other people. My voice,my hair…Kendra I’m perplex,I’m fed up. I’m losing it already.” She hide her hand while staring at me.

“Everything would be fine.” I mumble.

“I just want an answer to my question,who am I? Why am I different from other. Why is my life like this. Why can’t be like other people. Do have to live this kind of life? Wait! She stops. She sprang out from the bed in jolt. She rushes toward her closet. Grabs a black big hoddie and a sneaker.

She braids her hair to a frenvh style and use a pen to hold it. She put on the black up and a trouser. She wears the sneaker and jump out through the window.

“Hey wait Odette. Where are you going? I yell as I also do the same method. I move closer before she could run away.

“Go back Kendra. I’ll be back soon.” She mutters but that’s not going to change my mind.

“Just go back Kendra. OK?

“Its late already. You can’t go out when you’re like this.”

“It’s 04:20 pm so I still have enough time. I’ll be back soon…


“Just do as I say.”she snaps and step backward.

“Okay.” I mumble with my head down.

I watch as she open the door and walks out.

“Mmmmh.” I sigh. I walk back then Kennedy voice stop me.

“Somebody help me…” She yells.

“Kennedy? I call out and rush inside her room but she’s not inside. I walk out again.

“Please help.” Mummy? I enter her room and meet her sitting on the floor with half burn face.

“What happened to mom Kennedy? Why is her face like this? I ask.

“I don’t know what happened to her. When I returned back from school,I heard her groaning,wincing in pains. I have to look for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. I was about to give up when I saw her limping put from a room with half burned face. Kendra I’m scared,first it Odette,second it mom now. Who’s going to be the next victim? I guess it you. This house is forbidden.” She says and I burst into a delight laughter. Is she crazy? Another victim or what?

“Don’t be absurb Kennedy,if there should be another victim then it’s you. Don’t you know you’re my sister. They should take you instead.” I say and she throws me a glare.

“Oops! Sorry.”

“Aha…” Mom winces in pain.

“Ouch ouch,sorry mom. Please what happened to your face? Why are you like this? I try to touch her face but she yanks my hand away from her and pushes me.

“Stay away from me.” She yells.

“What? It’s me mom. Kendra,” I say.

“Don’t you get it? Get out now.” Mom yells.

“Kendra just leave.” Kennedy says.

“Of course not,I’m not leaving this Place.” I fold my hands and stay still.

“Are you crazy.” Kennedy stand up and drag me towards the door. She pushes me out and yanks the door shut.

“Kennedy open this door. Please open the door.” My mom and I might not get along but I still love her.

“Why is that everyone don’t wanna talk to me. First Odette,and now Kennedy and mom just shut me out.” I mumbled.

Then an idea bump out. Maybe I should go after odette,she is not strong enough to fight anyone that steps in her lane. I walk out after checking out the time.

I walk on the isolate road and keep yelling her name but get no responds.

“Odette. Where are you? I keep walking even though I don’t know where I’m going.

After search for her but couldn’t find her,I give up and turn back but later stop.

Suddenly,Odette walks out from a bush in a hurry with a mask on her face. a guy was trailing her.

“Is that not kyle,k-bands member? What is he doing with Odette?

“I knew it,she in trouble now.”I mumble and I walk closer. She grabs my hand and drags me along to a corner to hide.

“Aha…what are you doing out there? I ask but she was fast enough to cover my mouth with her hands.

“Shish. Don’t make a sound Kendra. He’s still around I can feel it.” She whispers.

“Mmmmhhmm…leave me alone.”I wiggle to free myself but she isn’t letting go.

“Don’t make me shut that mouth for you Kendra. I don’t want to hurt you.” She says and I turn sore.

“He’s here.” She whispers as we see kyle looking around everywhere probably looking for odette. Odette hugs me.

“I lost her again.” He mutters,he’s very close to us but he doesn’t know where we are because we are hiding in a corner.

“Aha.” He sighs before walking away.


“Sish…he’s still around.” Odette isn’t looking at him but how the heck did she knows that he’s still around.

“Aha… He’s gone now.” She removes her hands from my mouth.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s POV🎙🎤🎭

When I regain unconscious. I couldn’t see clearly because my eyes hurt as hell and my head ache. I stay still the my vision become clear again. I move toward the big mirror and stare at my reflection.

My eyes keeps changing colors and my hair glimmers too. I stand up and walk back to bed and cuddle my legs.

Then Kendra step inside,I’m just not ready to talk. I want someone to tell me who I am. It so annoying to be different from other. Why am I like this? Why am I different from other people. All these questions keeps bumping out from my head. Suddenly I remember flower. How’s she doing me? I hope she fine. I grab my hoddie and rush.

I make my way toward the bush. Immediately I reach the bush,I start to sing and let my hair fall freely. It start glittering and the air blow it up.

“O my sweet daughter.” She says weakly.

“Flower,how are you doing? I’m sorry for not coming to check on you.”

“I know what happened Odette. Don’t worry child.” She says.

“Oh really?

“Yeah really. ”

“Can you tell me what actually happen to me. I don’t seem to understand anything. I feel stronger than before.”

“You’ve come of age. You’ve regained your remain power as a princ…don’t worry Odette. You’ll be fine.” She says and I arch my left brow.

“What do you mean? Are you trying to hide something?

“Aish,nope Odette. If I tell you everything now you won’t understand. Just don’t try to use that power for now. You’re still weak and that power came at the wrong time.”

“What power are you talking about flower?

I didn’t hear her voice again. She does that whenever she try to avoid my silly questions.

“I found you again.” I hear his voice again.

What did he want from me,he should stop being an intruder. I always come at the wrong time.

I take a step backward when he try to approach me.

“Don’t run away from me again. I’m not gonna hurt you please.” He says.

He was just ten feet away from me.

Can’t he just leave me alone. I didn’t wait for him before rushing out from the bush and I know he did follow.

I meet Kendra on her way. What is she doing here. I have to do something. I grab her have and rush toward a place and hide there.

I can feel his presence,whether far or close. I can feel it.

Immediately I feel that he has left,we move out from the corner and we walk home.

“Lest I forget,what are you doing in that bush Odette? Kendra asks as we step inside my room.


“Is he your prince charming? Jeez odette you’re so lucky. Tell me why you ran away from him. Did you fight him or what?

“Enough Kendra. Just forget about what you saw. I don’t know him.” I half yell.

“Really? You want me to believe that?

I glare at her and she moves away from me.

“I’m sorry. Mom had an accident that caused her to have a burn face.” She mumbles.


💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Sharon’s 👺POV🎙🎤🎭

Just when I thought I’m about to get rid of Odette,never knew that I’m only helping her to regain her power.

My plan was to ruin her but it backfire…



what happened to Mrs Sharon?
So guys hide you stone Odette is back for good. What do you think about what flower said? Well you’re going to find out in the next chapter. Stay turn. We haven’t reach intermission self. Jeez! We still have a long way to go.

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