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Secret superstar Chapter 10

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬
Written by: crown☜✍
↠↠↠Chapter ten⇦⇦⇦⇦

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s POV🎙🎤

I walked inside the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. As I grabbed a bottle from the refrigerator and sat on the kitchen counter. I gulped down everything and inhaled the fresh air. I didn’t understand what happening to my life,I think I’m different from other people. I just want someone to tell me who I am. It may seems like crazy but to me,it’s already crazy. I quit attending school immediately Sharon stole my pearl pin. I cannot go out when I knew my eyes and hair might change anytime. And my voice,sometimes I have to keep mute just because I wanted everyone to think am actually dumb. But right now I can do it,I want a normal life. I want a real life,my life is falling apart. No parent just me against the world. My life seems meaningless to me.

My power can’t save me and my hope? I don’t have any hope. All I want is my pin without the pin I can’t go out. I can’t sing or live a normal life. Everyone will think I’m a witch or something but I don’t even know who I am.

I wish I can help myself but I end up causing another trouble. I wish my mom was alive but she’s long gone. I didn’t how she looks like,what her name is. Not even her picture. My dad really did a great job hiding me and keeping everything away from me. I’ve been living a lonely life since when I clocked 5 years of age,my dad will locked me up in my room telling me that he’s doing it to protect me. And Flower isn’t ready to help me out.

I signed and stood up and tried to walk but end up falling on the floor. I couldn’t see anything,everything was just blank. My head,it hurt and spinning. My hair has started glittering but I didn’t understand what’s happening? I’m not singing so why is my hair like this?

“Oh my goodness! I exclaimed as everything turned black. I can’t see anything again. I tried to stand up again but ended up hitting my head on a hard thing,so I blanked out immediately.

💃🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kendra’s POV🎙🎤

I kept humming the song as I stepped inside the living room. Just about to ascending Kennedy bumped out from no where. I walked straight up to her and stood before her.

“Hey kendra,what’s up? She chuckled.

“Jokes aside sis,where is my tape?. I want it back right now.” I said with a strick face.

“Wh…wha…what…do you mean? She shuttered that’s when I knew she’s going lie to me. She always shutters whenever she try to lie.

“I’m not going to take that from you ken I want my tape back. Don’t make me ink you.” I snapped.

“Ermm…Nathan stole the tape but I’m gonna get it back.” She said.

“Quit lying ken,i don’t wanna hurt you. Don’t make me involved Odette.”I yelled and she startled back.

“You bring out now or…

“OK..okay just a moment.” She said and went to her room.

“Jeez! I’m exhausted right now.” I muttered and walked straight to the kitchen. I

I found someone with a Gray hair lying on the tiles with fear I tried to ran out but then I saw her long hair. Only Odette has a long hair. Could it be…? Oh my gosh! I exclaimed and bend down. Resting on my knees. I removed the hair from her face and helped her up.

“Odette.” I whispered as tears streamed out from my eyes. This can’t be happening. Who did this to her? Her body was so cold,even white than before. With the gray hair she’s still beautiful and her body glows.

“Odette wake up. Are you sleeping? I mumbled but she didn’t move. The thought of losing her frightened me. She is not breathing too.

“Odette I’m here now. Wake up.” I tapped her but she didn’t move. Even her long black lashes is now gray including her hair brows.

“This isn’t happening,Kennedy….mummy.” I yelled.

Kennedy was the first person to rushed in then mom.

“I didn’t know what happens but please mom help me. She’s dying.” I plead clapping my hands together pleading and begging for help.

“Oh my! What is this? Kennedy widened in shock and started back.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you…mom..please help me.” I cried out but she didn’t say anything,she walked out but later stopped halfway.

“She’s dead.” She said and I jumped up in fear. I bounced toward her and fell on my knees.

“She can’t…I know she’s strong. Mom Odette can die not when I have some good news for her. Not when I need her the most…mom I don’t care if it gonna take long just help her.” I plead,holding her legs but she moved backward.

“I wish I can help but I can. If you’re ready,let’s prepare her funeral.” Is she crazy? I asked myself..

“So ridiculous mom. Don’t be crazy,how could you say that she’s dead. Perhaps are you trying to kill her. I swear if I find out that you’re behind this,I won’t forgive you. Ever.” I yelled and helped Odette to her room. Kennedy and I laid her on the bed.

“Thank you. Leave ken.” I mumbled and faced lifeless Odette.

“You don’t mean it right? I’m just trying to help you.” She said.

“I don’t need your help…just leave now. i hate you all.” I yelled and stood up.


I didn’t listen to her before pushing her out of the room. I locked the door and stared at Odette. I brought out a towel and wiped the sweat off her face. Her body is cold so why is she sweating?

🕺🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kyle’s POV🎙🎤

Immediately others left for college. I stood up lazily and quickly had my bath. I put on a white top and a sweatpants. I wore a white ribbon and stepped out of the room.

I collected the car keys from my driver and hop in. I drove off straight to diamond Stars college.

I alighted from the car and walked straight to the private room. Everyone was their already including our managers.

“You’re late again kyle.” Davis said and I cursed underneath.

“I’m sorry guys. So where is kennedy? I shrugged.

“She isn’t here yet.” Time said and Harry chuckled.

“Good morning.” She said and bored. Immediately she saw me,she widened in shock. She was even blushing.

Jeez! I hate her spirits already. This isn’t the kind of woman I want. I want someone different,someone who isn’t my fan.

“Kennedy can you sing now? Harry asked.

“Yeah…yeah.” She repeated and I just stared at her waiting for her to sing.

“You’re waiting time already.” I snapped and she flinched in fear.


“I’m sorry..seems like she’s not ready to sing. I gotta go now.” I stood up.

“Wait kyle. Why are you mad?

“I don’t like her.” I mumbled.

“Wait kyle.” Tim said and sat back. I hate it when someone keeps me waiting.

“Hello guys.” Darlene blurted out.
What’s she doing here? I asked no one.

“Kennedy jeez! I’ve been looking for you. I heard you when you’re single and I took the record of that amazing voice of yours. You are indeed great dear. I know you’re here for an interview right? Don’t worry they still have enough time. Kyle please kennedy have to go now. Her sister is waiting for her.” Darlene said,winked at me in a seduce way but I looked away from her.


“Please guys. I’m going to bring her along time the studio tomorrow. Pinky promise.” She said that made others to give in. I didn’t say anything.

“Okay.” Davis said and signed.

“Kennedy we will be waiting for you at the studio.” Time said and I rolled my eyes.

They walked out.

“I don’t like that lady.” I muttered.

“Me too,it eems like she’s lying to us.” Harry uttered.

“Don’t be guys,maybe it just her first time. You don’t want her to be bold enough to face you all.” Davis said. I Shrugged and rest my head.

(♥ω♥*)🎶👄kendra’s POV🎤🎤🎶

I wiped my tears while holding Odette right hand. She haven’t wake up,she didn’t move. I’m perplexed right now. I couldn’t go to school because I want to watch over her. I didn’t want anything to happen to her. It’s already two days and she didn’t move.

“Kendra.” Mom called out as she stepped inside.

“What do you want? I snapped. I didn’t trust anyone.

“I’m gonna help you kendra. But first you have to outside now.” She said and raised my left brow.

“What do you mean? Go outside for what?

“If I use my power in your presence it might hurt you too.” She said and I reason with her.

“Okay,please help her mom.” I said and walked out.


What do you think sharon is going to do to Odette now?

Do you think Odette is going to wake up anytime soon. Romantic chapters are near.
Love y’all. 💓💓💓😍😍😍😘

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