February 27, 2021


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One night stand Episode 5

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🌼( Pregnant for a stranger)🌼
Episode Five
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa





When the receptionist called that there was a lady asking to meet me, l thought it was Mira the dirty clingy slut.

But am surprised, it’s the pretty slut from the other night, am more surprised when she introduce herself as the person that applied for the post of a secretary.

She looks decent and well mannered.

She pretended like she doesn’t know me.

Does she think she can fool me?

Have been thinking of her lately which is quite unusual for me.

This is a great opportunity to make her moan underneath me once more.




🌺 Phoebe🌺

Why does he want to meet me?

Is not like have resume working already.

I knock on the door of his office and he tells me to come in.

I open the door and walk in and like earlier he is busy with his laptop.

” Am Here sir”.

” May l know your name?”

” Phoebe Adwin”.

” Last time we met l didn’t get to know your name before you disappeared.”

” When l saw you earlier l thought you came for your money” he says and chuckle.

” Excuse me sir, have we met before?”

” Stop pretending, stop acting like your lost your memory or something.”

” I really don’t know what you are talking about.”

” Enough” he yells.

” Get me coffee.”

” But l was told to resume tommorow.”

” You resume today, now hurry and get me coffee bitch.”

Did l hear clearly, he just called me a bitch.

I sigh and walk out of the office.

I don’t even know where to get a coffee.

I made my way to a coffee shop behind the office.

I bought the coffee, and enter the building.

I got a chance to take a good look at the building.

Expensive looking painting and funitures and vintage sofa style with gold trimming.

I walk through the building observing the whole place till l reach Mr Gray’s office.

I enter the office and it’s empty.

I scan the office with my eyes. His office is the fanciest through out the building.

The view in the window is amazing.

I was admiring the alluring sight that l amost didn’t notice a figure standing behind me.

“Sir, l brought the coffee” l said gently hoping l spoke correctly.

He doesn’t respond he kept staring at me.

He sun shone behind him making him look like an angel descending from heaven.

I place the coffee cup on his desk and quickly tried to retreat.

I couldn’t stand his presence any longer, he was too intimidating.

” Wait” The sudden voice froze me in place.

” What is this?” he asks.

I did want to turn around to look at him,but do l have a choice.

” Coffee!

I answer in a question not understanding what he met.

” You think l will drink this?” he ask in anger.

” I don’t see why not” l reply.

He raise his eyebrow in surprise like l said something unusual.

” Why not? Will you drink something like this?” He ask me this time leaning his back comfortably on his chair.

He look pissed.

Robin warned me about him, yet l didn’t listen.

” I know you are here to stylishly seduce me.”

” I don’t mind though”.

” But while you are at it, you have to know that if you provoke me, l won’t think twice before l fire you” he says looking at me.

” I didn’t respond am too shocked to respond.”

What is he talking about?

Who wants to seduce him?.

So much for a first day, l thought.

” This coffee is not only cold, it’s in a mug, since it’s your first day l will let you off.”

” But next time l ask for coffee you have to bring it in less than ten minutes and the way l like it.”

” Take this mess you call a coffee out of my desk.”

I nod and clutched the cup and turn to leave, l walk out with clenched fist.

What a jerk, he is abusing his power.

I hate this man.

I settle on my desk to arrange a few things.

The receptionist l met earlier, walk up to me.

” Hi, may l know your name?”

” Yea sure, am Phoebe and you are?”

” Stella.”

“Okay it’s nice to meet you Stella”

” The pleasure is mine, l just came to say a few things to you since you are new here and my shift is over for the day.”

” You have to be careful around Mr Gray, he is very hard to please.”

” He is scary.”

” He suffers from Insomnia, when he doesn’t sleep,he is super grouchy” she explains.

” Thanks for the information”.

” Ya welcome, and lastly never be late with Mr Gray’s files.”

” Have a nice day Phoebe, l will see you tomorrow.

“Thanks Stella.”

As soon as she left, l wrote in my note pad.

” Never be late with Mr Gray’s files.




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