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One night stand Episode 13&14

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🌼 (Pregnant for a stranger)🌼
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Episode Thirteen





” What the hell are you saying?”

” You heard me Gray, he wants you to marry his daughter.”

“He must be a joker.”

” This was not part of the deal, why does he suddenly want me to marry his daughter?”

” Gray things are getting out of hand, l don’t know why he wants you to marry his daughter but am afraid without this contract our company will be in joepardy.”

” To hell with the contract.”

” Gray!

” Don’t mention my name.”

” Now you are mad at me, why not go to Mr Li and pour out your anger on him.”

” You are making this difficult, you can just marry her and get a divorce after few months.”

” Is that all you v’e got to say in this situation?”

” Am sorry Gray but this contract is too important, we can’t lose it.”

” You always talk about the contract, what about me? I can’t just marry anyone and later get a divorce, it will create a huge scandal, you know l hate it.
And moreover l don’t even know this woman, the daughter he is talking about.
Mr Li is insulting me am bigger than this, he can’t force me to marry is daughter because of a contract, that’s uncalled for.”

” I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t listen, l think you should go see him yourself.”

“Yes l will go see him, he should stop this madness.”

” Please don’t be rude to him, be polite for once in your life, talk to him calmly and let him see reasons why you can’t meet his demand.”

“I really need to talk some sense into that douchebag.”

“Gray let this attitude end here, just be polite okay!

” See you later Robin.”



( Next day)


My eyes fluttered open.
I can’t believe I slept this long, its 10am already.

I stretch my body and got out of bed.

” Lover girl” l hear a familiar voice.

“Daisy, l thought you left?”

” Good morning, aren’t you happy to see me, huh?

” Good morning, l thought you left for work.”

” I haven’t gotten the full gist on why my best friend wounded her shoulder.”

“Daisy, you are so unbelievable, well l also want to know why you came home late last night.”

” Fine! You go first.”

” Nothing much, it was an accident, the bricks were supposed to fall on Mr Gray but l pushed him off, it hits me instead.”

” I thought you hate him bestie, we v’e always prayed for our enemies to die, you should have allowed the bricks hit him hard.”

” What are you saying?”

” Who saves the person they hate,l thought you hate him, stop lying to yourself Phoebe, you like him.”

” I don’t.”

” You do, l know you do, stop decieving yourself.”

” Yeah yeah whatever.”

” Your turn, who were you with last night?”

” Wait, you have not given me the full details, you spent a night with Mr Gray, something definitely happened.”

” Daisy, you are crazy.”
” I know l am so tell me.”

” Don’t forget am pregnant, we didn’t do anything, we just kissed, that’s all okay.”

” What about the dresses and the undies they are too expensive, l know he bought them.”

” Yes he did.”

” Okay, my turn.
yesterday l was lonely, since you weren’t at home l decided to go have some fun and l met this handsome dude, he was so cute and charming, to cut the long story short, he asked me out for a date and l agreed.”

“Is that all?”l asked.

” What’s huh, l want to know the full details, why did you cut the long story short?”

” That’s the full details, it’s not a long story.”

“You said it’s a long story.”

“No, it’s a short story.”

” So about you and Mr Gray.”

“What about us?

“Why don’t you consider him?”

“Why should l? He didn’t ask me out niether has he ever said he liked me, there is nothing to consider.”

” But he bought you undies.”

” That’s because he is a pervert, he said he bought me undies like it’s no big deal.”

” Alright, but you have to be careful.This is the second time you v’e been to the hospital, there should be no third time you are pregnant please take good care of yourself.”

” I will and there will be no third time.”

” Sometimes, l just wonder what answer l will give my child when he grows up and ask about the father, what will my child think of me?”

” Phoebe stop worrying, when the time comes you will sail through.”

” I hope so.”

” Good, go take your bath, l prepared breakfast, when you are coming take your medicines with you.”

” Yes mom.”

” I will be waiting my daughter.”

” You are a fish brain”.
” And you are an asshole.”




Author’s pov

Gray was sitting in his swivel chair, he is in deep thought.

What happened in his penthouse, last night when he kissed her, the time he helped her changed her clothes, he unconsciously smiled as he rubbed his chin.

He was busy reminiscing those memories that he wasn’t aware someone was watching him.

” Gray!
” Gray you spaced out, what were you thinking, smiling alone like a fool.”

” What are you doing here?”
” Can’t you knock?”

” Offcourse l knocked but you were so engrossed in your day dreaming.”

” What do you want?”

” Here are some business proposals that needs your approval.”

” Just leave it there l have to review it before signing.”

“Alright was up with you?”

” Robin you are my best friend.”

“Best friend forever.”

“Just shut up and listen.”

“I think l have to admit it now.”
” I love her.”

” Who?”

” The secretary.”

“Woooow! I said it this comes for a celebration.”

” Why are you being dramatic, what’s there to celebrate?”

” You just said you love a woman.”

” I don’t know if she feels the same, remember she is a hooker, she probably sees me as one of her former client.”

” Why do l have to fall in love with that kind of woman?”

“You love her that’s what matters, if she feels the same, she will definitely stop it for your sake and you mold her to be a better woman.”

“She has a well paying job why does she have to use her body? and she is very good at pretending, l mean all this while she still pretends not to know me.”

“I don’t think she is pretending.”
” Why not confront her and see what she has to say.”

“That’s a good idea, thanks man.”

“This is the best thing you have said all through the year.”

“What? the year is yet to end.”

“So what did Mr Li say?

” He insisted l must marry his daughter and l told him to go to hell with the contract.”





So finally Gray admitted his feelings am proud of him.




🌼(Pregnant for a stranger)🌼
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Episode Fourteen





“I said I told him to go to hell with the contract.”

“Gray what have you done? Do you know what this contract means to us?”

“I know what it means, but you don’t have to worry, am willing to take the risk, l can’t let him control me and besides l told you earlier that l love Phoebe, this is the first time am having feelings for any woman and you know it.
I can’t allow the God forsaken contact to spoil what am planning to have with Phoebe.”

” Did you just call the contract God forsaken?l know you love miss Phoebe alot but without the contract the company is doomed.
This contract will help us partner with three great companies and you know the benefits that comes along with it.”

“Have you ever considered how l feel? all you think about is partnership and partnership, what’s wrong with you?
You are my best friend, you should support me, if it’s that easy like you always say it, why not go ahead and marry her in my place!”

“Go ahead marry her, since you care so much about the company.”

“Gray! This isn’t just any company it’s one of your biggest companies.
You manage it yourself that’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t neglect this.”

” Offcourse l can, like you said it’s one of my numerous companies, losing one of it won’t affect me in anyway, l don’t know why you are being over sensitive.”

“If the company suffers from great lose it will create a huge scandal, it might damage your reputation, thus affecting the other companies.”

“There won’t be any lose, l will take the risk.”
” Mr Li underestimated me, l will make sure he will be the one at lose, in case he v’e forgotten, l will remind him that am Gray Mensah he can’t mess with me.”

” Gray am worried about this whole thing, l don’t want you to get hurt and loose your good reputation, but since you
Insist am willing to take every step with you, l got your back.”

“Now you are talking, thanks man.”

” Can you please help me with miss Phoebe’s contact.”

“What? She is still injured she can’t give it to you the way you like it.”

“Stop talking dirty.”

“I learnt from my master.”
“Go easy on her okay!

” I just want her to help me with the recipe she talked about.”

” What recipe?”

” A recipe that can make me sleep without hypnosis.”

” Is there such a thing?”

“Seeing is believing, l want to see for myself.”

“Alright,l will send it right away, see you later.”




🌹 Phoebe 🌹

The song “work” by Rihhanna is playing, Daisy and I are competing on who twerks better.

” Yo baby!
” Yo baby! Daisy kept screaming.

” Daisy stop screaming, we are competing.”

” Am no longer interested, l want to watch you dance.”

” You are crazy!
” I know l am, now shake those buttocks, let’s teach your baby some moves” she said and l stopped.

“hahaha….. that’s hilarious.”

“Who won?”

” No one is here to judge so it’s even” Daisy said.”

“No it’s not, l won.”

“You didn’t.”
“I did.”
” You didn’t.”
“I did”
” You didn’t.”
“I did” l argued and was interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

” Hello!

” Miss Phoebe!
” Mr Gray!

” Good day sir.”

” How are you feeling?Are you still feeling pains!” he asked.

” No am fine now, the wound has gotten better.”

“Thank goodness! You are fine, l want to ask you to come over to make the recipe.” he said.

“The recipe? Oh! I forgot, yes l will.”

” My house”

” Your house?”l asked.

“I will send my driver to pick you up, thanks” he said and hung up.


His house?

“Why are you frowning? Gray Mensah just invited you to his house, many will kill to be in your shoes.”

“I know that’s what you are going to say fish brain.”

” Go get dressed you asshole.”




I hear the noise of a car engine.

” Phoebe the chauffeur is here” Daisy said.”

“Coming! I said.

I take a last look at my reflection in the mirror and Rushed out.

” Bye Phoebe have fun” Daisy said.
” Bye bestie.”

The ride was silent, so many thoughts kept running through my mind.
The Mr Gray l knew was a bitter and grumpy man, but the Mr Gray l know now is gentle and sweet, what’s with the change?

We arrived the house after the long Drive.

The gate opened automatically.
Woooow! This place is paradise .

“Welcome miss, come with me” said middle age woman dressed as a maid.

I followed her till we got to the living room, l gasped in surprise, the living room is two times Bigger than my grandmother’s house.

” Hey” l hear the familiar voice.
He is being informal again.

I turn around and behold Mr Gray in his handsomeness.

I flip my lashes, how can someone be this good looking?

” Good day sir” l greeted.”

“Good day Phoebe, stop being formal,l want you to be your normal self when you are around me, call me Gray from now on” He said.

I stared at him speechless.

“Will you like us to take a walk?”

” I will start making the recipe right away.”

“You agreed to teach me, let’s go do it together.”

” Hmmmm sir l forgot to tell you that is bad for you to be there while l make it , it will make you feel dizzy” l lied.

“Oh! then l will wait.”
” I will send one of the maids to assist you” he said.

“Better” l said.

Mintues later the middle age woman came in.

“Good day ma’am” l greeted.

“Good day miss” she replied.

“You are beautiful, may l know your name?”

“My name is Phoebe.”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman, you are the first woman master Gray as invited over, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thank you.”

” Are you two dating?”

“No ma, am his secretary.”

” He likes you, you would have seen the way his eyes lit up when l told him you v’e arrived.”

” Ma’am, l don’t think so, he is my boss nothing more, can you please help me with a bowl?” I asked.
l don’t want to have that kind of conversation with her.

I finished making the recipe and poured it in a cup.

Where is Mr Gray?

I walked to the living room, he was sitting on the couch engrossed in his laptop.

“Mr Gray! I called, here is it,l think you should go to bed before taking it.”

” Thanks Phoebe.”
“Come with me” he said.

I followed him to is room.

I wanted to scream woooow at the view in front of me but l controlled myself.

He really has good taste in interior designs.

His room is beautiful and spacious.

“Can l have it?” He said.

I stretch out the cup to him.

He took it and drank without hesitation, does he trust me this much. I watch him intensely.

Its awkard being alone with him.

After drinking everything he sat on the bed facing me.

Why is he looking at me like that?

” Can l leave? It’s getting late” l said.

” Not yet l have something to say.”

“Okay, am listening.”


He couldn’t complete the sentence he slept off.

Drug effect.

What did he wanted to say? I thought.

I use the duvet to cover his body.
This man is beautiful l mumbled as l stare at him.

I remembered the kiss we shared.
Am tempted to kiss him.
A light kiss won’t hurt
I bend over and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Good night! I whisper.

I was about leaving but something caught my attention.

What’s my bracelet doing in his room, have been looking for these bracelet.

Hmm maybe it isn’t mine,am not the only one who has it anyways, l haven’t be here before it’s definitely not mine.

I stare at him and shut the door behind me.

The driver was already waiting for me.

I got in the car.

After the long ride we arrived my apartment.

I wave at the driver as he drove off.

Daisy l called as l stand in front of my apartment.

Suddenly a hand grip me and drag me to a corner.

“Who are you? I ask shakily.
He pinned me to the wall with his hand on my neck choking me.
l felt a sting on my neck as l pass out.



So our dear Phoebe as been kidnapped.

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